Grey's Anatomy Recap: Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word.

Thursday, November 14th, 2013

Callie is stunned to be facing a malpractice suit, so she turns to her dad, who divulges a secret to her. Meanwhile, flashbacks reveal unexpected details about Callie and Arizona's marriage.

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Callie knocks over a display and freaks out in a store over pantyhose. She flashes to Arizona and to a surgery gone wrong. She explains to the salesgirl that she's sorry, she's under a lot of pressure, and buys the whole lot of pantyhose.

One month before...

Derek and Callie are putting on a demonstration when a man comes in and gives Callie his card.

Four months before...

Christina tells Callie that she told one of her transplant patients, Travis about her. They meet him and he asks if Callie's ready to give him a new hip. In the boardroom, Callie is under pressure from Travis' entourage to give him a new hip so he can compete in the Olympics. Travis tells Callie she's the first orthopedic surgeon to grow cartilage out of nothing - he wants her to do this. She agrees to research it.

Present time...

Callie is in a meeting with her lawyers. She tells them she won't admit to a mistake when there wasn't one. Her lawyer gives her tips for court the next day, including that juries respond better to married women.

Next day...

Callie calls out to Sophia as she puts on her pantyhose for court. Arizona arrives and notices she put her wedding ring back on. She wishes her luck.

Owen is with Callie as she's led into the courtroom amid a sea of media and flashbulbs. She takes her place at the defendant's table. Travis and his legal team enter. Travis is in a wheelchair. When everyone is asked to rise, Travis says, "I would if I could." Opening statements begin. Alex joins Owen, who says the jury is eating up the folksy charm of Travis' lawyer. He alleges that Callie agreed to perform a surgery she didn't understand and cost an Olympic athlete his legs. He says it was all because of a mistake during the surgery.

Jo takes the stand and is forced to admit that Callie knowingly left a sponge in the patient. She tries to explain that the patient was running out of time, but the lawyer cuts her off. They flash to Travis running an infection in the week after the surgery and taking him into the OR to clean it out. Jo becomes frustrated trying to explain and is warned she will be in contempt of court.

During the recess, Callie runs into the washroom to change her pantyhose, which have a run. Arizona enters. Callie says they're making her sound like a monster. Arizona offers a picture from Sophia to cheer her up and they share a laugh over Callie's pantyhose, which have a butterfly on them. They flash to better times.

Later at home, Callie is surprised by a visit from her father. He tries to downplay her panic by telling her he's been sued so many times his lawyer's on speed dial. He asks for his grandbaby. Callie says she's with Arizona, who is bringing her by soon. She tells him they split up because Arizona cheated on her. "I'm pathetic." Her dad says nothing about her is pathetic and kisses her. Callie flashes to Arizona holding up a pregnancy test and saying it's positive. They embrace and celebrate.

A board meeting is held at the hospital. Callie tells them that she is being sued along with the hospital - she doesn't want to jeopardize the hospital. She leaves. The others debate about whether or not the hospital should settle. Christina says they should, and Callie should too. She flashes to arguing with Callie about the patient and Jo calling them to see that his legs are turning grey. Christina and Callie argue about whether to do the leg or heart surgery he needs first. Callie did the leg surgery and it seemed to go well but then both of his legs got worse.

At the courthouse, Callie and Owen are surprised to see April wheel Richard in. Inside, Travis' girlfriend testifies that she overheard Callie say, "I can't be the doctor who turns an Olympic athlete into a doorstop." She was concerned about her reputation. Travis takes the stand next. He testifies that he trusted Callie to do the joint replacement surgery even though she hadn't done it before. He flashes to telling Callie to get out of his room after his legs were amputated. He talks about snowboarding being his life and now it's gone - and it's Dr. Torres' fault. He claims she admitted she was at fault. He recalls how Callie was crying and told him if there was anyone to blame, it was her. The prosecution rests.

The next morning at home, Callie's father glares at Arizona as she picks up Sophia. Once alone, Callie tells her dad that she has to take the stand today. He rants about Arizona not trying to make things right. She tells him she kicked her out. He is taken aback that she chose to break up her family.

In court, Callie testifies about Travis' surgery. She says everything went well until his oxygen levels dropped and she had to make a decision to close him up quickly - leaving the sponge inside - to save his life. She says she'd do it again. The lawyer asks if she was distracted. Callie flashes to Arizona telling her that during her ultrasound, she learned she'd lost their baby. Callie tells the lawyer she had things going on, but she prioritized her patient. She flashes to arguing with Arizona who tells her she may not want to try for another baby because she can't take another loss. Callie also flashes to speaking with an angry Travis after the amputation, telling him not to take his anger out on his girlfriend, to blame her instead. She recalls crying as she told him she was so sorry. Callie testifies that her wife lost her leg last year and it changed them; of course she was sorry for what Travis was going through.

Callie and Meredith arrive at Callie's house and call out for her father, who isn't there. Callie notices a letter behind her bookcase. It's documentation informing her that the Peterson joint trial had been suspended because there were five instances of infection - it's postmarked three weeks before Travis' surgery. They debate about what to do with the letter. Callie thinks she should come forward with it, but Meredith says she shouldn't - she did nothing wrong. Callie gets the call that the jury is back.

The staff is all behind Callie as she sits in the courtroom awaiting the jury's decision. She is found not guilty. The staff celebrates, but Callie merely looks at Travis.


At home, Callie talks to her father about Arizona. "She cheated on me, Dad." He admits that he cheated on her mother once and she forgave him because she believed they were bigger than one mistake. He says thankfully she did, because otherwise he wouldn't have Callie. He advises her to try with Arizona.

Callie pays Arizona a visit and says she made one mistake. She wants her to think about something, and asks her to come home. Callie leaves. Arizona returns to her bed and tells Leah she should get dressed and leave.

Spoilers for Next Week on Grey's Anatomy:

Ben regrets a conversation he had with Derek, fearing it may lead to problems for Bailey.

Cristina finds a friend in Shane.

April's wedding plans cause awkwardness for others.

Meredith decides to host Thanksgiving dinner.

Candi's Comments:

Tonight was so intense! Loved it, and couldn't believe the reveal that Arizona lost a baby. It's always amazing to see Callie's father too.

What did you think of tonight's episode? Let know in the comment section.

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