Grey's Anatomy Recap: We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.

Thursday, May 1st, 2014

Cristina seeks guidance from Meredith, Derek and Amelia join forces to operate on conjoined twins, and Stephanie uncovers the truth about Bailey's bubble-boy case.

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At the hospital, Owen tells Cristina she's getting offers and not to let the Harper Avery loss define her. They join a board meeting. Everyone discusses how no one from their hospital can ever win a Harper Avery. Richard wants to appeal due to the implications for getting funding. Derek likes the idea, but Cristina walks out. Meredith follows. Cristina tells her Catherine Avery made a business decision - everyone should move on. Cristina goes to discharge her young family of heart patients and then leaves to present her research in Zurich.


In the ultrasound room, April and Jackson get a photo of their fetus. She checks that he doesn't want to terminate. After, April talks to Arizona who is enthusing about baby names. April notes that they're not even pregnant yet but are so excited. By the nurses station, Derek meets with grown conjoined twin females who will be separated by his team. His sister Amy is there on the case as well. Derek holds a meeting on how they will separate the conjoined twins. Most of the doctors are involved in some aspect of the surgery. Amy makes Derek call her Dr. Shepherd. After, Callie takes Derek to task for treating his sister like the village idiot. He denies it.

Alex drops Jo off outside the hospital. She misses him being there. Inside, Jo checks on the bubble boy. His parents ask her to tell Bailey they're not mad, they're just glad he's doing better. Jo passes on the message.

In Zurich, Cristina calls Meredith and leaves a long message about how amazing the place is.

At the hospital, Meredith listens to Cristina's message before checking on the conjoined twins.

In Zurich, during her presentation, Cristina is stunned to receive some tough questions from a doctor in the audience - it's Burke her ex-fiance. She learns afterward that Burke was the one who brought her there. They have a semi-tense conversation addressing their past. He invites her to join him in a surgery later. She wants to make a phone call. He says, "Tell Meredith I said hello."

At the hospital, Meredith listens to another message from Cristina, who tells her about Burke being in Zurich. In the cafeteria, Jackson chats awkwardly about baby names with April before asking Richard why he called a meeting of the board. Richard tells him the hospital got into bed with his fund too quickly - there are fundamental differences and it's not going to work.

In Zurich, Cristina listens to a warning message from Meredith to remember that Burke cut pieces out of her. She turns to Burke, who wants to have coffee. They admit they've followed each other's work. He invites her again to the surgery, which is new and unpublished. She joins him. In the OR, Burke mentions her not winning the Harper Avery, and talks about how when he won it he rode the wave for awhile and then crashed, thinking his best work was behind him. Cristina is stunned to see Burke produce a hologram of the heart he is working on in surgery. She tells him it was worth sticking around for. After, they talk about what's next with her conduits. He realizes she's worried about getting support since she lost the award and offers to let her do the next phase there. She accuses him of trying to get her back into his life, but he reveals he has a wife and children - he's happy. Burke tells Cristina she's a magnificent surgeon and should be at a hospital like his. Later, Cristina leaves Mer another message telling her all of it and wondering what to do.

At Grey-Sloan the surgery to separate the conjoined twins begin. When things start getting tricky they have to put all their resources to one of the twins. They get the separated and take one into another room. Most of the doctor's move to observation, where Richard blames Jackson for Cristina going to Zurich. April defends her husband. In another OR, Jo has run into a problem while operating on a woman and tries to call Alex for help, but he's too busy at the private practice. It ends up that Owen has to take the woman back into emergency surgery to fix her mistake. Later, Meredith is with Derek, who tells her they'll be withdrawing care from the weaker twin. Mer then talks to Richard about the foundation. He complains about the value of the award and how Catherine cheapened it. Owen asks Richard for a minute. In the bubble boy's room, Stephanie tells Bailey she knows what she did for the boy and thinks it's amazing. Bailey plays dumb but is clearly pleased.

The wrap up...

At the bar, Jo worries about getting fired, Stephanie complains her ex owns the hospital, and Alex shows up - he had a good day. In Zurich, Cristina tells Burke she can't take his offer. She says she never wanted to work for him, she wanted to be him. She's angry he dangled this carrot. Burke tells her he wants her to take over for him - he's leaving. Cristina is absolutely shocked. In the hospital chapel, Jackson joins April and lets her know he'll go to church with his family on Sundays - as long as they can get waffles after. At home, Derek tells Amy he recommended her for a neurological case - she's his favorite sister. At the airport, Meredith meets a grinning Cristina. "You're leaving."

Spoilers for Next Week on Grey's Anatomy:

Amelia opens up to Meredith about her time in Seattle.

Bad news is delivered to Callie.

Bailey faces the consequences of her actions.

The residents are alarmed to hear that one of them will soon be out of a job.

Candi's Comments:

The Burke/Cristina stuff was intense, and unpredictable at the end, which is amazing. The rest of the episode was mostly run-of-the-mill, although trouble seems to be looming for both Jo and Bailey. Jackson's gesture to April was sweet. Missing Alex at the hospital!

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- Candace Young

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