Grey’s Recap: In the face of Jo’s confession, Alex makes huge decision

Candace Young

Thursday, November 17th, 2016

Thursday November 17: Maggie fights for Richard, Owen makes amends with Riggs, and Amelia stuns her husband.

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In the car on the way to work, Alex tells Maggie and Meredith he wants to drink tonight since his trial’s tomorrow. Mer tries to be optimistic. Maggie asks about a plea. Alex admits he turned it down – they’re drinking tonight. At a stoplight, the building across from them collapses before their eyes. Alex says, “Oh we’re drinking tonight…”

At the hospital, Bailey calls in all staff to deal with the building collapse. She assigns Andrew to take photos of every patient and post them for the concerned loved ones who arrive. Richard is taken aback when Minnick acts as though she’s in control of his residents. In the ambulance bay, Richard helps a man who pulls up with a distraught woman and injured girl in the car. Inside, a man on a gurney grabs Murphy and asks for a priest – he’s dying. Murphy brings Ben, and the man – the building landlord - confesses to knowing the building’s foundation was faulty. Elsewhere, Jo tells Andrew that they want her to testify at Alex’s trial tomorrow. She worries it will come out that she’s married and become public record; her husband could find her. Andrew’s sorry. In the corridor, Owen calls Riggs to help after and injured man vomits on April.

In the ER, Richard and Maggie work on the injured girl. At the nurses’ station, Ben asks Murphy and Stephanie if he should call the cops on the landlord. Stephanie muses there was earthquake damage and he didn’t warn the tenants. The injured girl’s parents overhear. At the photo board, the man who vomited on April, Charlie, is recognized by both his wife and his girlfriend, with whom he was in bed during the collapse. Meanwhile, Arizona works with Minnick, who seems to flirt with her. In the waiting room, word has spread that the landlord knew the building was unsafe. In the supply room Alex runs into Jo and apologizes for calling her trash.

In the corridor, Maggie listens as Minnick informs Richard he’ll be observing her at first and refers to the ‘transition’. Richard thought they were working together. Minnick urges him to talk to Bailey. In the OR after, Richard snaps at Stephanie when she talks about Minnick. The girl goes into crisis and Richard works to save her, but they lose her. In the scrub room, Owen admits to Riggs that he’s not better than him; he cheated on his first wife. In a room, Ben is with the landlord, who cries that the tenants were his family; he needs them to know he’s sorry and wants forgiveness. In the elevator, Jo and Alex find themselves alone again. She stops it and blurts, “I’m married.” She explains about running from the abusive husband who nearly beat her to death; that’s why she couldn’t marry him. Alex can’t believe she kept it from him. She was worried he’d go after him and try to kill him. Alex says, “And wind up in jail.” They debate over whether she should take off if it comes out in court. Alex says this is her life; she belongs there.

In the waiting area, Maggie tells the girl’s parents their daughter died. Elsewhere, Alex finds Meredith, tells her Jo is married and is worried her life could be over if she has to take the stand tomorrow. Mer reminds him his life is at stake tomorrow. Mer is called away before he can tell her Jo’s whole story. In the corridor, Minnick informs Arizona that she’s into women. Arizona tells her she has a lot of game, but it’s annoying how she acts like she owns the place. They agree to get a drink some time. In the waiting area, the man whose daughter died, and others, demand to see the landlord. Maggie shouts at the man that this won’t bring his daughter back. He breaks down. Meanwhile, Ben shouts for help – the man’s wife tried to smother the landlord. She sobs that he knew and must pay.

Richard-Bailey-confrontation-GA-ABCIn the ambulance bay, Richard confronts Bailey about Minnick. Bailey concedes he has the weekend to adjust to the situation - she can’t let her personal feelings get in the way of what’s best for the hospital. Richard counters that every decision should be personal; if it isn’t, she has no business being chief. Inside, Maggie appeals to Jackson on Richard’s behalf. In Bailey’s office, Alex wants to change his pension account so money goes to his mom every month. Bailey demands to know what he’s planning to do. She closes the door and he talks. After, he finds Meredith and tells her he’s going to take the plea the DA offered – he’ll be gone two years. Mer won’t hear of it – he’ll go to court and tell them he’s a surgeon who saves children, who makes waffles for children, and who made one mistake. Alex assures her she’ll be fine. Mer shouts – this is about him; his life and career will be finished. “Who you are will be gone.” He asks her to kiss the kids for him and walks out.

In the waiting area, Owen and Riggs, amused, tell Charlie’s wife and girlfriend they can see him now. They agree to get a beer some time. Elsewhere, Maggie tells Richard she’ll fight with him. He’s not sure it’s a fight he can win. She leads him into the boardroom where the room is filled with staff – they’re all upset on Richard’s behalf. He makes a speech and will fight. They applaud. In Bailey’s office, she needs to talk to Ben…about Alex Karev. In another area, Jo informs Andrew she told Alex everything. She has to go and will be okay.

At home, Owen finds a Dear John note from Amelia. It asks him not to make this all his fault; she knows that’s what he does.

At the courthouse, Alex waits to see the DA. He has a voicemail from Meredith, who called from surgery. She says, “It’s just us now. There were five of us, and now it’s just you and I, and it can’t be just me. It can’t be. I will go down swinging for you, Alex, you know I will, but that means you can’t give up. So whatever you’re doing this for, please, don’t.”

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- Candace Young

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