Grey's Anatomy Recap: Man On The Moon.

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

April's sisters visit and irritate her, Matthew and Jackson join forces to save a life, and Cristina does a live stream video of an operation.

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At the hospital, Derek works on a robotic prosthetic with an enthusiastic Callie. Elsewhere, Meredith and Stephanie implant something they made in the 3D printer into a sheep and agree they're changing the face of medicine.

In the on-call room, Christina and Shane discuss what they have going in the 3D printer and decide to have another round of sex.

By the nurses' station, everyone gathers to talk about watching Christina's news-making surgery. Owen barks, "Here he comes!" They applaud as Richard is wheeled up - he's going home. He credits Bailey with getting him better. Bailey pulls her fingers. Owen learns that Bailey is still not cleared for surgery. Bailey is frustrated. The doctor treating her for OCD gives her a challenge. She must do five sutures without pulling her fingers or rearranging the instruments. After two sutures, the doctor implores her to take the medication. When the doctor steps out, Bailey struggles not to do OCD behavior. Richard comes in and notices the messy trays. Later, Bailey is unsuccessful but yells that she won't take the pills. Richard tries to get her to go eat with him.

At a restaurant, Matthew and April toast with her three sisters to their upcoming wedding. Jackson enters and April introduces him to her gushing sisters. April and her sisters leave. Outside, Matthew and Jackson witness two men arguing over a cab. One man gets in and the other leans in the window. His tie gets caught and he is dragged by the neck when the cab pulls away. They catch up and the man is not breathing. Matthew shocks Jackson and by-standers by cutting into the man's airway.

In the ER, Jo is surprised to see Alex's father, who's in bad shape and says he's trying to get clean. She wants him to go elsewhere but he collapses. Owen appears and helps get him on methadone. Jim wants to be off the methadone too. Jo goes to tell Alex that his father is there. Alex angrily strides into his room to kick him out. Jim gasps, "Hi son." Alex wants him to leave. Jim protests that he remembers him and has been trying to get clean since the bar. Jo says she'll look after him. Alex storms out. Later, Jim has hallucinations about the time when Alex was a kid.

In pediatrics, Christina reassures the parents of the baby she will be operating on as Alex, Shane, and Owen look on. Owen tells Christina that the medical community wants to live stream the surgery. Christina is tense. "What if something goes wrong?"

Callie and Derek are back in the experiment room trying to get their patient to move the fingers of the robotic prosthetic. She cannot do it.

As April and her sisters arrive at the hospital, Matthew and Jackson bring in their critical taxi patient. The sisters gasp as they work on him. April kicks them out. In surgery, Jackson tells April that Matthew did the right thing with the patient. He tells her he can handle the operation - she should go rejoin her sisters.

Stephanie irritates Meredith in their experimental OR by taking photos as they implant the portal vein into the sheep. Stephanie celebrates when they get blood flow. While Meredith is gone, the sheep flatlines. Stephanie is very distressed.


Christina and Alex, with Shane assisting, begin the live stream surgery in their OR. In the gallery, Callie talks to Arizona about her and Derek's unsuccessful research. Callie is snappy toward Arizona. Meanwhile, the baby goes into defib, and Christina orders Shane to turn the camera off. Christina and Alex go to tell the parents the conduit can still be a success, but it's one step at a time. Privately, Christina asks Alex if he really thinks the conduit will be a success. He's not sure - he hopes so.

Meredith runs into Shane in the elevator and he's rude to her. "You won, we lost. Congratulations." She shouts at him to get back there, but he walks away. At the nurses' station nearby, Arizona copes with April's sisters' questions. Meanwhile, Meredith returns to the sheep room and gives Stephanie a pep talk about the dead sheep and how many dogs were sent into space before they put a man on the moon. Meredith then pays Christina a visit down the hall. She talks to her about Shane being 'off', almost mean. Christina becomes defensive. Christina is called away. The baby has stabilized and can come off the oscillator. Shane and Christina do a celebratory dance.

Callie and Derek rejoin their patient in the experimental room. She snaps at her husband and confides to Derek and Callie that she just wanted to do this one thing for him - she's giving up. Later, they get her to look at her husband and think what she wants to say to him. The robotic hand reaches out to touch him.

Jo enters Alex's father's room because he's very agitated. He's yelling about finding the car keys because Alex's mother didn't go and pick him up and it's after dark. He's out of the bed and falls into Jo, pushing her up against the door. Alex appears and grabs his father. He hollers at Jo to go. Jo tries to calm Alex, who puts his father back in bed. Alex tells her he's been running interference with Jim since he was six.

April's shower is underway in the staff room. April thinks her sisters gave her their mother's veil but pulls out a white g-string. Christina cracks up. April freaks out on her sisters for calling her Ducky. "I am not an ugly duckling anymore." She announces that she's a swan and fires them as bridesmaids. Arizona, Mer, and Christina slightly reluctantly agree to take on the job.

In a darkened hallway, Matthew and Jackson discuss saving the man's life today. Matthew tells Jackson he hopes he comes to the wedding. Jackson seems taken aback.

Richard talks to Bailey alone in an office. He says he has a disease - alcoholism - that can't be cured, but can be managed. He urges her to accept help. She takes a pill.

At home, Callie and Arizona fight about how they fight. Callie suddenly pulls Arizona into a kiss. They agree talking may be the problem.

Meredith and Stephanie return to their operating room to work on another sheep.

Alex checks in on his detoxing father. Jo sleeps on a chair in the room. Alex recites, "Get in the car before I give you something to cry about," along with his hallucinating dad.

Grey's Anatomy Winter Finale Spoilers:

April's wedding day arrives.

Meredith and Cristina continue to clash.

Bailey tells Ben how she honestly feels about his return.

Shane inserts himself into a perilous situation.

Derek receives a life-changing phone call.

Candi's Comments:

Wow, plenty going on tonight. The stuff with Alex's father is heart-rending. April's sisters were funny and the interaction with Jackson, Matthew, and April seems fraught. I hope Jackson stops that wedding. The idea of Bailey having OCD seems a bit out-of-the-blue and somehow doesn't feel right to me. Shane needs to check how he's talking to people. The experimental plot points are interesting, if a little tedious. Love Richard being better, and Callie and Arizona's last scene.

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- Candace Young

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