Grey's Anatomy Recap: Somebody That I Used To Know.

Thursday, November 21st, 2013

Ben worries that a conversation with Derek could cause issues for Bailey, Cristina turns to Shane, and Meredith plans Thanksgiving dinner.

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At home, Ben notices Bailey repeating her actions; taking her keys out of her purse and putting them back in.

Derek and Meredith indulge in hospital talk while passing Zola back and forth in their kitchen.

In the boardroom, Owen kisses his girlfriend. Christina, Callie, and April watch through the window. Christina takes off. Meanwhile, Meredith arrives and Stephanie stops her to discuss her pancreas patient. They go see her and say all they can do is deal with the pain. Christina joins Alex on a baby's case. She talks about Owen and his girlfriend - she's glad he's getting laid. She grumbles that her work suffers if she doesn't get laid. Shane listens as Alex tells her to get her ya-yas out - find a human sex toy. Shane clears his throat and tells her about a medical issue. Once alone again, Alex tells Christina they've kept this baby alive long enough for her to do a procedure that isn't going to work. Nearby, April stops Stephanie to invite her to her wedding.

Ben and Bailey arrive in trauma and he seems concerned when she talks about operating. Arizona, Leah, and Owen takes a young girl into surgery. Leah tries to beg off when she finds out Callie's coming in to operate on the girl's femur. After the surgery, Arizona finds Callie to tell her she was with someone else - more than a few times. Callie says she only got involved with herself. Arizona says she's trying. They hug. Leah walks in. Meanwhile, Ben meets with Derek to work on their project. He talks to Derek about Bailey, saying he worries she might have OCD. He talks about her doing an unwarranted procedure in surgery. Derek reminds him he's on the board - he can't hear that and not report it.

Shane winds up alone in the hospital with Christina and offers to help her get her ya-yas out. She slowly turns to look at him. "Are you offering to service me?" He apologizes. She tells him to stop talking. Down the hall, Meredith chats with Owen and his girlfriend about doing Thanksgiving dinner. At the nurses' station, Stephanie grills Leah and Jo about whether April invited them to her wedding. They both say no. Stephanie finds Leah sulking about Arizona and tells her to get off the floor and go back to work. Stephanie finds Jackson and tells him April invited her to her wedding - plus 1, and he's invited plus 1 - does she expect them to come with others? Jackson says brides are weird. Once alone, he gets a funny look. He finds April to ask her about it. She informs him he's not getting an invitation - he can be Stephanie's plus 1. She explains that his name can't be on the list because of Matthew, but she wants him there and can't go through with it without his blessing. Jackson gives his blessing, but can't be there. Stephanie appears later and Jackson tells her they don't have to go to April's wedding. She feels that he's not over her. Jackson insists that he is and kisses her.

Meredith checks into Richard's room and talks to him about Thanksgiving dinner. After, Stephanie tells her Christina and Shane are using her 3D printer. Mer flips and cuts her off. Meredith swings by the nurses' desk to tell Derek they're having Thanksgiving. They decide to invite more people. Alex agrees to come and bring Jo. Meredith learns that Christina is ignoring her page. Owen walks down the hall and tells Christina that he's spending Thanksgiving with Emma. After that, Owen meets with Derek and Ben about Bailey. Ben tries to backtrack, but then asks them to let him talk to her. They agree. Ben finds Bailey, who is livid that he told Owen and Derek she has a psychiatric with disorder. He says it was an accident but warns her to do something before the chief does. Meanwhile, Owen is running it by Emma about including Christina in Thanksgiving, when Ben comes back.


Meredith and Christina finally meet up by the nurses' station and argue heatedly about the 3D printer. Christina shows her the baby she's trying to save. Meredith says Christina can't make it work. Meredith is alone when Owen approaches her to take Bailey's surgery load for the day. She realizes something is wrong. Meanwhile, Christina has rejoined Alex and the baby patient. She complains that thanks to him, Shane offered to service her. She asks him to talk to Meredith.

Arizona and Leah are in surgery with Callie when Leah drills through the patient's femur into the table due to nerves. Arizona intervenes to ask Callie to take the drill. Callie realizes it was Leah that Arizona was sleeping with. After, Arizona and Leah argue. Leah says Callie hates her now - this is her career.

Jo has Richard on the treadmill in his room. He hollers at her to turn it higher and ends up falling off. Derek rushes in to help Jo as Richard hollers in pain. Callie enters and asks what the hell happened. Richard has a broken rib. After, Callie asks Arizona to give her a night to digest the thing with Leah. Arizona agrees.

Owen and Meredith go into Bailey's OR and upset her by making her leave her patient. After, Meredith finds Christina at the printer with Shane. Christina tells her she needs more time to print another conduit. Meredith heatedly argues against it. Shane hollers at Meredith about what they're doing and says she will have her printer tomorrow. After, Christina kisses him.

At home, Bailey freaks out on Ben and knocks a chair over. She then returns to pick it up and cries.

Outside Richard's room, Jo tells Alex to go ahead without her. They kiss. She joins Stephanie and Leah in Richard's room and joke about ordering chicken in for Thanksgiving.

In Meredith's office, she tells Derek about her fight with Christina when Owen enters and says she can invite Christina to dinner - Emma's okay with it. Mer snaps, "Well I'm glad she's okay with it!" Owen exchanges a look with Derek and leaves.

Grey's Anatomy Spoilers for Next Week:

April's sisters Alice, Libby and Kimmie arrive in town to help celebrate her wedding.

The sisters soon get on April's nerves.

Matthew and Jackson witness a horrible accident and are forced to work together.

Candi's Comments:

This disorder Bailey suddenly has developed is pretty intriguing - what triggered it? So many questions. Callie and Arizona's back and forth is getting a tad old, and Jackson and April really need to realize how they still feel before it's too late. Best of the night was Shane offering to service Christina. Hilarious!

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- Candace Young

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