Grey's Anatomy Recap: Everybody's Crying Mercy.

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

Derek and Meredith are exhausted from baby care, Jo and Alex deal with not having 'done it' yet, and Richard refuses a feeding tube.

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At home, the baby is crying and Meredith, Derek, and Callie are all sorely lacking sleep. The girls wake up too. Soon, Callie is dressed and takes the girls to daycare. Derek wonders what they'll do when she fixes her marriage. Meredith calls Bailey to check on Richard, who is stable.

At Alex's place, Christina needles Alex about Jo passing out with her friends again. He snaps at her. She realizes they haven't slept together yet. "I knew you'd cheer me up!"

At the hospital, Shane and Bailey bring a group of residents into Richard's room. Richard speaks up for himself to say no feeding tube. Bailey respects his wishes. Shane sneaks to phone Meredith, who assures him Bailey will come to her senses. Shane has a nurse bring a feeding pump in and winds up in a confrontation with Bailey and Richard, who asks for some soup. Shane watches after the soup comes. Richard tries to eat it and grimaces in pain.

In the locker room, Jo tells the other female interns she's waiting for Alex to make a move. They speculate about him not having made a move.

Christina walks up the hall with Arizona, who implores her to say her new haircut is nice. They reach Owen, who shows them that there's an actual hole in the roof. They need to make a plan. He says if they can't be doctors and board members they're in a lot of trouble. Christina is left with Owen, but makes an excuse to leave. "We can't be alone together."

In the ER, April tells Jackson she hasn't heard yet about her boards. He tells her not to worry. A trauma comes in. The woman has something protruding from her chest. Callie is called in and makes the husband leave the room. The woman tells Murphy if she doesn't make it, please let her husband know she cheated with his brother. Murphy is flabbergasted. She talks about it throughout surgery. Callie interjects. Arizona sticks her head in to ask about therapy tonight. Callie doesn't think it's a good idea. Murphy steps out to speak to the patient's husband - his brother is there with him.


Derek arrives home from the store - he was an hour and half and admits he may have dozed off in the parking lot. Meredith phones Christina to vent while Derek's in the shower. Christina talks about touching Owen's arm earlier, but Mer has fallen asleep. Derek wakes her up. The baby's hungry and his nipples are no use to him. Later, Meredith talks to Derek about Richard. She feels he needs her.

Jackson meets with a couple in a room. The wife's face is burned. Jackson tells them he can make her look normal again. They are overcome with relief. Jackson goes to the surgery board and ends up arguing with Owen who cancels the burn surgery - they don't have the money to do all these pro bonos. Jackson demands they do it. After, Jackson finds his patient's been moved out.

Alex and Christina meet with a couple whose son needs a new heart. They almost lost him waiting the last time and don't want to go through it again. They want the high-risk surgery by Christina instead. Alex goes to the supply room and Jo is there. She tells him he can kick her friends out of the house, but he says they can crash as long as they want. She thanks him, but curses after he's gone.


Owen is confronted at the nurses' station by Jackson, Arizona, and others. He tells them how it's going to be - he's the traffic cop. Owen meets up with Christina in x-ray. She explains about the risky surgery. He wishes her luck and admits he wants to kiss her. Callie interrupts with questions about therapy. Callie is called back to the female clavicle surgery. She screams into her phone that Murphy and April are not to cut the clavicle. As she enters the OR, they have just done it. Callie's horrified. She reads the riot act. April says she was dying. Murphy goes to the roof to listen to Jo talk about needing to have sex with Alex. She gets paged back to the OR - the female patient has died. Callie tells Murphy she has to honor her promise and relay the cheating message to the husband. When they go to tell him however, he's so upset over losing her, Callie stops Murphy from saying the rest.

In the other OR, Christina teases Alex about being too uptight to have sex. Alex tries to explain that Jo's important - it has to be the right time. Christina laughs about him wanting it to be special. "When we're done here will you braid my hair?" When Alex acts cautious about the surgery, Christina tells him to stop being scared. She can't complete the surgery, however, and tells Alex he wins - the boy needs a new heart. They break the news to the parents.

Meredith wheels her stroller into the hospital and meets Shane. They confront Bailey about Richard. Mer says he's a patient and doesn't get to make decisions. While Mer and Bailey go to talk to the radiologist about the swallowing issue, Shane goes and talks Richard into letting him put the feeding tube in. Derek has arrived and chews out Mer in the hall for not leaving him a note. Meredith and Bailey find that Shane's inserted Richard's feeding tube.

After Jackson's done his lipo surgeries, Owen takes him to see that his pro bono burn patient is back. He made a point - the other surgeries paid for this one. Jackson gets it. He goes to talk to April who gets her test results. She makes Jackson read them for her. She passed her boards! April moves to hug him but he high fives her. They part smiling.

All of the doctors are paged to the disaster-stricken portion of the hospital, where Owen and Jackson tell them it's a board meeting and that they are going to plan a gala fundraiser. In the elevator after, Christina tells Owen they need to see other people to move on. He agrees to try.

Alex and Jo find themselves alone in the house. She tells him she wants him. He says no more talking and carries her upstairs. She shouts, "Oh thank God!"

Arizona is relieved when Callie shows up at therapy. Callie says she'd been wishing she hadn't told her about cheating and they could go back to their happy life, but they weren't happy. She won't go in to see the therapist, but thinks Arizona needs to. She walks out.

Meredith sits with Richard. He tells her he chose her as his proxy because she could put emotion aside and make the right choice. He's upset that she let them operate on him when he was all but dead. He chose the wrong person.

Spoilers for Next Week on Grey's Anatomy:

The gala is a carnival-type affair.

Derek accuses Meredith of flirting with someone else.

Richard hits Bailey when she tries to help him.

Candi's Comments:
Although there wasn't the high drama of some episodes, there was still plenty happening and lots of tension...including sexual tension. There are several couples that I want to give in to their real feelings and one did - loved the part with Alex finally carrying Jo up the stairs to have sex! Rawr! Also, what's going on with Richard? Cold.

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- Candace Young

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