Grey's Anatomy Recap: I Bet It Stung.

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Richard regains some of his spark, Jo tries to help Alex's father, and Meredith is stunned by Christina's words.

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At home, Meredith and Derek wake up exhausted. Callie calls out, "Coffee's on!" They eventually end up in the kitchen getting ready for work and the kids for daycare. Meredith accidentally kisses Callie goodbye.

Jo visits the male patient who turned out to be Alex's father with Christina at the hospital. Christina tells her to run an echo-cardiogram and page her with the results. Jo finds Alex and encourages him to talk to him. Alex wryly says the last time he saw him he was punching his face hard. Christina walks up the hall with Meredith. Bailey appears and complains about Meredith stealing her liver. Mer says she deserves it. She, Shane, and Christina go to check on a pregnant patient who admires Meredith for doing it all. Mer finds Derek and asks him to pick up the kids while she does a liver/heart transplant with Christina this afternoon. He's not able to, so stress ensues. Meredith talks to Christina, who notices her boobs are exploding. She sends Mer home.

By the nurses' station, Arizona is given a coffee by Murphy and whispers to April that she may have slept with her the night of the gala. April can't remember anything either. Callie appears and grumps at Arizona about the mortgage. She then finds Owen and chats about how happy she used to be. When Owen mentions a woman from the gala, Callie grins that he's rebounding too. They get called to confer on a female patient who has been through many traumas. They speak to her younger sister outside the room - the patient needs a kidney transplant. The sister says she will be the donor - that's why her parents had her, to save her sister.

In the on-call room, Stephanie and Jackson canoodle.

Bailey is in Richard's room with him when Catherine appears. She takes Bailey outside and complains that he's depressed. She wants to help. Bailey asks her to get pillows. Catherine walks in on Jackson and Stephanie making out. He awkwardly introduces them. Jackson returns to Richard's room with Catherine where she fusses over Richard while arguing with Jackson about sex in the on-call room.

Stephanie sees a trauma patient who has bee stings 'down there'. She confers with Jo, who suggests getting someone from urology down there - they can't even get a catheter in. Stephanie goes to find Catherine and blurts, "I have a giant penis." She explains she needs a consult. Catherine joins her in the trauma unit, where the man admits he put his penis into a hornet's nest. Catherine grouches about Stephanie's ineptness with the catheter. Catherine returns to Richard's room to complain about Stephanie and having to go into the OR because she let a man's bladder to explode. She urges Richard to think about coming home with her and then goes to find Stephanie for the surgery. She finds her getting a pep talk from Jackson about the three of them doing a penis surgery together. Catherine is less than friendly.

Jo is in a room with Alex's father who is on a treadmill. She talks to him about being on methadone and getting better. She goes and talks to Alex about him. He says his father is a loser and tells her to just discharge him. Jo returns to Alex's father and tells him she got him a slot at a great treatment facility. He doesn't understand her going to such lengths for him and doesn't want to let her down like he did his family. Jo goes to tell Alex that he regrets letting them down and urges him to stop him from leaving. Alex asks her never to talk to him about this again.

In surgery, Callie teases Owen about his lady friend bringing him banana bread at work. April says Matthew brought her a breakfast burrito and they're getting married. Shane appears to ask if Callie can pick up Meredith's kids at 3:00 PM. Callie won't be done to 6:00 PM. Later, Callie tells the patient's younger sister that she doesn't need to be spare parts for her sister any longer. She'd love to say no. Callie encourages her to live her own life.

In the staff room, Meredith is expressing milk while Alex breaks the coffeemaker and Jackson complains to Bailey about his mother and Stephanie. Shane appears to pass on Callie's message to Meredith. Bailey is sitting with Mer when she gets a call that Zola cut her head open. She goes asks Bailey to tell Yang she'll meet her in surgery.

Derek and Arizona prepare for surgery. Murphy appears and Arizona asks what she's doing there. She reminds Arizona that she told her she could scrub in - after the gala at her house. Arizona sends her back to the floor.

In the OR, Catherine is operating when Stephanie asks her to elaborate on her most fascinating penile surgeries. Catherine comes back with a remark directed at Jackson about men putting their penises where they don't belong. After, the man's wife comes in and explains her husband likes a little pain with his pleasure.

Meredith leaves Zola with Alex for stitches and arrives at the OR to scrub in, but Christina tells her Dr. Bailey is taking her place. Afterward, Meredith confronts Christina, who tells her she's not as gifted a surgeon as her, and she's preoccupied with her kids. She says she made her choices and they're valid, but they affect her skills. "We're in different places now, and that's okay." Mer is stunned.


Murphy goes to Richard's room to tell him his white blood cell count is up - he needs antibiotics. He orders her to lift his gown and give him a proper exam to find out why. She diagnoses a pancreatic leak. Catherine listens as he barks instructions. She's pleased, but sulks that he's obviously not coming home with her.

In the hallway, Callie teases Owen about his non-girlfriend. He tells her the younger sister decided to donate a kidney after all.

Alex winds up in the elevator with his departing father. They don't speak, but when the father exits he says, "Take care now."

Callie finds Arizona at the bar and tells her she needs her place back. She will have an intern pack up her things and bring it to the hospital tomorrow. Murphy is there and tells Arizona she can stay with her. They discuss what happened after the gala - it turns out they watched videos of surgeries and ate grilled cheese sandwiches. Catherine enters and Stephanie joins her. She is frank with her about what she walked in on. They are bickering about the penile patient when Jackson arrives. Catherine invites her to stay for a drink with them.

At her place, Callie puts on music, takes off her pants, and dances.

Derek arrives at home to find Meredith upset because Callie moved out, Zola has stitches, and he didn't answer his phone so she missed her surgery. He says it's not his fault. Mer counters that she shouldn't have to choose between being a good mother and a good surgeon.

Candi's Comments:

Tonight's episode had plenty of awkwardness with the hornet nest penis guy and Alex's father, which was kind of sad. The Stephanie/Jackson stuff does nothing for me - not feeling it. So glad Richard is getting some spark back and Callie too! As for the Meredith and Christina confrontation - wow!

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- Candace Young

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