Grey's Anatomy Recap: Sleeping Monster.

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

Bailey is investigated, Alex is stunned by Jo's news, and Meredith wants a favor from Christina.

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The people from the Center for Disease Control arrive at the hospital and swab everything. Bailey is upset as they won't let her check on her patients. Richard tells Bailey to cooperate - they've got to find out how the infection spread.

In the boardroom, the doctors complain to Jackson that he's throwing Bailey under the bus. Jackson says they have to avoid discussing the situation with Bailey. They all agree not to issue a press statement.

Jo and Alex walk up the hall. She blurts that she's moving in with her boyfriend, Jason. Alex is momentarily stunned and then tells her she's an idiot. He makes his way to where Christina and Meredith are discussing whether Christina should come into the delivery room with her. Alex tells Mer she'll poop on the table. He and Christina go into consult on a pregnant woman who needs a c-section and whose baby needs an immediate operation. Alex and Christina end up arguing with Jo's boyfriend about doing the operation in the cath lab. After, Christina teases Alex about Jo. "You love her." She says he should punch Jason and take back the girl!

Down the corridor, Owen watches as Ethan's grandmother arrives and hugs him. They visit Ethan's mother and then Ethan offers to take her to see his father. The grandmother breaks down, "My son is dying." Owen tries to calm her.

At the nurses' station, April tells Jackson that Matthew broke up with her and it's all his fault. Jackson smirks as she storms off. Multiple traumas come in - it's a group of people from a reunion who are all missing multiple fingers from doing a tug-of-war with a clothesline. April, Jackson, and Callie attend to them. One of the young women notices the people from the CDC. She finds out from an orderly that the CDC is investigating Miranda Bailey. Callie withholds the girls' phone and they put her under for surgery.

Bailey meets with the man from CDC. He tells her they checked the grafts - it wasn't the grafts. Bailey recounts in detail how she prepared for the surgeries, and what she did in the OR. When Bailey can't remember if she closed one patient herself or not, they argue. She asks if he put the cap back on his toothpaste. Bailey says she needs a break and exits.

At the nurses' station, Derek questions Meredith taking the risk of treating Bailey's patients while pregnant. Mer says this is why she needs Christina in the delivery room with her.

Owen and Christina catch-up in the elevator. She tells him Meredith wants her in the delivery room watching her poop. He says she should do it.

Christina, Alex, and Jason go in to do the c-section on the pregnant woman and operate on the baby. Afterward, Jason tries to make nice with Alex, who says he and Jo are friends. He talks about how she turned it around from being a foster kid and he wants the best for her.

Bailey goes to the cafeteria, where Meredith is about to give her the computer to check on her patients when Jackson enters. He stops her. They are arguing when Ethan calls out, "Help my mom!" She has collapsed. Bailey rushes over, but is ordered to step away. Derek and Owen come to rush her into surgery. Owen hollers at Ethan to wait with his grandmother. By the time he rejoins Derek, it's too late - Ethan's mother has died.

Owen takes Ethan to a quiet room to tell him about his mother. He says it was sudden and there's nothing anyone could have done. Ethan rejoins his grandmother who is sobbing.

Bailey is around the corner from her former patient's room as Richard argues with his family who wants to transfer him. Richard explains if they don't operate now he'll die. They agree after Richard says their son got the infection through doctor error and the OR is clean. After, Richard tells the intern that wasn't true and if she repeats it he'll have her fired.

Bailey returns to the boardroom and starts talking again. She's anxious to know her results - if she has the staph virus. The man looks at her. She realizes she has the staph virus. "Did I do this? I did..."

In the hallway, Christina tells Meredith she'll be there when fetus arrives. She complains that she'll see her poop though, and can never unsee it. Christina spots Owen, who says he's staying tonight to be with Ethan. She reminds him he's not his family. Owen says he's staying.


Jo finds Alex in the NICU and reads him the riot act for telling her boyfriend she was a foster kid. She orders him not to talk about her, or to her ever!

The doctors vote to let Bailey into the boardroom to hear the results of the investigation. She is surprised to hear the man say that the blame lies with defective gloves. Bailey has to be cleared of infection before she returns to patient care.

Callie goes to the young woman who wanted the scoop on the CDC. She gives her a press release and tells her to scoop the Times.

By the nurses' station, Jackson tells April that he's sorry she's hurt and that Matthew broke up with her, but he'll never be sorry they slept together. After, Matthew appears. He apologizes says he acted like an idiot and wants a do-over. April says yes.

Richard finds Bailey outside and tells her it could have happened to any of them. She cries that she killed two patients. Richard tells her he lost the third patient as well. She sobs and angrily lashes out at Richard for shutting her out and caring only about the hospital. She tells him she stood by him when he was a drunk and expected the same. "You're not who I thought you were."

At home, Meredith tells Derek he will be in the delivery room too. She mentions pooping on the table. He asks, "You'll what?"

Alex finds Christina in her room and tells her she was right about Jo - he loves her. She pats the bed. He joins her and observes, "You're weird." He talks about screwing himself out of everything good. Christina says she thinks she's losing Owen - not today - soon.

Spoilers for Next Week on Grey's Anatomy:

Bailey shuts everyone out.

Owen worries Ethan could end up in foster care following an incident with his grandmother.

A new craniofacial specialist (Hilarie Burton, ex-Peyton, "One Tree Hill") comes to the hospital to work on a young patient.

Candi's Comments:

This was an intense episode - it contained all the emotion, drama, and humor (but no sex) I've come to expect from "GA." I felt so bad for Bailey, especially with the misunderstanding with Richard on top of everything else. I love Alex realizing he's in love - just as he alienates Jo. Gah! Jackson telling April he will never regret sleeping with her made me want them together again. As for Meredith pooping on the delivery table - it looks like Christina's going to have worse problems to deal with - like losing Owen, who is becoming irrevocably attached to Ethan. I'd love it if he adopted him.

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- Candace Young

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