Grey's Anatomy Recap: Do You Believe In Magic?

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

Bailey shuts everyone out, Owen worries about Ethan, and a craniofacial specialist arrives.

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A magician rushes his wife, who is also his assistant, into the ER by ambulance. A trick at a trade show went wrong and she was cut across her pelvis with a chainsaw. Another female assistant is with them. Meredith pages Bailey as the interns holler that she's cut in half. Richard arrives for Bailey - he has no idea how the woman's still alive.

In Ethan's father's room, Owen tells Nancy, the grandmother, that she has to prepare Ethan for the possibility that his father may die. She can't do it. Owen takes Ethan outside to play ball. Ethan asks, "What if he doesn't wake up?" Nancy appears to take Ethan to the hotel for a few hours.

Christina teases Alex in the elevator about the music he's listening to, and says he has to get over Jo. He grumbles that he keeps running into her.

At the nurses' station, the new craniofacial surgeon flirts with Arizona.

In the corridor, Jackson apologizes to Stephanie for forgetting about dinner and sex - he'll make it up to her tonight. He then meets with the craniofacial specialist, Dr. Boswell, and Arizona, on the case of an infant with a facial deformity. Boswell continues to flirt with Arizona.

Callie tries to get Bailey to talk to her but she's locked in the lab and refuses to respond. Callie goes into the OR where they are frantically trying to save the cut in half woman to report on Bailey. They stabilize the woman.

In the ER, April is dealing with three drunk sorority girls - two are sick and one is laughing hysterically. April tries to get the girls to tell her everything the sickest girl ingested, but they're distracted by Jackson's hotness. He consults as the sickest girl sits up and vomits blood violently. They take her into surgery to operate on her stomach. Jackson decides to scrub in. April apologizes for blaming him the other day for her life. They chat while they operate. After surgery, April asks Jackson to go to the bar. He says he has plans.


Meredith and Christina walk up the hall with Alex who is glum because he just saw Jo laughing at the magician's video. Meredith's pager goes off - the magician's wife is in crisis. They stabilize her again and the magician leaves her in the care of the other female assistant - it turns out she and the wife are in love.

Callie returns to Bailey's lab with Arizona, who also has no luck. Callie goes to find Richard. She wants him to talk to Bailey. Richard informs her he hurt Bailey deeply and is the last person she'd talk to.

Callie joins Arizona and Boswell in the x-ray room, and sits in as Boswell explains how she'll get rid of the infant's facial deformity.

Alex is operating on a little girl with Derek when Jo comes in. Alex mutters that it's already crowded. Derek asks Jo to scrub in and help close.

Later, Jo sees Alex in the computer room and they argue. He says her boyfriend is an idiot who can't handle her past. She tells him to stay out of her business. He hollers, "I'm out."

Bailey emerges from the women's washroom to find most of the staff waiting for her. She walks wordlessly back to the lab and locks the door.

Meredith tries to talk to Bailey through the lab door to no avail. It turns out she's obsessively swabbing and testing herself for infection.

Owen goes running up the corridor - Ethan's being brought in - he overdosed on the grandmother's sleeping pills. Nancy is crying as Owen hollers that they're now obligated to call social services. "Were you thinking?" Nancy sobs that she can't lose him too. Soon, Arizona tells Owen that Ethan should come around and they've called social services. Christina suddenly has an idea how to wake up Ethan's father, but after an hour it hasn't worked. Owen is dejected - social services will take Ethan away. He goes to see him. Ethan says he just wanted to go to sleep - he doesn't have parents anymore. Christina appears. She says they haven't given up on his dad and he shouldn't either. Later, Nancy tells Owen that social services didn't take Ethan due to the circumstances, but she thinks they should - she can't look after him.

Jackson and Alex arrive at the bar. Jackson sees Stephanie. She goes off on him for not calling for 11 days - she wants to know why. He says he's head of the hospital now and kisses her.

Arizona shares the elevator with Boswell, who compliments her eyes. Arizona says she's married to Dr. Torres and has only one leg. Boswell smiles. "I know."

Ben arrives at Grey-Sloan and thanks Richard for calling. He says, "She needs you." Meredith smiles. Bailey lets Ben into the lab. He pulls her close. "This wasn't your fault." She cries that they all died because of her. He's stunned at all the tests she's done. "I feel so dirty." She sobs. He holds her.

In Christina's bed, she tells Owen he's changed. "You want a kid, don't you?" He says he wants her.

Meredith and Derek play tea party with Zola at home. They talk about how she will handle her sibling.

Alex arrives home to find Jo sitting outside. He rolls his eyes, not wanting to fight anymore. She turns her face out of the shadow - she's been beaten up. Jo asks, "Can I stay here please?"

Spoilers for Next Week on Grey's Anatomy:

The hospital staff prepares for a 'superstorm'.

Alex goes looking for Jo's boyfriend.

Candi's Comments:

Awesome episode - nearly cried a couple of times! April and Jackson reconnected - I have a feeling Stephanie and Matthew are going to get hurt eventually. Ben coming to be there for Bailey was so moving! Love the new Dr. Boswell - Hilarie Burton is such a good actress! It's amazing that after everything, Jo turned to Alex in her time of need. Last thing - Owen needs to adopt Ethan whether Christina can handle it or not. I just love O's nurturing side.

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- Candace Young

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