Grey's Anatomy Recap: Puttin' On The Ritz.

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

Bailey struggles to deal with an elderly patient and Richard, Shane and Stephanie run the ER, and the doctors try to score donations at the fundraiser.

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At home, Derek and Meredith try to get Zola to put her shoes on as they get ready for the hospital fundraiser.

Jackson meets Owen at the front door of the fundraiser, and talks about how tonight will be conservative and tasteful. They enter and take in a brightly-colored carnival atmosphere. Jackson angrily confronts his assistant who says people need fun and 'spectacle'.

Meredith stops by the hospital to check in with Bailey outside Richard's room. Mer says he has to want to fight for his life as much as everyone else. After, Bailey must tell an older man that there is nothing else they can do for his cancer. He asks for booze and invites her to play chess while she figures out what to do about his prognosis. He tells her he's not ready to die so she needs to get off her ass and do something! Nearby, Stephanie is grumpy. Murphy says it's because her boyfriend didn't invite her to the party. Alex, April, and Shane are there as a trauma comes in. Alex seems interested in the case.

At the fundraiser, Meredith bickers as Callie tells Christina how Derek and Meredith are bored out of their minds at home - there's all this pent-up surgical energy. Callie gets upset to hear Arizona is coming and Derek juggles. Callie runs into a man who goes on about what an inspiration she is to him. She spots Arizona across the room and tunes out. When he asks about her wife dying, she nods, "Yes, she did." Jo finds Alex and asks why he's avoiding the donors. Agitated, he says he needs air and walks away. April catches up with Jackson, who asks her to return to the hospital to get something for him. She sulks but agrees. Owen chats up donors, including a beautiful female. Derek spots Meredith talking to a man and asks, "What was that...sparkly eye thing? You were flirting."


At the hospital, April finds Arizona crying in the supply room. She gets champagne and they drink in there. Arizona vents about being stared at for being a cheater. April starts talking about her own situation. They page Murphy to get them snacks. April tells Arizona that Callie is telling everyone at the fundraiser she's dead. Alex arrives and checks in with Shane and Stephanie about the ER patients. They say there's nothing they can't handle, but soon someone codes while more incoming are announced. Shane takes control. Meanwhile, Bailey goes to give an ailing Richard hell because he won't fight. She tells him angrily about the dying older man who won't give up. They end up struggling and Richard knocks Bailey to the ground. Later, the elderly man calls Bailey back to play chess. He admits he's scared and doesn't have anybody. She moves him into Richard's room. They talk. Soon, Richard is trying to help himself.


Derek brings the baby to the fundraiser. Meredith calls him out on waking a sleeping baby to do his fundraising dirty work. He takes the baby back and she dons a jacket. Christina chats with a man with one eye on Owen, who is still talking to the attractive woman. Christina sends the woman to see the magic show and tells Owen she'll never donate - she points him toward an elderly woman instead. Meanwhile, Callie is circulating, tearfully telling the story of losing her wife to garner donations. Owen catches up with the attractive woman again, who admits she's a surgeon from another hospital. She expresses interest in him. At the bar, Christina admits to Alex that she's getting her potential donors drunk to up the number of zeros on the check. Jackson makes a speech and behind him, an acrobat falls to the ground and hits Jackson's assistant. The acrobat thinks she's fine after, but her bone protrudes from her foot. Callie leaps into action. "Yeah, I'd say there's a break." Christine is called to the hospital to assist Shane with a procedure. She tells Alex she has to work on a junkie. He follows. Derek notices Murphy stealing snacks. Jackson tells Derek that Meredith went with the ambulance. Jo gives Jackson heck for not realizing that Stephanie wanted to come to the party.

Christina goes into the OR with Shane and tells him he's a shark - it's a good thing! Alex watches the surgery intently from outside. In the other OR, Meredith is operating. Derek confronts her from the gallery. "We had a deal." She tells him he's better at getting donors. In yet another OR, Owen talks to Callie about Christina trying to get him to date. He tells Callie she can't keep telling people her wife is dead. She says she knows. Jackson appears in the gallery with some potential donors. In an empty room, Jo finds Alex drawing blood from himself. He thinks the old junkie that came into the ER might be his father. In another empty room, Meredith and Derek remember old times and get amorous.

In the supply closet, April and Arizona are drunk. April asks if she can draw on Arizona's leg. They dissolve into hysterics. Meanwhile, Shane rejoins Stephanie in the ER. Caught up in their success at running things they end up kissing. Jackson walks in. "Okay." In the corridor, Christina receives a big check from a donor, who then asks her to go out with him. She laughs him off and catches up with Owen. She invites him to join her at Joe's, but the attractive surgeon appears. Christina walks out. Jo tells Alex that the hospitalized junkie is his dad. He is angry. She apologizes for jumping the gun. Outside, Murphy puts April and Arizona into a cab as another ambulance pulls in. Derek and Meredith smile at each other and go to work.

Stephanie finds Jackson back at the empty fundraiser venue and tries to explain. She insists Shane kissed her, she didn't want it. He believes her, but says the party was work, if she'd wanted to come, she should have told him. They kiss.

Spoilers for Next Week on Grey's Anatomy:

Meredith finds it hard to balance being a mother and being a surgeon.

Stephanie does her best to make a good impression with Jackson's mom.

Jo becomes too involved with her new patient.

Candi's Comments:
Loved the fundraiser! The back and forth from the hospital was a bit much at times. The smaller plot points were really good tonight - Bailey with Richard and the elderly man, and the junkie being Alex's father. I'm not a fan of Stephanie and Jackson, so got excited when he caught her kissing Shane, and then let down when he forgave her! Arizona and April getting pissed was hilarious. Great episode.

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- Candace Young

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