Grey's Anatomy Recap: Two Against One.

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

The tension between Christina and Meredith results in betrayal, Bailey has difficulty with Ben's return, and April and Matthew reach a decision.

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At home, Ben finds Bailey looking through her son's room for something that smells. He says he smells nothing and offers to help, but she's short with him.

At the hospital, Alex checks on a young man who is having surgery tomorrow. Down the hall, Stephanie wakes up Meredith to see her experiment. Stephanie goes to Richard's room to tell the other residents they are just thirty minutes away from their life changing. Shane runs into Christina and asks if she's coming to see Meredith's presentation. She makes an excuse. Bailey and Jo are in with a food critic who is having his esophagus replaced with a piece of his colon. Jo asks if the enema can wait until after Mer's presentation. Callie walks up the hall with Owen. Callie meets with Owen's girlfriend in the boardroom to interview her for a job but starts asking personal questions. Owen checks in awkwardly.

In a minister's office, the priest tells Matthew and April that they got 90% on their compatibility test. When he steps out, Matthew points out to April that there is one way they're unequal. She suggests that they just do it - before marriage.

Everyone gathers for Meredith's presentation in a large room. Meredith tells Derek he has to wait and see with everyone else. Owen introduces Meredith who presents what she has reproduced on the 3D printer - a fork. Grumbling ensues. Derek and Jackson notice the man standing next to her has an eye tick. They follow him up the hall and try to convince him to have a minimally invasive surgery - the man is freaked out. They pass Richard's room - he calls out encouragement. Meredith and Alex walk to the elevator where they encounter Christina, who says the fork reproduction is great. She walks away and Alex asks Meredith what's wrong with them. They go to see the young man who is having a surgery on his liver.


April checks in on Richard in his room. He's bickering with the woman in the next room, who passes by and trades barbs. Meanwhile, Ben runs into Bailey, who tries to joke with her about the OR, but she is short again. Ben shows up in her surgery after switching with someone. Bailey's sight seems to be blurry. During the surgery, Bailey has more neurological symptoms and Ben has to call her name. He tells her this is routine and talks her through when she stops and pulls her fingers. She sees a bubble that's not there in the body cavity and wants to put on a patch. Ben allows her to do it but realizes something is very wrong.

April yammers to Arizona in the staff room about how difficult it is not having sex with Matthew. She compares it to Arizona not doing it with Leah, but Arizona admits they actually went ahead and had sex. April's exasperated. In the lab nearby, Leah, Shane, and Stephanie are using the 3D printer. It gives Shane an idea for an experimental solution for one of his and Christina's patient. He goes to her with it, and she gives him a reluctant go-ahead to start the process with the FDA. Later, she checks on the 3D printer which is in use. Shane reappears - he has permission. Christina tells them they can't do it, it's not their printer, it's Meredith's and she's using it. As their patient worsens, Shane argues that it's the hospital's printer - they can do this and save their patient.

In the ambulance bay, Matthew and April get very close and discuss having sex before marriage. April goes back inside where Richard is out of his room in the hall - the woman he bickers with has collapsed on the floor. Richard is exhausted after doing CPR and April gets him back into bed. He wants to be himself again.

Derek and Jackson have the man with the eye tick in surgery and while they work they reminisce about Mark Sloan. After, the man is amazed that his tick is gone.

Alex and Meredith operate on the young man with cancerous tumors in his liver in the OR. They argue over what course of action to take. Stephanie watches them. Alex challenges Meredith. Stephanie seconds his challenge so Mer has to close. Later, Alex tells the young man they couldn't get it all and he'll have to stay.

Owen meets his girlfriend outside the hospital. She tells him she can't work there - if they broke up, everyone there would choose him. Owen appeals to her to take the job, but she says she can't risk it.

Christina approaches Meredith about using the printer. Meredith isn't helpful despite her wanting to use it to help a baby with a heart problem. Christina leaves in a huff. Alex is there and tells Mer that Christina is right - she's a lousy doctor today.

April arrives at Matthew's place where he has a romantic scene set. She tells him she respects him too much to let him compromise his faith to have sex before marriage. If they wait until after marriage it will still be her first time...with him. They agree to wait.

Leah is in Arizona's shower. Arizona looks in the mirror and takes off her wedding ring. She places it in a jewelry box.

At home, Ben tries to talk to Bailey. He says he's glad he's back - something is going on with her - she's checking drawers and pulling her fingers... She insists everything is fine. Later, she sits in the dark pulling her fingers.

Meredith and Derek pass in the elevator area and he tells her that her fork is the future. She goes back to the lab to find that Shane and Christina have commandeered her printer.

Spoilers for Next Week on Grey's Anatomy:

Callie faces a malpractice suit and turns to her dad.

Details emerge about Arizona and Callie's marriage through flashbacks.

Candi's Comments:

Well, this episode wasn't all that exciting. The building tension between Meredith and Christina is something different, and of course there's Bailey to worry about, but otherwise, a bit of a snooze.

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