Grey's Anatomy Recap: Can't Fight This Feeling.

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

The ER deals with traumas from a wreck involving a gas tanker, Owen bonds with a boy whose parents are critically injured, and Meredith helps a frantic mother who's certain her son is gravely ill.

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At home, Callie tries to memorize a presentation but is distracted by a kiss from Arizona.

Owen and Christina wake up together and happy, but he's soon paged to the hospital because of an accident involving a gas tanker.

In the ER, Jo deals with a frantic mother whose son is ill and running a fever. She has a list of possible things it could be - she can't explain it, but she knows it's not just a virus. Meredith treats the boy and reassures the mother.

Owen, Bailey, Derek, and Richard make their way to the ER to help with incoming traumas. Owen tells them the gas tanker didn't blow, but gas leaked all over the accident victims. Two critically-injured parents are brought in, both asking about their young son, Ethan. Ethan arrives. Bailey warns a trauma patient not to have a cigarette - he's covered in gas. Ethan's father passes him on the way to surgery, saying, "Stay with Mom." Mom's in x-ray. Owen has someone call social services. Suddenly there's a distant explosion - Owen says the tanker must have blown. A man on fire is seen through the ER doors - the smoker.

More traumas are wheeled in, and burn patients. Owen reassures the young boy, Ethan, who saw the burning man. April treats a pregnant woman whose baby is in distress. Alex attends and says they need to get the baby out.


April spots Matthew in the ER - he did something heroic and wound up covered in burns and injuries. Jackson takes over and April says she'll be back.

In surgery, Christina works on Ethan's father. Owen comes in for a report. She tells him she'll know more in an hour.

In another OR, Derek, Brookes, and Shane look at x-rays of Ethan's mother's brain hemorrhage.

Alex delivers April's patient's baby in his OR and the woman begins losing blood and goes into crisis.

Owen returns to the waiting room and suggests to the social services woman that they set Ethan up with a room because he's upset about his parents. Ethan takes off and finds his mom, but after the brain surgery she doesn't recognize him. Owen takes Ethan to a private room to try and explain about his mom acting 'weird' due to her head trauma. He asks the boy to stay with the social worker while he works to help his parents.

April returns to check on Matthew only to find Jackson treating his behind region. Flustered, she takes off.

The woman with the sick son has returned ranting that his fever has gone back up – she wants another doctor. A psychiatrist comes to talk to her. Meredith returns as she's pleading for someone to believe her. Mer says she believes her and orders the boy to be admitted.

Meredith works with the mother with the sick son to rule out some diseases. Meredith tells the woman she'll do more tests. Later, she tells the mother she still can't diagnose anything. The mother insists her gut is telling her there is something seriously wrong. Mer returns to the nurses' station and goes over the boy's lab results with Jo - they discover a false positive.

April watches the pregnant woman's husband talk to her. When he goes to see the baby, Jackson approaches. April tells him the couple's story. Jackson says her paramedic will be fine. The woman codes and is rushed to the OR where she dies. April takes it hard. Jackson sits with her He holds her while she sobs. Alex appears with a baby update. They tell him the baby's mother didn't make it. Alex offers to have Jo's doctor boyfriend tell the husband, but when he finds him, he refuses. Alex calls him a 'D-bag'.

Arizona finds Callie in the burning man's room and asks for an ortho consult. Callie explains that she didn't get to go to the convention because of the busy ER. Arizona says she can spice up her speech for next year then. Callie picks up on the words, 'spice up' and they bicker.

Derek works on Ethan's mother's latest brain hematoma with Brookes instead of Shane.

Christina is relaxing with Owen in the on-call room when they are paged – Ethan's father is coding and they work to save him. After, they bicker over Christina's approach for keeping him alive. They make-up and Owen takes time to show Ethan that his parents are both still alive before going home.

Later, April comforts the new father who gained a baby, but lost his wife.

Meredith tells the young mother that her son has Kawasaki Disease, and she saved his life by not giving up.

In the boardroom, Callie learns that Arizona and Richard set up a video call for her to read her speech after all. She talks from the heart instead of reading her prepared speech.

April returns to visit Matthew in his room and tells him about her patient dying and leaving her husband with a new baby. She questions why God would bring them together only to pull them apart. Matthew says he knows she was scared today, but he's fine - and he loves her too. April's jaw drops.

Stephanie meets Jackson at the bar and thanks him for not being a douche. Alex orders nearby. Shane finds Brookes and bickers with her about competing to be on Derek's service - he's not going down without a fight.

Meredith brings Zola to Bailey and asks her to do genome mapping on her so she can fight for her - and to do it on her too - she wants to know if she'll get Alzheimer's.

Sneak peek:

A dangerous outbreak puts everyone at the hospital at risk.

Candi's Comments:
The cases were very moving tonight - and the most interesting thing about the episode, which wasn't fabulous. I did enjoy April's raw emotion and the outcome of Meredith helping the mother and then opting to do genome mapping. I'm ready for Alex to make some inroads with Jo, and for April and Jackson to face up to still having feelings - though Matthew is super-cute!

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