Grey's Anatomy Recap: Do You Know?

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

Christina imagines two routes her life could take based on one decision she makes, and a patient must decide whether to live or die.

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Christina becomes introspective when she deals with a patient named Jason. She was able to repair his heart but he is paralyzed from the neck down. She envisions Jason deciding to have his ventilator removed and die. She imagines finding Owen and telling him she just saved a patient who chose to die. Christina imagines telling Owen she loves him and wants to be with him for real; forever. They kiss and soon they're out together adopting a dog from a shelter. They get the mutt Christina wants that Owen doesn't like. They name the dog Mr. Rodriguez and Christina becomes focused on it like a child. They argue when Owen announces he's taking a job running a military medical facility in Germany and expects her to come with him. She refuses to go and Owen complains that they never do anything he wants. Later, Christina finds herself pregnant at the same time as April, who wants to be 'Belly Buddies'. Christina and Owen have a son and she is a bit stressed out as a mother and hands over work responsibilities to Ross. She is pregnant again when that child is a toddler and admits to Meredith that she's always tired. When she's older, Christina ends up presenting the Harper Avery Award to Ross and then crying in the restroom.

In the second scenario, Jason decides not to remove the ventilator and stays alive. Christina imagines happily telling Owen about Jason's decision and asking him to help her celebrate...naked. After they have sex, she asks Owen if he's okay with them...just being them. He says he is, but later he pressures Christina to give him more and they argue. She tells him to get it somewhere else. He says he will, but they keep having sex. Christina feels guilty about Owen wanting kids and giving up things for her. The doctors try to use revolutionary technology to help Jason walk again but he collapses and Owen calls on Christina to help. She refuses because of her clinical trials, which makes Owen furious. Christina imagines Jason's wife feeling that he only stayed alive for her and she is upset that she'll never have a child. Owen comforts her, and says he understands. They kiss. Owen avoids Christina and then tells her that he needs more. He can't keep going on this way. Christina talks to Meredith about their continual break-ups. She asks Meredith to help her not to go back to Owen - for his sake and hers. Owen begins having rages and drinking a lot because he loves Christina, but can't have her. In a few years, Owen has made so many mistakes at work that he is terminated, and Ross presents the Harper Avery Award to Christina.

The wrap up...

Christina asks her patient, Jason, if he would like her to remove the ventilator. He nods. Christina sees Owen, but Meredith intercepts her and they don't speak...

Spoilers for Next Week on Grey's Anatomy:

The doctors get sick after flu patients flood the hospital.

Derek must deliver an important speech on brain mapping, despite feeling ill.

A new doctor introduces Alex to a different way of practicing medicine.

Candi's Comments:

While it was cool to see the two different scenarios play out with Christina and Owen, the ending, with her making no decision, seemed to make it all seem pointless. Strange!

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- Candace Young

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