Grey's Anatomy Recap Act I: Seal Our Fate.

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

Webber is discovered in the boiler room, Meredith tries to help from her hospital bed, and Christina and Bailey have a significant disagreement.

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At the hospital, the power is still out as the storm continues. Owen tells Derek and Meredith they need to get the board together, and congratulates them on the baby. April suggests to Jackson that she may not get married as Stephanie appears and kisses him. Callie stares at Arizona, and Richard lays on the wet boiler room floor as sparks fly from the electrical panel. Everyone gathers in Meredith's hospital room. Owen warns that they are low on meds and they need to close the ER. Callie announces that Arizona slept with Boswell last night. Once alone, Christina dishes with Meredith about ending things with Owen, and they gossip about Arizona and Callie. Christina gets paged.

While the others unload traumas from the mudslide in the ambulance bay, Jo pulls Alex into the on-call room for sex, but they get paged. They join the others in the ER. Owen is called to the phone to talk to the mayor. Bailey orders Shane to go find Webber. Christina says he went to check on the generator. Heather tells Shane she'll look for Webber. Jackson works on a paramedic whose fiance, another paramedic, went missing in the mudslide. Callie and Arizona bicker over a patient when Jo and Stephanie pass Meredith's room. She shouts, "I thought the ER was closed?"

Heather enters the boiler room, sees Webber, but is electrocuted and falls to the floor unconscious. Shane soon arrives and rushes to their rescue.


In the ER, Bailey realizes that Webber is still missing when she talks to Stephanie. Soon, Shane comes in and Heather and Webber are each wheeled in on stretchers. Everyone is in shock about their grave condition. Derek hollers orders. Alex calls for everyone to focus on the trauma patients.

In a pelvic surgery, Arizona tells Callie she has to operate with her because Bailey is working on Richard. Callie is furious but they head into surgery.

Bailey works on Richard with Christina and Alex's help. She sends Alex to re-do a test. Christina has to do a procedure to steady Richard's heartbeat but there's a huge risk of rupture. Bailey talks her through it and when she's successful, insists on hugging her.

Alex passes by Jackson in trauma and updates him on Webber on his way to see Meredith for help getting more blood in. She makes him hold the baby so he'll calm down and then tell her everything that is happening. He returns to Christina and Bailey in Webber's room with the new test results. Bailey realizes there's a problem in his abdomen and wants to go in. Christina disagrees. She tells Bailey that she works for her.

Shane and Derek look at grim x-rays and then scrub in to operate on Heather. Derek tells Shane to do exactly as he says with no questions. Stephanie, Jo, and Murphy observe from above. Later, Derek has to take more of her temple. Shane feels like this is his fault. Derek wants him to remain focused.

In another OR, Owen works on Lenny a veteran firefighter. Owen asks April if she accepted Matthew's proposal - he helped with it. She stammers that she did. Owen calls time of death on Lenny and the other firefighters are informed. Alex asks the assembled first responders to donate blood. Murphy appears with bad news about Heather - they've had to open a bigger chunk of her skull. Jo drags Alex into a closet again. Arizona walks in on them. Jo takes off and Arizona vents to Alex about cheating. He advises her to stick to apologizing to Callie for being such a slut.

Owen stops in the room to check on Webber and is assailed by Christina and Bailey and their disagreement about whether to operate or not. Owen says they have to find his medical directive. They learn that he appointed Meredith as his power of attorney. She has to decide what to do. They go to her room where Meredith's head goes back and forth between Bailey and Christina as they urgently make their cases and argue. Meredith decides they'll run the test again. If it's above 6, they'll do the surgery and if it's not, they won't do the surgery. Meredith visits with Callie who tells her a story about Richard once catching her dancing in her underwear. She's emotional. Mer asks if she's okay. Callie says no, she doesn't dance in her underwear anymore. Just then, Owen, Christina, and Bailey return with Richard's test results - it's a 9. Mer says, "Go!" Meanwhile, Owen and Christina have a moment by the elevator. Richard is taken into surgery and Christina rejoins Meredith, who asks her to tell her she did the right thing. She does.

The firefighters and some of the doctors assemble outside as Lenny's wife pulls up to the hospital. April takes her to see him.

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