Grey's Anatomy Recap: Readiness Is All.

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

Meredith has a scare, Owen talks adoption, and Jason is beaten.

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At home, Alex ices Jo's eyes as she cries and tells him her boyfriend, Jason, hit her for lying about who she was. Alex assures her she's safe, grabs his keys, and runs out.

Outside the ER, Owen tells April they need to prepare - the weather report is calling for a huge storm. They go inside where he calls all staff together to brief them - all elective surgeries are to be cancelled. Alex pulls Derek from the crowd. Bailey volunteers to do charts.

In the corridor, Ben tells Richard that Bailey is convinced she'll kill anyone she touches.

Alex takes Derek to a hospital room where a patient that's been beaten is hooked up to machines. He asks Derek to help him - it's Jason Meyers. Derek asks who did this to him. Alex pleads with Derek to make sure he doesn't die.

Arizona and Dr. Boswell chat and laugh as they walk up the hallway together. Boswell asks Arizona for coffee. Arizona agrees to meet her in the cafeteria. Later, they scrub in for surgery together and bond over doctor talk. While operating, Boswell chats with Jackson and Arizona about the infamous 'Grey-Sloan Seven'. When Boswell steps out, Jackson says she makes him feel confident, like Sloan did. He wishes she could stick around. Arizona agrees.

Owen and Ethan stand by his dad's bedside. Owen talks to Ethan about foster care. Ethan shares his concerns. Ethan's grandmother enters. Owen steps out. Christina stops him to discuss taking Ethan's father off life support. Owen snaps that it's too soon.

Owen sees Meredith in the elevator and asks her about adoption. Owen spots April wheeling in a serious trauma - a man with rebar sticking out of him. Owen wants to take it, but she argues it's just the case she needs for her boards. He relents.

Later, they are about to use an electric grinder on the rebar when Ben and Owen burst in - there's oxygen in the room. The sparks from the grinder would blow up the room! They devise a plan to shut off the oxygen during sawing. Meredith is sent out because she's pregnant. They successfully grind the rebar and Owen sends a furious April out to do storm preparation.

Outside the room, Meredith complains to Derek. He tells her about Karev bringing in his friend, Jason. Meredith panics. "He's not his friend."

Derek operates on Jason's brain bleed in the OR. He complains to his intern that she's weird.

In the staff room, Meredith and Christina are lecturing Alex for beating up Jason. He insists he didn't do it. Jo appears. She says Alex just found Jason - she did it. Alex tells Jo to go home and keep quiet. He swears Mer and Christina to secrecy. Stephanie appears. They tell her she never saw Jo.

Meredith follows Jo to the stairwell and warns her not to let Alex take the fall for her. Jo reassures her. After, Mer starts back upstairs and tumbles down to the bottom.

At the nurses' station, Bailey has Shane working with her on the charts when Richard appears. He asks Bailey to help with the rebar patient. She refuses.


Christina finds Derek post-surgery. She has an x-ray that shows Ethan's father has a clot in his brain that they missed. Christina goes to Ethan's grandmother to ask if she wants them to operate. She wants Owen's opinion. Christina says it's her decision. Nancy agrees.

During the surgery, Derek gets word that Meredith fell. He leaves Brooks to finish. Christina, observing, goes ballistic.

Derek checks in on Meredith, who is fine and complaining that she should have been in the exploding OR and this wouldn't have happened.

April complains to Jackson that Owen is keeping her from surgeries. She gets sent out to take a trauma from the ambulance and the patient, and everyone around, starts dancing to music. It's a flash mob for April, set up by Matthew, who proposes in front of the whole crowd. April accepts and he spins her around. She's thrilled...except for a split second when she spots Jackson.

Later, the storm has begun as Alex and Meredith discuss Jo in the dark hallway. Brooks appears and says Jason is awake and is asking for the police. Alex goes to see Jason and tells him his friends own the hospital - and they don't like men who hit women. He warns that if he talks, all people are going to hear is that he hit a woman. It will follow him wherever he goes. Derek overhears. He's not impressed.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Derek tells Christina she didn't miss anything else with Ethan's father. She asks, "Then why isn't he awake?"

At the nurses' station, Richard gets tough with Bailey. He tells her she's not a file clerk so if she won't do surgery, she should get out.

Meredith sees Owen coming out of a room and tells him about adopting Zola - she looked at her, and she was her daughter. They discuss his feelings for Ethan - he's decided to adopt him. Christina appears. She shows him Ethan's father is awake and is fine. Owen snaps that he wants him transferred. Later, Meredith tells Christina that Owen wanted to adopt Ethan.

Matthew comes in from ER and Jackson congratulates him. He says he had Owen keep April out of surgeries all day so he could pull off the proposal. Nearby, Bailey signs her and Ross onto the surgery board.

The power goes out as Arizona goes into the staff room with Boswell. They kiss. Arizona pulls away. "I can't do this."

Alex arrives home and argues with Jo in the candlelit house because she could have gone to jail. She worries he thinks she's horrible. Alex admits he probably would have killed the guy himself. They are exchanging an intense look when a tree comes through the front window into the room.

Still at the hospital, Meredith tells Derek her water just broke.

Candi's Comments:

Wow! What a fabulous episode. Up and down like a rollercoaster ride! Loved the intensity surrounding Alex and Jo, and the flash mob proposal was amazing - I was looking for Jackson the whole time - anyone else? My heart was broken for Owen who just basically lost another child. The storm is creating the perfect atmosphere for a dramatic finale, especially with Mer going into labor! Arizona and Boswell - don't know what to make of that. Last, I was so relieved Bailey put her name on the surgery board! Can't wait for part II next week.

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- Candace Young

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