Grey's Anatomy Recap: Go It Alone.

Thursday, April 17th, 2014

Meredith helps Cristina with her acceptance speech, Derek feels overwhelmed, and April and Jackson disagree.

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At the hospital, Cristina tells Owen that Meredith is going to help her write an acceptance speech over drinks later. Owen offers to go to Boston with her, but she insists on attending the ceremony alone.

In the corridor, Jo admires Alex for doing a lot of surgeries and overtime to cover for Arizona. Callie and Arizona pass by all dressed up and thank him.

April and Jackson work together on a little deaf girl with a dog bite on her face. Jackson suggests a cochlear implant but the parents refuse.

In another hospital room, Richard and Meredith deal with a gastric bypass patient that faces complications. Richard tells Mer to stay all night with the patient.

In Derek's office, Owen finds him busy with a conference call and confronts him about not doing the work expected there. An intern delivers a message from Meredith that he must pick up the kids from daycare. Derek is flustered. Later, he finds the interns and Ben in the locker room preparing to leave and tells them to join him for the lecture he postponed. While they follow him on rounds he tells a patient they'll get surgery at 1:30 AM. Derek takes the interns into an OR with a patient who has scissors embedded in his forehead. They fight over who gets to pull them out.

Bailey speaks to the parents of the boy in quarantine with no immune system about the procedure she's hoping will help him.

Cristina is set to leave for the night but learns Meredith isn't available for speech-writing, nor is Alex. She checks on her young heart patients and the parents are arguing. Cristina tells the father to leave. She hangs out with the kids and tries a speech out on them. Owen appears. She paged him to listen to her speech. He leaves. One of the kids, Ivy, begins to reject her heart. Cristina takes the girl into surgery where she is joined by Owen. He talks to her about being nervous about the awards. She insists she's going alone. Elsewhere, the young patient's sister, Frankie, is also passed out. Alex summons Owen, who lets Cristina know.


Meredith's gastric bypass patient has a crisis in his room and she's stunned to hear all the interns are with Derek, who is still at the hospital and has surgery scheduled. While she operates on the man she leaves Derek a voicemail asking where their children are. Later, she finds Derek in a surgery and reads him the riot act for not letting her know where the children were. Derek goes back to surgery, where Murphy makes a mistake. Meredith next finds Alex and Cristina in heart surgery and they chat about Cristina's Harper Avery Award speech - she'll wing it - and Alex admits he's taking shifts at the private practice secretly to see if it's a fit.

At home, April and Jackson get into a heated argument over the deaf girl's parents decision about the cochlear implant. They have differing opinions. April screams at Jackson that he's judging those parents. She thinks he's judging her too. She urges him to replace the word 'cochlear implant' with 'christian' or 'bible study'. Jackson says he loves her anyway, which causes her to flip out that he doesn't accept who she is. He ends up yelling that her God doesn't exist. She pities him.

At home, Callie and Arizona are babysitting Derek and Meredith's kids. They get to talking about their next baby - and which one of them will carry it. Later, Arizona takes a call from Meredith. She and Callie return to their discussion about who should carry the baby. Arizona is indecisive. In the end, they decide on Callie.

Outside the hospital, Meredith and Owen see Cristina off. Owen tells her to knock 'em dead. She gets in a taxi.

The wrap up...

The heart patient kid's parents make up, Jo realizes Alex is falling asleep as he prepares to go to the private practice, Meredith and Derek work out a plan for the day, Bailey arrives at work all fresh and chatters at Ben, who fell asleep standing up during the night, April arrives at Callie and Arizona's place asking to stay there, and Cristina arrives at the awards ceremony in Boston. She panics about being alone and calls Meredith wondering why she's not there, and they're not drunk. After, she goes in to find her table and Owen and Meredith are there. Catherine Avery takes the stage and announces the winner - it's not Cristina.

Spoilers for Next Week on Grey's Anatomy:

The doctors receive bad news from Jackson.

Amelia arrives in Seattle for an unexpected visit.

Richard heads to Boston to surprise Catherine.

Bailey makes a bold decision after growing disappointed with the lack of progress in her research.

Candi's Comments:

This was a more fast-paced episode, which I loved. April and Jackson's fighting was crazy! Callie and Arizona debating about who will carry the baby - so cute. It's sad to be losing Cristina and I had a lump in my throat when she didn't win the Harper-Avery Award. The best moment was Meredith and Owen surprising her by being in Boston.

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- Candace Young

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