Grey’s Recap: Young inmate leaves Bailey, Arizona, and Jo emotionally shaken

Candace Young

Thursday, January 26th, 2017

Thursday January 26: Bailey battles her fears, Arizona confronts a mother who abandoned her daughter, and Jo learns Alex’s fate.

Grey’s Recap: Young inmate leaves Bailey, Arizona, and Jo emotionally shaken image

Bailey, Arizona, and Jo are in the car on their way to a women’s prison to see a 16 year-old pregnant girl whose ultrasound showed the likelihood of TRAPS (twin pregnancy with connected blood system). On route, Jo mentions that she can’t do anything about what might happen at Alex’s trial tomorrow, so she doesn’t want to discuss it.

At the women’s prison, Jo teases Bailey that they’re going to be strip-searched. A woman appears and introduces herself as Amanda, the patient, Kristen Rochester’s, attorney. The guard pats them down and they go through. They meet Dr. Eldridge in the infirmary, and she warns them Kristen is especially violent and easily set-off. Upon entering her room, Kristen attacks Eldridge and breaks her finger for refusing her a snack. Bailey gapes. Amanda warns the doctors not to show fear and protests as Kristen is shackled to the bed. Bailey-Eldridge-broken-finger-GA-ABCThe attorney calms her client, and Bailey goes to check on Eldridge, who refuses her help. Meanwhile, Kristen yells at Arizona when she touches her without a ‘heads up’. They show the inmate her baby with the acardiac twin attached on the ultrasound. Kristen becomes upset to hear that they aren’t delivering the baby today, only doing a procedure with a probe to separate the twin from the fetus. The lawyer talks her down. Bailey returns and Kristen screams at her for making a face when she wishes she could keep the baby with her in prison. The lawyer is called away. Kristen talks about her mom bringing the baby to visit. Arizona, Bailey, and Jo realize they have to manually turn the baby, and Bailey is concerned about laying hands on Kristen. Arizona says they must. Bailey makes unsympathetic remarks about Kristen and Arizona is stunned.

Arizona and Jo proceed with trying to turn the baby. Kristen cries out for Arizona to stop pressing on her belly and asks for the cuffs to be removed. Arizona says it’s not up to her, and talks to Kristen about her daughter living far away as she works on her. Eldridge appears – Arizona is wanted downstairs. Jo is left with Kristen. In the corridor, an inmate calls out to Bailey. She introduces herself as ‘Needles’ and Bailey checks her oozing wound. Back in Kristen’s room, Jo talks about her hard knock life, but the girl surprises her by sharing that she had an idyllic childhood, which her baby will now have when her mother adopts her. She reveals she will name the baby Ellie. After, Kristen warns Jo if she tells anyone she said that crap, she’ll kill her. Meanwhile, Bailey confronts Eldridge about not properly dressing Needles’ abscess, and Eldridge takes her into the supply closet to show her the reality of their shortages. Downstairs, Arizona meets Kristen’s mother, who won’t allow her to tell her daughter she is there. “I’m here for the baby.”

Outside Kristen’s room, Arizona reveals to Bailey and Jo that Kristen’s mother has no intention of ever bringing the baby to visit after adopting her. They debate about whether to tell Kristen. Arizona won’t allow Jo to enlighten her. They go in and begin the surgery with the probe. Kristen muses that she won’t tell her daughter about her ‘vampire sister’ until she’s older and makes a remark about not liking being kept in the dark. Arizona’s facial expression changes and Kristen notices and becomes agitated. Kristen begins leaking amniotic fluid and contractions ensue. Downstairs, Arizona informs Kristen’s mother that she is in pre-term labor. The woman stuns her by refusing to attend the birth, and says her daughter is someone she doesn’t recognize at this point, and the baby is better off never knowing her. Back upstairs, Kristen pleads for someone to call her mom, and Jo blurts that she’s there but won’t see her. When the girl becomes tearful and feels she’s alone, Bailey steps up to grab her hand. “You’re not alone.” Between pushes, Kristen asks for someone to tell her mom she’s sorry. The doctors appeal to Dr. Eldridge to allow the cuffs to be removed. She allows it. The baby girl is delivered.

Later, Kristen asks the doctors to take the baby away, but then decides to hold her daughter. She tells Ellie she loves her and asks her to listen to her grandmother. “Don’t be like me.” Arizona wipes away tears before taking the baby. Jo hugs Kristen and assures her Ellie will be fine, and will miss her every day. After, as they’re signing out, the doctors learn that Kristen is serving 20 years to life. Eldridge asks if they want to know what she did to land in there – they don’t. Bailey tells Eldridge if she’s ever looking for another job to come and see her. They shake hands. Arizona goes to see Kristen’s mom, who informs her the baby will be named Hannah, not Ellie. Arizona tersely asks if this one makes a mistake, will she leave her too?

In the car on the way back, Bailey reveals that Alex went to the D.A. and took a plea bargain – he’s going to prison. Jo gasps. “Stop the car, I’m going to be sick.” After she vomits, Arizona asks if Jo’s okay. Jo tells her to just drive the damn car.

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- Candace Young

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