Grey's Anatomy Recap: We Gotta Get Out Of This Place.

Thursday, March 20th, 2014

Richard has an interesting birthday, Catherine confronts April and Shane, and Callie takes action against Derek.

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It's Richard's birthday. He fishes around to see if anyone is planning a party and mentions Catherine is coming. Owen gives him a package on retirement, which leads to him doing a lot of grumbling about how many surgeons work well into their seventies. Bailey and some of the others give Richard a 'birthday gift' - an intriguing case involving a male patient who has a mass inside him. A scan shows he absorbed his own twin. The hospital is abuzz over this, and the prospect of the ground-breaking surgery to remove it, but after Richard speaks about how unique it is, the man won't sign the consent to remove his 'little brother'. Richard comes up with a plan to satisfy the man. After the surgery, he brings the fetus to the man in a pail. The man thanks him, looks in, and screams for Richard to take it away.


Meredith has a new biotech assistant, Eric, with a bit of an attitude who wants to try the 3D printer. Meredith repeatedly refuses to let him and makes Stephanie keep an eye on him. Later, Meredith finds them peering into the printer together. Meredith decides she needs Eric's help to do better with her project after all.

April and Jackson have to face his mother, Catherine, when she shows up at Grey Sloan for the first time since they eloped. April stammers about how shocked she must be about their marriage. Catherine attacks April's character and rages over Jackson not getting her to sign a pre-nup. She has paperwork with her. Jackson angrily pushes it back at her. After, April tells Jackson she'll sign it since she doesn't plan on getting divorced. They tell Catherine that April will sign the papers. Catherine grills them about having children and what religion they'd be raised in. She talks about the legacy they will inherit and the conflicts they could face. She is absolutely furious that they failed to consider any of it. Jackson thinks her attitude is because she was excluded. April says she and Jackson will sort out all of those issues. She apologizes to Catherine and makes Jackson do it too. Catherine cries as she and Jackson embrace...and she smacks him.

Callie has an issue about the sensors from her former joint project with Derek. Callie has hired a lawyer and wants to secure rights to use the equipment. They have a debate in which Callie accuses Derek of stealing the technology. Derek tries to placate her and she accuses him of thinking he's the center of the universe. Derek gets fed up and reminds her he holds the patents. He admits he feels terrible. She says that's because he knows he's doing the wrong thing - he could have said no to the President. Derek gets on video conference with the President's representative, and with Callie beside him, insists that they must share the technology or he's out. The rep says they'll find a way to share. Callie hoots.

Jo still refuses to sign the paper that would allow her and Alex to be an officially approved couple at the hospital and therefore compliant with the new policy. Alex chases her around with the paper, but Jo goes on about the romance being taken out of their relationship and won't give in.

Shane and Christina are trying to find a pre-pubescent candidate for their clinical trial, but he wants to bend the rules when a pregnant 17 year-old shows up wanting the spot. Throughout, Christina is determined to find Owen a perfect mate and starts looking into online dating. Alex suggests she just keep sleeping with him herself. Meanwhile, the pregnant girl has gone into labor and becomes more insistent about the clinical trial. Christina sees her but again refuses to allow her into the clinical trial as she doesn't meet the criteria. Shane sees the girl through her delivery and tells her he's sorry. Christina pins Owen down long enough to get him to make an online dating profile. He describes the woman he's looking for - it's her.

The wrap up...
Richard and Catherine go out on the town that night and he complains about Owen trying to push him into retirement. She hopes he told Owen to shove it. They kiss and Catherine takes him into the bar where everyone yells, "Surprise!" As the party goes on, Owen tells Christina they're going home together. Alex kisses Jo and says he wants to do that whenever he feels like it. She signs the paper. April and Jackson begin to realize they have very different ideas about how their kids will be raised. Owen surprises Richard by appointing him director of the residency program.

Spoilers for Next Week on Grey's Anatomy:

Cristina envisions two different scenarios for her life based on one crucial decision she faces.

A patient decides whether to live or die.

Candi's Comments:

So glad Richard isn't going anywhere! The Jackson, April, and Catherine drama was powerful; I very nearly cried. I'm torn about Owen and Christina - love them together, but have they really worked through their issues? Alex and Jo are adorable together!

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- Candace Young

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