Grey's Anatomy Recap: Perfect Storm.

Friday, May 17th, 2013

Arizona cheats, Meredith's in crisis, and April flips out.

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In the elevator at the hospital, Owen tells Ethan he’s going to a safer hospital with his dad. As they leave, Christina confronts Owen about wanting kids. Owen says he loves her and wants his life to be with her. She thinks he’ll resent her one day. Christina gets a text and rushes to where Meredith’s in labor with Derek by her side.

Ben and Shane are in the OR where Bailey is supposed to finally do a surgery. She decides she can’t do it. She rushes to find another surgeon. Richard jumps in. Callie asks if anyone’s seen Arizona.

In the on-call room, Arizona dresses hastily after sex with Boswell. She rejoins her staff, including Alex, Jo, and Stephanie and briefs them on how to care for the babies during the storm. Boswell appears, ready to help.

In her room, Meredith learns she needs a C-section. The power goes out. Derek says the generators will kick in any second. They don’t. Christina asks about rotating the baby. The doctor says it’s not an option. Meredith and Derek agree to have the C-section in the dark. Soon, the baby is out, but Meredith panics because he doesn’t cry. Derek holds him and he finally cries, but his stats are low, they have to take him to peds. Meredith tells Derek to go with him and not to leave his side. Shane tries to finish with Meredith, but she starts bleeding out. Meredith barks orders at the nervous intern – he has to open her back up and stop the bleed right now! Shane finds the bleed in the spleen. Meredith tells him how to repair it and tries to say a name for her baby, but goes under.

In his surgery, Richard confers with Owen and the technical guy about why the generators haven’t come on. Christina is brought in and refuses to open the man’s chest in the dark. Richard appeals to her not to stand around and let him die. She says she’ll scrub in. Richard tells her to listen to the heart to find the problem. She finds the leak.

In the NICU, Arizona realizes there are no back-up batteries for the ventilators. Arizona and Alex have a moment in the supply area. She says she’s a terrible person. He confesses to being in love with Jo and not being able to tell her. As Derek arrives with his baby, the incubators begin failing as the batteries run out. As parents begin to panic, Derek hollers at them to shut up. The parents have to manually ventilate their babies. Alex watches Jo show one mother how to do it.


Callie, Bailey, Matthew, Owen, and April are in the ER and stare in shock out the window as a bus rolls over and bursts into flame outside! They rush out. Bailey goes to get meds but her computer is dead and she can’t enter the code to open the cabinets. Outside, Owen and Jackson work to free a woman trapped in the bus. They get her out, but Jackson spots a child inside. April realizes Jackson is still at the bus and it’s about to explode. Matthew pulls April to the ground. It explodes. April runs into the smoke screaming Jackson’s name. He emerges with the child. As Callie checks Jackson out, April goes haywire. Callie barks at her to take a walk. Matthew watches, stunned.

Bailey is struggling with the emergency supply key when an intern enters asking her to help with Meredith. Bailey smashes into the meds cabinet and then goes to Meredith’s room. Bailey plunges in and does a splenectomy. Christina arrives. Derek follows. Christina tells him Meredith has to be okay – she’s their person. Meredith survives, but Bailey is a mess. Derek hugs her.

Richard goes down to the electric room to check on the technician. He’s unconscious. Richard tends to him. He apologizes as he’s taken on a stretcher.

In the NICU, Arizona tells Alex that Jo did great tonight because he had a great teacher. Boswell gets Arizona alone and tells her she likes her a lot. Callie appears. The lights come on. Callie spots Arizona’s ring hanging from Boswell’s scrub top. Alex joins Jo by the window and says he has something to tell her. She stops him. "I’ll mess it up." Alex insists. "I love you." They kiss passionately.

April returns to Jackson in the ER and tells him she wants him. He says, "You’re getting married." She replies, "Unless you give me a reason not to."

Christina finds Owen in the on-call room and describes her total contentment in surgery. She thinks he felt that way with Ethan. "Do you really believe I’ll be enough?" Owen stays silent. Christina leaves.

Callie and Arizona have it out in a room. Arizona screams at her that she wasn’t on the plane! "You didn’t lose anything. I did!" Callie says she apparently lost Arizona.

Meredith and Derek bond with the baby, and name him Bailey. Meanwhile, Ben congratulates Bailey on the surgery. She’s desperate to find Richard – he’s unconscious in the wet electric room with sparks all around.

Candi's Comments:

Amazing season finale with tons of tension and alarming developments! I never really thought Meredith would die, so that was a little anticlimactic, though still very dramatic. I most enjoyed April's fit over Jackson, and Alex finally telling Jo how he feels. Gah! Christina's conversation with Owen was refreshingly honest - a long time coming. I would like to see Owen become a father more than I want them to stay together. Most worried about Richard and Arizona and Callie - though I predict Richard will be okay and Calzona will work their way back together.

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- Candace Young

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