Grey's Anatomy Recap: Transplant Wasteland.

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

Owen quits, Catherine and Richard argue, and the hospital hosts several transplants at once.

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In the boardroom, Arizona and the others try to get their mind around Jackson Avery having more power than any of them - he can even veto their votes. Callie rants. Jackson arrives late and drops a bomb - the foundation wants to fire Owen. They begin to walk out. Jackson reminds them Harper-Avery gave them money. Christina says no one asked them to dictate policy. Jackson counters that no one asked them to sue the hospital into bankruptcy. Meredith snaps, "For the plane crash that killed Lexie?"

Catherine and Richard walk up the hospital corridor arguing about whether Jackson is ready for to be 'boy-king' and take on such responsibility. Catherine tells him there is only one room in which her boyfriend tells her what to do - this isn't it!

Owen is conferring with Alex on a transplant case when Christina finds him to warn him Avery's talking about replacing him. Owen finds Jackson and confronts him angrily. Derek tries to break it up. Owen accuses him of lying and they argue heatedly too. Derek warns him he does not want to get into who is responsible for all of this. Owen quits. Christina follows him outside where he says everyone blames him for what happened, including him.

Stephanie and April are with a young man with ALS being kept alive by a vent and his parents. The young man wants to donate his organs after cardiac death. April argues - there are other options they can try for him. He says if he donates his organs, his life means something. She keeps pushing. He fires her. April vents to Christina, who thinks it's awesome he's donating his organs. April gets on board and tells the patient about each person that will benefit from his organs before he goes into surgery.

Jo is talking to Jason in the elevator when Alex appears. Alex says he'll take the stairs and leaves. He goes in to tell his patient they found a kidney for her - no more dialysis.

Jackson meets with Catherine and the lawyers and takes her aside to say he hasn't read the paperwork - he can't read it, he's not a lawyer. She tells him to put on his game face.

In the staff room, Callie, Meredith, and Arizona complain to Derek about their transplants being unable to go ahead. He asks who is in charge of it. They holler, "Hunt!" Meanwhile, Bailey and April also have issues related to Owen being gone and complain to Jackson. Nearby, Christina referees between two old men who are neighbors and enemies - one learns they'll get the other's heart. Alex finds Meredith and asks her to go harvest his kidney in Mazula. Meredith invites Jo along.

On the plane to go harvest the kidney, Jo and Meredith discuss Alex acting so rude. They arrive in Mazula to find the surgeons closing up a patient. Meredith asks, "Where's our kidney?" An investigation reveals that their kidney hopped a flight to Seattle. Jo asks, "All by itself?"

Alex's kidney transplant patient has panicked about the surgery and is holed up in the bathroom texting her boyfriend. Alex takes the boyfriend's phone and texts an emoticon with an ice cube - to tell her to chill out. The girl emerges and Alex convinces her to have the surgery. Alex takes a call from Meredith about the kidney flying coach as an unaccompanied minor. Alex snaps at her to deal with it. He goes to confront Avery who is overwhelmed with complaints and issues. Bailey makes a crack about being the boss.

Christina returns to her two old men, who are still fighting and convinces the man to accept the other's heart. Christina finds Derek and appeals to him to reach out to Owen. "What is this about? Because it's not about him."

Richard has another go at Catherine in the hallway about Jackson. He says if her son fails at this it will follow him for his entire career. She walks away. Jackson's overheard.

There's pandemonium when Christina and Alex both try to get their patients into the same OR. Jackson appears and stuns everyone by taking command successfully.

During the kidney surgery, Alex is rude to Meredith and Jo. Meredith lectures him to drop the attitude - they bought the hospital for everyone's benefit. In the next room, April's ALS patient dies and she has to pull his mother off of him to harvest his organs


Derek arrives at the trailer and tells Owen no one blames him for hiring the plane and he shouldn't either - he never would have signed the paper if he knew what was going to happen. Derek admits he's been pissed at the Mark.

Alex finds Jo and Jason at the bar and blurts out an apology to her.

As they leave, Richard and Catherine exchange more tense words about Avery. She snaps at him about encroaching on parenting territory, but then apologizes - he cares about Jackson.

In the boardroom, the staff officially become the Board of Directors. Jackson throws the foundation's protocols in the trash and moves that they reinstate Owen Hunt and re-open the ER. From now on, the foundation will follow their lead. He also moves to rename the hospital - to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. All are in favor.

Candi's Comments
This episode was a wild ride at times but the end was powerful in that special "Greys" way that really hits emotionally. I began to cry when Jackson revealed the name of the new hospital - Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital - enough said.

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- Candace Young

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