Grey's Anatomy Recap: Thriller.

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

Eerie patients arrive at the hospital on Halloween, Derek and Ben team up for a new surgical procedure, and Richard's request infuriates Bailey.

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Arizona and Leah wake up together at Arizona's place. Leah hurriedly leaves.

In the hospital corridor, Derek and Meredith have a rushed conversation about work and Halloween. Mer asks Alex if he got the stuff for Halloween. He says he did, but it turns out he only got a cake - no candy or pumpkins. Mer spots Christina and ends up apologizing for not inviting her to join them later.

Stephanie gets a kiss from Jackson at the nurses' station before joining Jo, who tells her she thinks it's over with Alex. Nearby, Callie asks April and Owen about their Halloween plans. Owen says he isn't going out with Emma because he's not ready. Callie insists he is ready. Arizona appears and argues with Callie about what Sophia's going to be for Halloween. Callie tells her to take her - she won't do this.

The residents join Bailey in Richard's room. He grills them about the procedure he's about to have. Ben arrives. Bailey hugs him. Richard tells Bailey to go. Ben chuckles. He wants to talk about Tuck's costume, but Bailey's concerned with work. Ben says he'll figure it all out.

April, Shane, Owen, and Leah bring a man whose bloodied and been bitten into the ER. On the stretcher behind him is the manic man who bit him, also covered in blood. As they try to move him from the stretcher he attacks Leah and bites her neck! As Jo and Stephanie treat her, Bailey appears and tells Leah she can't go into surgery with Richard - she has to be tested. Jo goes to see to a little girl with a sick tummy and Alex appears to consult. He is short about the girl's father needing to change his flight so she can have a CT. Jo tells him it's not his father and tries to confront him about his issues. Alex takes off.

In a patient's room, Owen and Christina marvel at the x-ray of the biter, whose organs are on the wrong side of his body. She's thrilled. He tells her, "Happy Halloween." They takes the man into surgery and discuss Halloween plans. Suddenly they get into difficulties. After, they discuss Halloween. Christina is upset because she doesn't know if Meredith wants her there or just thinks she should invite her. Owen goes to call Emma, and leaves her a message about how great it is that she's not complicated. She calls right back.

April and Jackson work on the man who was bitten. He thinks he's turning into a zombie. Nearby, Stephanie sees a woman who has had a leg wound for four months - she sees maggots in it and rushes to tell Meredith, adding that she just had Lasik surgery. Meredith and Callie go to see the hysterical woman. She gives her a mask to put on so the hospital doesn't bother her. In the waiting area, Shane approaches a woman with one milky eye who asks for Heather Brooks. Shane gets Bailey but the woman has disappeared. She tells him he's bonkers. As soon as Bailey's gone, the woman reappears and insists Dr. Brooks will come.


Ben finds Derek working on a new surgical procedure and they get talking about it. Ben starts working with him.

Bailey returns to Richard's room where he complains that he's trying to teach the residents and she won't let them learn. He kicks her off his case. "Walk out, Bailey." She does.

In surgery, Callie and Meredith discuss Halloween. Callie says she's going out - she and Arizona can't be in the same room together. After, Meredith is called to Richard's room where he gives her a heartfelt apology for the things he said to her. Callie goes to check on the woman they operated on, who tells her to enjoy her child's Halloween while she's young - they grow up too fast.

In the staff room, Leah worries to Stephanie about being HIV positive after the bite, and Stephanie worries about not being able to see. "We're screwed." Later, Arizona finds Leah crying about her bite concerns. She shares with her the first time she got stuck with a needle.

April and Jackson operate on the bitten man and joke with each other about him being a nicer boyfriend now than when she was with him. Later, the man is convinced he's in quarantined because he was bitten by a zombie. Jackson watches in amazement as April hollers at him that he's recovering from surgery and was bitten by a normal man who took too many drugs.

Alex gets the test results for the girl with the stomach problems. He tells Jo the little girl's body is under-producing adrenaline. They realize she's gone for a walk. Alex says if she sees something scary she could be scared to death! They search frantically as the little girl walks up a dark part of the hospital and encounters the woman with one milky eye! The girl goes into shock as Alex arrives. She is taken on a stretcher while the woman is treated nearby. Once the girl is stabilized, Jo tells the panicky father that Alex is good with kids but crappy with other people. Jo finds Meredith and asks to talk to her about Alex. Meredith brings her in to operate on Richard and talks to her about Alex hating being vulnerable. She tells Jo she can do it - she can get through to him. After, Richard grills Jo on the procedure.

Bailey arrives at home to find Ben and Tuck have set up a haunted house with decorations and costumes. Ben breaks that news that he dropped out of residency - he wants to be back there again, with them. Bailey is upset about inconsistency in their lives. He says it's not working - his family is his life. Bailey says he left to learn surgery - he loved surgery. He says he loved her more. She's stunned that he just quit. Tuck appears and asks to go trick-or-treating.

Shane checks on the woman with one milky eye. He tells her Dr. Brooks died three months ago and he will look after her now.

At the bar, Leah tells Stephanie she's not HIV positive. She moves on and Jackson appears. He chastises Stephanie for coming in to work too soon after her eye surgery.

The Halloween party is underway at Meredith's house. Callie shows up. She tells Meredith they don't want to lose out on time with Sophia - it's the first thing she and Arizona have agreed on in months. Christina is there but leaves.

Christina arrives at the bar and finds Shane sitting there. He offers to buy her a drink. They get Tequila.

Alex is alone at home when Jo arrives dressed up as Tinkerbell. She tells him she was wrong about his father. He tells her to come in before the trick-or-treaters think he's home. They get close in the dark.

Spoilers for the next Grey's Anatomy:

Strife builds between Meredith and Cristina, leading to a shocking betrayal.

Derek advises Jackson to step back and let other doctors tend to his patients.

April and Matthew make a big decision.

Ben's return complicates things for Bailey.

Candi's Comments:
Great Halloween episode. Not for the queasy! The Meredith/Christina tension is so weird. I felt a bit glad to see Owen moving on from Christina's drama. Still not feeling the Jackson and Stephanie pairing at all! Christina and Shane - would they hook-up? Yike. The best of the episode was Callie and Arizona agreeing, Richard making things right with Meredith, and Alex and Jo making up.

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