Grey's Anatomy Recap: I'm Winning.

Thursday, April 10th, 2014

Cristina is nominated for a Harper Avery Award, Bailey works to help a boy with no immune system, and Derek and Callie work with a machine that registers emotion.

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At Alex and Cristina's place, it's 5:00 AM and Cristina waits to find out if she's nominated for the Harper-Avery Award. Meredith makes her put on lipstick and Alex and Jo pile in on the bed to wait for the call. Cristina's phone rings. Meredith snaps photos as she answers.

At the hospital, April and Jackson bicker and joke about him wasting money sending his laundry out and buying lattes. April's wearing a swimsuit because she had no clean underwear. This theme continues throughout the day as later, in the cafeteria, April eats leftover meatloaf and complains that Jackson won't ever eat them.

Bailey and Alex visit the boy who is quarantined in a plastic bubble because his T-cell count is zero. His father explains that his body cannot fight infection and they still haven't found a match. Bailey says no other treatment exists. Later, Alex and Arizona are discussing him considering going to a private practice when the boy goes missing. He's running through the hospital playing with one of the heart transplant girls. Alex puts him back and fashions him a radio-controlled tablet that he can maneuver around the hospital to see what's going on.


Arizona, Owen, and Cristina visit with the heart transplant kids. The girls are doing well, but the boy needs a heart within a week. Cristina chats to the other doctors about trial treatments. Owen questions her acting like it's another day at the office. She doesn't want to make a big deal of her nomination. They emerge into the main foyer, which is jammed full of staff with balloons and champagne shouting, "Surprise!" Owen says Meredith did it.

Shane goes to work with Bailey, who rambles about how she trained the people doing the award-winning work like Cristina and Meredith. Later, Bailey tells Meredith she won't be able to attend the awards ceremony and to send her regrets to Yang. Elsewhere, Cristina learns the little boy who needs a heart is in crisis. Cristina tells Arizona and Owen the FDA won't let them have the only available heart. The family is upset with the doctors. Owen makes a call and gets permission based on Cristina being on the verge of winning the Harper Avery. They then find out flights are grounded for at least two hours. When a private jet is found, but costs $25,000, Jackson offers his credit card, and says he'll sort it out with the board later.

Callie and Derek work on a project to scan brains to see when people are happy. Jo acts as the guinea pig and doesn't respond positively to kittens or beaches...only getting to set a broken arm. Callie goes next and Derek asks her questions about her job and marriage. She responds that she loves them. Derek jokes that she's depressed. She rambles on about how great her life is, but it still registers as depressed. When Meredith appears with the baby, her pleasure centers finally light up. Derek muses that she has a crush on his wife. Callie looks at the baby. "It's not Meredith."

Meredith and Leah are working with two male patients who are friends - one is going to donate his kidney to the other but balks at the last minute. He is afraid to tell his friend, so Meredith helps him save face by pretending she misread the labs and they're not a match. Later, when the donor changes his mind back, Meredith goes to Bailey, who tells the men Meredith made a huge mistake and promises to get someone else to do the surgery. Meredith is stunned. In the surgery, Richard chides Bailey for taking the surgery and for being jealous. She admits she's frustrated because she can't find a way to help the boy in the bubble. Richard points out that they just saved a life by transplanting an HIV-positive kidney. This seems to twig something in Bailey, who suddenly has a new idea for the boy in the bubble. She rushes out.

The transplant heart arrives for the young boy and Cristina prepares herself for surgery as the interns rave about how amazing she is. Arizona assists and tries to chat about the Harper Avery, but Cristina shuts her down. As they watch, Meredith admits to Derek that she's a little jealous Cristina was nominated. After surgery, Cristina is stopped by Bailey, who congratulates her on her nomination. After, Cristina tells the family the boy is doing well.

The wrap up...

Alex tells Jo he turned down the private practice offer. April arrives at home to find Jackson has clean underwear for her. Jackson tells her about the $25,000 he put on the card for the experimental heart to be flown in. Outside the hospital, Callie tells Arizona she wants another baby. Arizona wants that too. They squeal and hug. Owen takes Cristina to drink champagne and discuss the Harper Avery. She admits she's Googled the other nominees. He thinks she'll win. She does too.

Spoilers for Next Week on Grey's Anatomy:

Pressure mounts for Derek both at work and home.

Meredith helps Cristina write an acceptance speech in case she wins the award.

April and Jackson are at odds over big marital issues.

Callie and Arizona attempt to reestablish their bond.

Candi's Comments:

Lots of positives tonight, such as Alex being so sweet to the boy, Bailey coming out of her grump, Callie and Arizona wanting another baby, the successful surgeries, and of course Cristina's nomination. That said, the zing still seemed to be missing.

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- Candace Young

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