Grey's Anatomy Recap: Everything I Do, Nothing Seems to Turn Out Right.

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

Amelia opens up to Meredith, Callie gets bad news, and Bailey faces the consequences of her actions.

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At home, Meredith talks to Derek, who is out of town, while Amy has an emotional phone conversation with her fiancé.

At the hospital, the residents are stressed out because one of them is going to be let go. Elsewhere, Stephanie and Bailey discuss the bubble boy's improvement. Bailey says she can't let him go home until she tells the parents the truth. Bailey stops to tell Cristina she saved the boy with deactivated HIV stem cells against the parents' wishes, and then continues on to tell them. When Bailey tells the boy's parents she gave him treatment, she and Stephanie end up in the boardroom with Owen who tells them not to move - he's calling the lawyers. The lawyer and Jackson arrive and get up to speed on what Bailey did. Bailey says Yang gave her a high five, and notes she didn't apologize to the parents because a mistake was not made. Jackson and Stephanie go to talk to the parents. During the conversation, Jackson says his wife is pregnant. Stephanie is stunned.

In the hallway, Cristina chats with Meredith about having to choose her own replacement. Elsewhere, Alex has arrived in peds and checks in with Arizona and Shane regarding a patient. Alex arranges to have the child transferred to his service so he can operate. When Arizona finds out she confronts Alex and Shane, who is helping him. She kicks Shane out of the surgery and assists Alex. After, he tells her he's drowning at the private practice. She says he should have just asked for help. All over the hospital, the residents try to be super-efficient - especially Jo, who is working with a very grumpy Callie. In an office, Cristina is unimpressed by the candidates she interviews. Owen tells her to go easy on them.

Amy continues getting calls from her fiance in the x-ray room with Meredith, who tries unsuccessfully to get her to open up. Meredith meets up with Cristina in the cafeteria to discuss the candidates for her position. At another table, Ben learns from Stephanie about Bailey's situation. He rushes to the boardroom and confronts her about being reckless. Owen tells them the boy's parents are going to press assault and battery charges against Bailey. Meanwhile, Cristina continues interviewing candidates, including one who asks her about the Harper-Avery award and really ticks her off. Elsewhere, Murphy pleases a female patient and her boyfriend by proposing a magnetic sphincter to stop her from farting and defecating constantly. She and Richard do the surgery, and later, Richard tells Murphy she's a good doctor, but she's not a surgeon. He's letting her go and suggests she pursue a career in research.

In the OR, Amy opens up to Meredith about the troubles between her and her fiance, James. They're fighting because she loves it in Seattle and never wants to leave. She confides she's going to call and tell him she loves him, but can't do this anymore. In another room, Callie hollers at April to put on an apron while she x-rays the patient. April says she can't be in there for that. Callie realizes April is pregnant. They step out and Callie starts crying as she admits to April she just found out she has adhesions and can't carry another baby.


The boy Bailey treated comes out of his bubble and his parents are ecstatic that his immune system is back to normal. Owen and Jackson take the opportunity to advocate for Bailey, but the parents are adamant she could have killed him and won't back down. Stephanie appears and takes the blame, saying it was her fault he got the treatment, not Bailey's. She claims she forgot to tell Bailey that they withheld their consent. It works. The parents decide to just take their son home and be grateful he's alive. Owen angrily reports to Bailey that Stephanie is getting a one-week suspension and she's free to go. After, Stephanie justifies her actions to Bailey. "I was looking at the bigger picture." Bailey hugs her.

The wrap-up:

Outside the hospital, Bailey talks to Ben about what she did with the boy. "I saved his life." On their way out, Jackson tells April it would be okay if she sent the ultrasound photo to her mom. She realizes he told someone and they joke. In the locker room, the residents compare stories and worry about who will be let go. Murphy doesn't tell them it was her. At home, Arizona learns Callie's news and says she will carry the baby. Callie worries if it went badly it would break them. They agree to be satisfied with their beautiful life and beautiful daughter. Callie cries and they embrace. Owen joins Cristina in her office and admits nothing good from come of him asking her to stay, so he won't. He pulls her into a passionate kiss. Derek arrives home with champagne for Meredith, who is thrilled to tell him that Amy wants to stay in Seattle. Derek says she can do that - and they can move to DC. He met the president and they're offering him everything there. "This should be our next step." Meredith stares at him.

Spoilers for Next Week on Grey's Anatomy:

Cristina's coworkers give her a fond send-off.

A possible terrorist act occurs in Seattle and leads to pandemonium at the hospital.

Meredith makes a life-altering choice.

A doctor gets alarming news.

Candi's Comments:

This was a decidedly low-key episode with the exception of the drama surrounding Bailey possibly being hit with a malpractice suit or charged. Nice save by Stephanie. I was happy that Alex wanted to come back, but puzzled at the whole point of his going into a private practice. Callie's news was so sad. April and Jackson starting to get excited about the pregnancy was cute. Owen and Cristina - bittersweet kiss. And what a bombshell Derek dropped. It will be interesting to see Mer's reaction.

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- Candace Young

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