Grey's Anatomy Recap: Idle Hands.

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

The hospital gets new equipment, Shane learns from Derek, and Callie reconnects with Arizona.

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In the new ER, Christina and Owen kiss.

At home, Arizona shows off her new prosthetic leg, complete with high heel, to Callie, who tries to kiss her. Arizona pushes past - she wants to get to work.

At home, Meredith and Derek discuss the baby's development. Meredith wonders what if it's not fine - what if it has two heads. Derek tells her to just go to sleep.

Derek and Meredith arrive at the hospital in the morning and greet Christina. Richard is there enthusing about the new coffee sleeves and logo. Callie and Arizona enter and show off the sexy new leg. Jackson unveils the hospital's new sign.

At the nurses' station, Christina, Meredith, and Alex discuss a patient. Christina freaks out about an article by a Dr. Marcus Cho. Alex and Jo go to see their peds patient. Jo's doctor boyfriend enters and invites her to watch his surgery. Once alone, the boy tells Alex he doesn't like that doctor.

Owen and April show a group of interns their new cutting edge radiation diagnostic tool. They're called to a trauma. Nearby, Bailey chases Jackson down trying to talk about her genome proposal - he tells her he's a doctor today. The trauma patient - a girl with severe head trauma - is brought into the new radiation unit but there isn't time to use it - she's wheeled straight to surgery much to the interns' chagrin. Shane talks to the girl's father, who is irate that someone hit his daughter when they stopped to look at a view and took off their motorcycle helmets. Meanwhile, Owen and Jackson make the rounds of the ER looking for patients who might need a scan in the new unit.

Meredith and April chat about Mer's pregnancy and April's paramedic boyfriend. April says she may have to break up with him - he's never 'been to the carnival', and thinks she hasn't either, but she went with Jackson. April talks about how she's pushed him closer every night even though he wants to wait. Meredith says she 'goes to the carnival' every chance she gets and thinks maybe April should take Matthew there. April runs off. Nearby, Arizona flirts with Callie, suggesting sex later. Bailey arrives but they scare her off with sex talk. Bailey follows Meredith into surgery to pitch her genome proposal. Meredith tells her to be quiet - her patient has cancer, not gallstones. It's inoperable. Meredith lets some of the patient's young students visit her after. She tells them she'll be back soon. Mer goes along with it. Later, the whole class comes.

Shane checks in with Derek in surgery and confesses that he's nervous to approach the trauma patient's father. Derek tells him to channel him. Shane goes out to deliver the news that she could be paralyzed. The father freaks out angrily. Shane returns to the surgery. The brain swells and Derek shows him how to stay calm. After, they go back out to the father, who gets physical with Shane. Derek breaks it up. He tells the man his daughter's alive but they don't know what will happen next. The man collapses in tears.


Christina's in surgery with Dr. Cho and enthuses over getting in on his cutting-edge procedure. He lets her try it. Afterward, Christina asks when phase 3 will happen. Cho says he needs $12 million dollars from her to make it happen. She realizes he was pitching her. She goes to rant to Meredith, who's focused on the baby kicking. Mer gets Christina to talk to the baby - it's awkward. Bailey enters and takes over, talking about genome mapping. She leaves them her proposal. Christina decides to crush Marcus Cho.

April and Callie regard the as yet unused radiation unit. April talks cryptically about carnival rides. Jo's doctor boyfriend appears and asks if someone paged him - Alex and his young patient have been paging the guy to different places all over the hospital. Later, Owen, Jackson, and an intern decide to use the new unit for a sprained ankle. Nearby, Alex and his patient watch as Jo's doctor boyfriend hollers for a patient named, "Jenny Talia." Richard spots them and glares. After, they punk the doctor again - this time it's Richard and Alex laughing. Nearby, the new radiation unit finally does its first 'magical' scan.


Callie finds Arizona in a room in pain from the high heels and new leg. Callie guesses they won't be having sex tonight. She meets up with Bailey at the nurses' station and tells her Christina called a meeting - she's getting her funding. Meanwhile, Christina tells Cho he's getting less money, but she'll assist him on phase 3.

Callie meets Arizona in a room and pulls off her prosthetic leg to massage her stump. Arizona thanks her.

Derek and Meredith walk up the corridor. He asks if the baby's still kicking. She says no - it's probably dead. Derek sighs and tells her, "We own a hospital. Let's go find out everything we can." They have a sonogram and see the healthy baby boy.

Jo's doctor boyfriend stops Alex on his way out and tells him to keep laughing about punking him - he'll be nailing Jo in the washroom by the bar...

At home, Arizona and Callie finally make love.

Candi's Comments

This was definitely a 'feel good' episode for the most part. Love that Mer and Derek are having a boy! I so want Alex to win over Jo, but I'm also glad it's not easy for him. It was also great to see Bailey get her funding and Arizona and Callie reconnect. April and her 'going to the carnival' analogy was hilarious!

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- Candace Young

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