Grey's Anatomy Recap: Map Of You.

Thursday, October 24th, 2013

Derek and Callie work on a brain mapping project, Meredith considers continuing her mother's research, and Shane still feels guilty about Heather's death.

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At the hospital, Derek is doing a brain-mapping demonstration involving a quadriplegic as Shane looks on. The patient wonders where Dr. Torres is - she's missing this. Derek notices something amiss in the brain pattern and tells Shane to page Callie.

In the locker room, Stephanie and Murphy notice Shane acting weird after he notices a scrub shirt with Heather's name on it. Nearby, Jo calls Alex and complains about him being gone when she woke up again. Murphy joins Arizona and whispers that she had such a good time last night - she wants to do it again.

Owen walks up the corridor with his new surgeon girlfriend, Robin. They agree to tell people that they're dating. As she walks off, Christina appears. "Bring your girlfriend to work day?" He hopes this won't be weird. Meredith is there. Christina asks what she's doing. Mer curtly says she's trying to decide on a research project and takes off. She finds Bailey in Richard's room and asks her advice. Jo listens. Richard suggests Alice's research. He tells Jo to diagnose his shoulder pain. She leaves and grouses to Stephanie about that, and about Alex. Stephanie has a man in trauma with a broken ankle, but they both realize his scan shows a tumor in his heart. Christina confirms that it's bad - he's dying. Stephanie and Christina tell the man, who already knows and there's nothing that can be done. Christina grills them about what they've tried. The wife holds her hands. "I know it's hard..." Later, she returns and tells them she's figured out how to save him. They're upset. When they found out he was dying they sold everything and maxed out their credit cards traveling - planning to pay it all off with life insurance after he died. They decide to try the surgery.

In the hallway, Derek catches up with Callie and asks about her missing the brain-mapping. She goes on about moving back into her own place making her feel like she needs to 'move back into her own place'. Meredith corners Callie, who advises her to follow up on her mother's research.

Back in the brain-mapping room, Shane asks Derek to change services after the project is done. Derek talks about Heather, and then notices a tumor in the brain that he doesn't know how to handle. He tells surgery could do more harm than good. Derek tells the quadriplegic patient about the situation in his brain. The guy says Derek can't continue the brain-mapping or go in his head again unless he operates to remove the tumor. Derek goes to vent to Callie about it. She won't talk to him; she says he'll come around. Derek accuses her of avoiding the patient because she's bailing. He thinks it's because of her personal life. She asks him to bear with her, and says she'll talk to Mickey. She goes to see confront him and he explains that in his accident he killed two teenage girls. When she asked him to do this, it was a chance to help. If he donates his brain to science, he still helps. Callie catches Derek before he leaves and talks him into doing the surgery that night.

In surgery, Alex tells Arizona he slept with Murphy a couple of times and she goes from zero to love in sixty seconds.

In the lounge area, Murphy talks to the interns about being in love with someone at the hospital, and Stephanie shares the story of the heart tumor.

Jo asks Richard about his shoulder-related activity in his room. He rants that it's not his tennis game and tells her to look deeper. She catches up to Alex who is getting on the elevator and he tells her not to wait up. She asks if he's seeing someone else. He says he's not, but what he's doing is none of her business. Jo returns to Richard's room to do an x-ray, but then decides to do an ultrasound. Jokes about him being pregnant abound. Jo does the ultrasound and finds a pancreatic pseudo-cyst. "Bam!" Richard laughs and tells her, "Nice work."

In an office, Meredith tells Bailey she doesn't want to be compared to her mother. Bailey argues she was a brilliant woman. Meredith twigs on an idea.

While Christina prepares for surgery, Robin enters the scrub area and chats about the amazing surgery she's undertaking. Christina tells her she's Owen's ex-wife. Awkwardness ensues. The surgery soon begins and Shane assists Christina, who compliments his creative instincts.

Alex is at a bar where his father is playing in a band. The bartender muses that he must really like these guys. Alex looks over his shoulder at his dad. When the band has a break, Alex buys his father a drink. He introduces himself as Jimmy Evans and recognizes Alex from the hospital. They chat about music. Alex says his dad taught him to play a bit when he was young. Jimmy talks about a time his young son was choking and a pediatric surgeon saved his life. Alex asks where the son is now. Jimmy says it's complicated. He invites him to jam. "How about one of the songs your daddy taught you? I might know one of those." Alex plays one of the songs and his father becomes emotional. He wants to show Alex a picture of his boy. It's not Alex, it's a boy called Nicky who is 12 now and lives with his mother in Florida. Alex is incensed. "You just keep doing this." Alex berates him and punches him. His father seems to realize who he is as he leaves.


Derek is scrubbing in and asks Shane to join him. Shane blurts that he doesn't want to work with him. He rejoins Christina, who is telling the heart patient and his wife that he will live. They start to stress and cry about their debt. April appears. Christina says, "I saved his life." Shane walks to the nurses' station where Stephanie tells him their kiss can't happen again. Murphy appears and tells them she's in love with Arizona. Arizona hears her and sets her straight - it was only one night and that's all it will ever be. Murphy tears up and apologizes.

In the OR, Derek operates on the quadriplegic man and all brain activity ceases. Derek looks up at Callie in the gallery, who shakes her head. She leaves and walks up the hall past Meredith, who shouts that she's doing her mother's research - sharing her passion. Callie returns to scrub in with Derek to harvest Mickey's brain for science.

Meredith is typing in the office when Christina enters, sits down, talks about her surgery and Owen's new girlfriend. Meredith says, "I'm sorry, what?" Christina asks about her research. Meredith doesn't have time for her to tell her she can't do it. She complains that Christina doesn't have time for people who don't want what she wants.

Christina arrives home to find Jo and Alex hollering at each other. He admits he's been seeing his dad and blames her for dredging it up and not letting it go - he hasn't felt so crappy in years.

Arizona sends a text from bed. "What are you up to?"

Meredith arrives home late and she and Derek discuss their research. He offers to step back. She doesn't want him to resent her...or to be her mother. He reassures her. They kiss.

Spoilers for Next Week on Grey's Anatomy:

The doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial are bombarded with spooky patients.

Some doctors are forced to change their plans for the night.

One doctor's well-being is in jeopardy.

Candi's Comments:

The show still has such heart, but it was more boring than usual tonight and I still don't feel invested in these interns with the exception of Jo. I love the stuff with Alex and his father - so heartbreaking.

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