Grey's Anatomy Recap: Get Up, Stand Up.

Thursday, December 12th, 2013

April's wedding day arrives, Meredith and Cristina continue to clash, and Derek receives a life-changing phone call.

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Christina speaks at a press conference at the hospital about the experimental procedure she did. Yang says she's cautiously optimistic, but Shane takes the mic and says Dr. Yang hit a home run. She's irritated with him after, and Owen chimes in to say that she was tanking in there. Yang questions Shane about his behavior recently - he's going too fast. He insists he's fine, but she sends him home. Christina ends up in the room with Meredith and Stephanie - the press wants a photo of Christina and the 3D printer.

In the hallway, Ben and Bailey tease Richard about his name being on the surgery board. Bailey is going to operate too - the medication is working. Elsewhere, Derek and Callie are working on robotic brain-mapping when Owen stops in to ask if they're both going to Kepner's wedding. He then finds Leah, Jo, and Stephanie in the corridor and asks them the same thing. They holler yes and go back to their conversation - Leah is explaining that Arizona was important to her.

In the ER, a man pulls up outside and honks - his son's been run over. Alex and Arizona rush out to help. Once in the trauma room, Alex says the man may have paralyzed his son by lifting him and bringing him there. Arizona tells the man they are taking the boy, who has internal bleeding and a broken neck, into surgery. After, Alex goes to his father's hospital room and asks how he didn't recognize him the first time he was there. Jimmy remembers Alex was a happy kid. Alex recalls a good night they had at a fair. Alex gets irritated when Jimmy refers to his mother being crazy. Alex becomes irate telling Jimmy how he had to look after her and be the other kids' dad after he took off. Jo intervenes.

By the nurses' station, Jackson jumps back when April appears in giant rollers snapping that she's hunting bridesmaids. She asks if he's going to be there. He asks if she wants him to, and she says she does. Jackson says he'll go. He consults with a patient who has to have a throat operation. The man tells his wife she has a cute butt in case his vocal cords are compromised during surgery.

In a patient's room, Leah goes off on Bailey for not including her in a surgery. "I'm being left behind." Bailey looks incredulous. Leah says she's tired. Bailey orders her to re-do her previous procedure. Later, in surgery, Bailey concedes that Leah was right - part of her job is to teach her. She tells Murphy never to be afraid to stand up for herself.


In the boardroom, Owen has a bunch of suits in attendance who want to compensate Derek to consult with regard to his experimentation. Derek, who has the baby with him, says no, but agrees to watch their presentation. After, Derek says he hasn't the time to consult for them and their procedure couldn't map a sphincter. He gives them an analogy of how the brain works and then leaves.

Callie joins Arizona in the surgery for the boy with the broken neck. She talks about a robotic prosthetic. Alex appears and asks Arizona, "Where do you want me?" They all debate about whether to tell the father he paralyzed his son by moving him. Arizona says no way. Later, Alex tells the man there could be paralysis and the man knows he's responsible. Alex soothes that he was just being a good father. He returns to Jimmy and makes up with him, but says goodbye. In the staff area, April hollers at Meredith and Christina who are having dress fittings. Meredith asks Christina about her freeze-up during the press conference. Christina admits she had to wing it during the surgery. Meredith calls her arrogant. They get into a huge argument about their recent differences. Shane comes in and tells Christina she's being considered for an award. Meredith and Christina's argument escalates until they're saying very mean things. Mer says she knows Christina's sleeping with Shane. Christina tells Mer she turned into what they used to laugh about. In the hall, April in rollers runs into Matt. They jump onto opposite sides of a pillar. He tells her it's not bad luck that he saw her like this; he loves her like this.

In the throat surgery, Jackson and Stephanie bicker about her hair and bras being at his place, and him having 'angry face'. They wonder what the man whispered to his wife before going under. Jackson recalls advice Mark Sloan gave him. "Say it loud." When the man wakes up, they realize he's had a stroke - he's awake but cannot speak. The wife sings tearfully to him. Jackson is very moved.

Derek's on his way out to the wedding when Owen catches up and chews him out about the way he treated the suits earlier. Derek sticks to his guns - they were trying to score government money and to stack the deck using his name. Elsewhere in the hospital, Leah is called because the man who had the stroke is coding. Shane gets involved and wants to start an emergency surgery. Everyone wants him to wait for an attending but he gets intense and high-handed. Once in the OR, Shane soon runs into serious problems. He yells and panics. "It's tearing!" Leah says the heart wall is deteriorating and tells him to step back but Shane won't. He becomes almost inhuman in his behavior. Leah runs to get Webber. Richard gets in there and talks calmly to Shane, who is having flashbacks from the basement. Richard tells him, "I've got her. Go get some rest." Shane backs off and Richard leaps into action to save the patient.


At the wedding, Arizona gets soppy as Callie asks, "Are you crying?" Jackson and Stephanie arrive, followed by Bailey and Ben. Ben questions her - she seems to be pulling back from surgery. She points out that he also stopped surgeries, and notes that her OCD symptoms worsened when he quit his job. Inside, Arizona is having a huge meltdown about the state of her marriage to April. Meredith appears. Christina follows soon after. They clear the air. Christina is alone and Mer has a family. Mer admits she's jealous. Christina tells her she's as good a mother as she is a surgeon, but they're growing apart. Mer knows... April yells, "Stop!" She rants that it's her day, she wants to feel special and she turns to tell Arizona to stop talking about adultery on her wedding day. There's a shocked silence. Meredith finds Derek in the hall and they share a kiss. Outside, Alex arrives and kisses Jo passionately. "We're the only family we need, right?" He talks about never needing anyone else. She agrees. It's time for the wedding to begin. The bridesmaids walk up the aisle, and Matthew gapes when he sees his beautiful bride appear, beaming, beside her father. As the ceremony begins, Derek's phone rings. He steps aside to take an urgent call. He's asked to hold for the President of the United States. He returns to his seat looking stunned. The ceremony continues. Jackson gets a funny look on his face. He tells Stephanie he's sorry and stands up. Everyone turns to look at him. He sits back down. The priest continues. Jackson stands. "I love you. I love everything about you. I want you with me. I think you love me too." Alex rolls his eyes. Stephanie looks ill. April gasps...

Candi's Comments:
So much to love in this episode! Meredith and Christina having it out, Bailey coming clean with Ben, Leah expressing herself... But the cliffhangers were the best - why did the President call Derek? Does Arizona still love Callie? Alex talking about forever? Most importantly, Jackson jumped up and did what many of us hoped - loved it - now, what will April do?

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- Candace Young

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