Grey's Anatomy Recap: You Be Illin'.

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

A flu virus spreads through the hospital, Derek struggles with illness while an important presentation looms, and Alex receives a compelling offer.

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An flu virus spreads through Grey-Sloan Memorial. All of the doctors and interns come into contact with it, including April and Jackson who kiss in the elevator. Richard calls the interns together to say it's an unspoken rule that you come to work even if you are sick. April looks around the ER and almost everyone seems to have the bug. She's concerned about a young male patient being affected. At the nurses' station, April and Bailey realize Jackson is ill. They do surgery and April complains that he won't let her help him. Bailey gives her a run-down on husbands who are man-sick.

Christina and Shane meet with the female child for their donor trial. Christina puts Shane in charge of the trial - if the flu bug infects it, the trial will die. Christina takes the girl into surgery, while Shane screens people wanting to enter pediatrics. Shane then starts to come down with the flu himself. Stephanie takes his post. Christina comes out of the surgery to learn the patient's younger sister also has come in and been diagnosed with cardiomyopathy. She and Owen decide it's very weird. Christina thinks it must be viral. Christina checks in with Shane, who has just been chastised by Stephanie for 'sleeping off his imaginary illness'. Shane assures Christina the trial is fine and promises Stephanie the world.

Derek practices a speech in front of his son in an empty office. Meredith appears and complains she found the baby missing from daycare. She takes him out so his first word won't be 'hypothalamus'. Later, Meredith and Murphy, who also has the bug, realize Derek has it. He denies it. "I don't get sick." The VIP Derek is hosting arrives. Derek takes him to a room and begins his presentation but flounders as his flu worsens. When he gets paged he still insists he isn't sick.


Alex and Arizona meet with a doctor she calls Ollie who is operating with them on a special case. In the OR, Ollie has music on and the whole staff except Alex bops and raps along. After, Arizona crows about what a fun OR Ollie runs. Alex grumbles, "Yeah, just ask him." Ollie joins them and asks Karev if he golfs.

Jo deals with a man in the trauma unit who has an infection and lockjaw but still refuses a tetanus shot. When he has a seizure she grabs his arm and it seems to twist obscenely or break. She screams. Later, Jo looks at his x-ray with Callie, who tells her she'll have to re-break it to fix it. Once in the OR, Callie hands Jo a little mallet and tells her to hit it hard. Jo frets, but does it. After, Callie thinks Jo is feeling the 'ortho-glow'.

Derek ends up in the OR doing surgery with Bailey and April. He has to wear a giant helmet so as not to infect the patient. After, Meredith encourages Derek to put off his presentation. He says he won't, but then ends up sliding down the wall onto the floor. He winds up in a hospital bed with a vomit tray.

Alex is at Ollie's office with him, golfing on a virtual screen. Ollie goes on about the great money he makes, how he sets his own hours, and carves out time to do charity work in his practice. He is offering Alex a spot there.

Alex returns to Grey-Sloan and tries to find out what Arizona's salary is, but she tells him to get back to work. He wonders why she isn't sick yet. She goes into a washroom, where Callie finds her sitting on the floor with the flu.

The wrap up...

April goes home to find Jackson is puking in the washroom. He garbles at her to go away. She says she's there if he needs anything. At home, Alex and Jo bicker about his tendency to put things off. She talks about 'easy fixes'. He looks at a pen from Ollie's practice and says he'll have to decide how easy he wants it. Meredith joins Derek in his hospital room and shows him a video-recording of her doing his presentation for him. In the ER, Richard realizes he has the flu. Christina and Owen tell the sisters' parents they don't know what's causing the cardiomyopathy. As they suggest they have their home checked, the son starts coughing up blood too.

Spoilers for Next Week on Grey's Anatomy:

Cristina is nominated for a prestigious award.

Bailey tries to help a boy who doesn't have an immune system.

Derek and Callie use a machine that recognizes emotions.

Richard delivers a pep talk.

Candi's Comments:

Well, this was a pretty low-drama episode, not a lot happening in the personal lives of the doctors. Hope that changes next week!

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- Candace Young

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