Grey's Anatomy Recap Act II: I Want You With Me.

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

Catherine Avery arrives and interferes with Richard's case, Heather's fate becomes known, and Callie is in crisis over Arizona's cheating.

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In Meredith's room, Christina and Alex chat to her about whether Richard put her in his will, and if he thinks he is her father.

In the OR, Derek and Shane have a crisis on their hands when Heather crashes. Shane runs out of the room.

Richard is being operated on by Bailey and Owen when Catherine arrives and starts hollering about their choices from the observation gallery. She screams at them to close him up as his monitor begins beeping. Bailey tells Owen to go - she'll close.

In the corridor, Jo tells Alex that Heather didn't make it. Murphy stares through the window as Heather is covered with a sheet. Owen is informed and Christina tells him she's sorry about Heather. April is about to talk to Jackson, when he is interrupted by Stephanie who needs comforting because of Heather dying. Matthew watches April's face from across the room. Arizona tries to talk to Callie, who brushes her off.

Outside, Matthew confronts April about her feelings for Avery. He asks if she wanted to say no to his proposal and walks away.

Arizona arrives at home to find that Callie appears to have left with Sofia.


In Meredith's room, she is told that Richard stabilized after Bailey closed. She wonders if she closed just because Catherine Avery was screaming in the observation gallery. Derek arrives and talks to Meredith about losing Heather. He says her family is coming. Mer asks him to pick up Zola from the daycare to take her home - the interns can wait for Heather's family.

In the hallway, Catherine Avery reads the riot act to Bailey and Owen about opening up Richard. She is rude to Bailey and demands to see his charts immediately. Owen catches up to Christina at the nurses' station. He says he wishes he'd known the last time was going to be their last time together - he'd have done things differently. They both look thoughtful and then head into the on-call room for sex.

Derek arrives at home with Zola to find Callie sobbing on his sofa. She cries that Meredith told her to come there instead of a hotel and Sofia's asleep in the other room. Derek tries to cope with Callie who is drinking, crying, and talking.

Arizona has returned to the hospital and is yelling at a nurse to page Callie 911. Alex intervenes. Christina overhears and goes to tell Meredith, who suggests Christina tell Arizona that Callie's at her house. Christina doesn't think it's a good idea. Mer asks what happened to her hair. When Meredith pages Arizona to the room and tells her where Callie is at, Arizona takes off angrily. Christina says, "I told you so."

In the locker room, the interns bicker over who will greet Heather's family, since none of them had a good relationship with her. They decide to go to Meredith for advice. She tells them to say they loved Heather and they were all like a family.

In the foyer, Jackson is worrying about marrying the two injured paramedics when he comes upon his mother. She starts to speak angrily, but he stops her by saying he knows she's terrified about Richard. She accepts a hug, but says she will move Richard to another hospital as soon as he's stable. Jackson goes straight to Meredith to tell her if she hands the reigns to his mother, she'll move Richard. Mer demands a wheelchair. April comes in saying she can't have anything to do with a wedding today. Alex appears, hollering about the firefighters leaving their beds. Mer asks again for a wheelchair.

Christina meets Owen by the nurses' station again. She has another idea of what they might have done for their last time. They head into the on-call room for sex again. After, they talk about how they can't be friends - this will keep happening. Christina ends up crying. "This is not easy for me." He holds her.

In her wheelchair, Meredith visits Webber and discusses with Bailey why she wants to go in and remove the infection even if it stresses his heart. Meredith calls and books an OR. Catherine Avery returns on the rampage and Jackson hollers at her that Richard didn't choose her to make his decisions - he chose Meredith. In the OR, Bailey finds what she was looking for when she opens up Richard.

Meredith goes back to her room and ends up in a discussion with Christina and Alex about designating healthcare proxies. Alex holds the baby.

Jackson performs a marriage ceremony for the two firefighters in their hospital room. April stands beside him looking miserable. After, Jackson goes on a rant to April. "You didn't want me." He tells her to marry Matthew or move on, but none of this has to do with him - it's entirely about her. April looks shocked.

Arizona has arrived at Derek and Meredith's house and is in a full-blown argument with Callie while Derek tries to keep Zola distracted.

The interns are in the locker room drinking. They get into confessions. Murphy says her mom knew Mark Sloan, who helped her get into the program. Jo admits her dire background, Stephanie says she got a cheerleader scholarship, and Shane remains silent. They are laughing hysterically when Heather's mother arrives. Derek returns and breaks the news to the mother. The interns look upset. They take the woman to Heather's locker and tell her stories about her daughter, including one Meredith told them she shared with George's mother when he died. Heather's mother holds Shane while he cries. After, Derek tells the interns to go home, but Shane decides to go to the mudslide with the firefighters. Stephanie makes a speech insisting that they go with him. Murphy and Jo follow her.

April drags Matthew into the chapel and proposes to him. She says she'll always have feelings for Jackson but she wants to marry him. Matthew picks her up and spins her around.

In the corridor, Callie tells Arizona that she will be staying at Meredith's house and they will swap off with Sofia. Arizona asks how long this will be going on. Callie doesn't know. Nearby, Christina says an awkward goodnight to Owen, saying she's going to help out at Meredith's house.

Bailey calls Ben from the lounge and leaves him a message. She's sorry she keeps missing him and explains about Richard. She is emotional and hangs up.

Christina, Callie, and Derek are bustling around discussing dinner at Derek and Meredith's house when Arizona shows up wanting to see Sofia. Callie refuses, but Christina suggests giving her just five minutes. Arizona tells Sofia how much she loves and misses her.

The next day, Catherine argues with Bailey in Richard's hospital room. Bailey wants her to say she was right. Catherine wants another opinion. Christina listens as Meredith tells Catherine straight out that Richard picked her to be his girlfriend - not his healthcare proxy - she has not say in his case. Richard, unconscious but listening, thinks he was right about one thing...

Candi's Comments:

A very solid beginning to the season! There were times when it didn't feel as exciting as it might have - I'm not sure why. Catherine Avery was ferocious - she certainly caught the attention. The Christina/Owen and Callie/Arizona stuff pulls you in two directions. Still loving Alex and Jo, and hoping April and Jackson will come to their senses!

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