Grey's Anatomy Recap: She's Killing Me.

Thursday, April 4th, 2013

Meredith wants to update the will, Syrian doctors present the staff with challenges, and an outbreak occurs.

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In Bailey's office, Meredith and Derek sit in front of her desk as she yammers about the genome test results - they have to do Zola's again. Meredith implores Bailey to tell her she has gene or she'll punch her in the face. Bailey admits she has tested positive for more than one of the marker for Alzheimer's.

In a hospital room, Owen tells Christina he kept Ethan, the child whose parents are critical, in peds last night, adding that his grandmother is coming today. Christina laments him not coming home last night - she put on the t-shirt he likes.

In the hallway, Bailey reads the riot act to an intern who slopped on her desk. Down the way, Owen tells some of the staff about Syrian doctors coming for a crash course in surgery. April learns from Stephanie that Matthew's mom is coming to pick him up. Bailey goes to see a patient with some sort of post-op infection. Soon, there's a second one. The intern that operated with Bailey that day, Murphy, confides to Stephanie that she was sick with the flu then. Meanwhile, Bailey assures the man with the infection it's exceptionally resilient but she'll take care of it.

Derek and Meredith bicker in the stairwell. She wants to update her will because of the Alzheimer's thing. He finally agrees.

Owen, Arizona, and April join the Syrian doctors in an OR to teach them. The doctors says their supply trucks cannot get through and if they want to replicate how they operate it's more like this...they remove most of the surgical instruments and turn out the lights.


Shane lets Derek know that Ethan's mother come around. Owen brings Ethan to see her in the room - this time she recognizes her son and hugs him. Everyone's relieved. Owen learns Ethan's grandmother's flight will be delayed a day. Arizona suggests Owen call social services. Ethan doesn't want to leave the hospital. Owen enlists Arizona and Alex's help to keep him in peds.

Derek goes to meet with Meredith about the will - they have to name guardians for Zola and the fetus. Meredith raises Christina's name. Derek says she doesn't want children.

Owen, Arizona, and April call a meeting of the other doctors. Callie and Alex are bickering with Jackson about funding when they arrive. Owen tells them about the predicament of the Syrian doctors - they have to figure out procedures using only what they brought in a box. They work some things out and meet with the Syrian doctors. Callie tells them the patient is under. He reminds her they don't have anesthesia.

April goes to find Matthew, who tells her his mother is coming because he wants them to meet. April rushes back to where Callie, Christina, and Jackson are working with the Syrians and frets about the Matthew stuff. The Syrian doctor wants to know if she'll tell the truth or include the mother in her lie. They share a moment. Later, April finds the other Syrian doctor in the supply room enjoying the quiet.

Meredith and Christina walk outside. Christina says she'll take Zola and fetus if she something happens to them, but then talk about German nannies. Ultimately, Christina agrees to be a cool aunt, but doesn't want to be their mom. She adds, "They have a mom."

Meredith returns to the hospital and fills Derek in. They debate about making one of his sisters a guardian.

In the ER, Richard sees another patient who Bailey previously operated on that has a terrible post-op infection. He finds Bailey in surgery with Meredith complaining about her intern sneezing during operations and causing a post-op infection. Richard tells her there's now a third one. Owen is brought in on this - he says they have to call infection control and have no idea how many people could be affected. "It's going to be a nightmare." Murphy is certain she'll be fired.

April goes to tell Matthew the truth about her virginity - saying she realized it was stupid to worry about it when people are dying in Syria and so on. Matthew replies that even in war, people still care about honesty. Later, April sees Matthew's mother in his room and shakes her head.

In the corridor, Shane is obsessing over Derek's surgeries. He's forced to tell Shane that Brooks has an instinct for neurology that he doesn't - he should find another specialty.

Derek meets Meredith outside and shows her the results of his genome testing - he could get prostate cancer and male-pattern baldness. They laugh.

Meredith comes back into the hospital and finds Christina watching Owen in Ethan's room reassuring the kid about his parents.

April gives the Syrian doctors a pile of equipment. They wonder if she should check with Hunt. She mutters that honesty's not all it's cracked up to be.

Bailey is called into the room of the man with the post-op infection. She can't save him. Everyone meets in the boardroom to discuss the outbreak. Bailey tells them the first patient died. Meredith appears. She says the only person who touched all three patients was Bailey. Jackson calls for legal. Owen forces Bailey to stay in the boardroom and sit down.

Candi's Comments:
Honestly, other than the reveal about Meredith testing positive for markers for Alzheimer's (which we already knew from the spoiler video) and the twist at the end regarding Bailey, this episode was kind of dull. April and the Syrian doctors provided a few touching moments, as did Owen and the boy, and there were a few funnies with Meredith and Christina discussing Zola and Fetus - otherwise, it didn't really rise to the usual level for "GA."

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- Candace Young

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