Grey's Anatomy Recap: This Is Why We Fight.

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

The interns worry about their jobs, Derek and his team scramble to find an investor, and Jo admires Alex.

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At Christina's, she and Meredith discuss the plan to buy the hospital, but hush when Alex appears. He complains the hospital's about to go belly up because they all walked.

At the hospital, the interns are tense. Bailey announces she's going on interviews - this place is a sinking ship. Owen pleads with her that she's the hospital's heart and sets the tone. Bailey warns him if things don't work out she'll come looking for him with fists swingin'! Owen finds Cahill, who tells him Pegasus is back on board.

In the lobby, Catherine Avery arrives and tells Jackson it's time for him to come to Boston. Richard tells her to slow down and see how it shakes out. Jackson agrees. Later, Jackson tells Stephanie he fears his mother may be right.

Alex is grumpy with Jo in pediatrics. She thinks he's mad at her, but he insists it's stress because Arizona's gone. They see a young patient with a tumor. Everyone wears button saying 'Adios Phil' - Phil being the tumor.

Meredith, Derek, Christina, Callie, Arizona and their financial adviser visit a capital company hoping to find an investor. They make their case - to Julian Cress' young interns. Derek's irked. The financial adviser reassures them. They earn a meeting with the next tier.

In the x-ray room, Heather the intern takes a call from Meredith who has ideas about treating one of her former patients. Bailey catches Heather so she hangs up, but mentions the article Meredith talked about.

Derek and the others make their presentations about the hospital to Cress' team who focus on financials. They learn that Cress will give them 15 minutes that afternoon.

Cahill meets a lawyer outside Seattle Grace. Cahill admits she hasn't found a way to tell Owen Pegasus will be liquidating the hospital.

Derek and the others reconvene at Callie and Arizona's place. They know Pegasus' plans for Seattle Grace and plan to make the most of their 15 minutes with Julian Cress.

In the cafeteria, speculation is rife on the future of the hospital and why Derek and the others quit. Richard finds Bailey, who invites him to scrub in on her surgery - it might be their last chance. She admits she thought she'd be chief of surgery one day.

Julian Cress meets with Derek and his team. He seems totally distracted, but actually has done his homework. His complaint - there's not a manager among them. He says they'll talk if they get someone on their team with real administrative experience. Meredith agrees to get Richard before Cress leaves town.

At Seattle Grace, Richard is called out of surgery to meet Meredith. Bailey is pissed. Heather tells her the fix they're using came from Meredith. Bailey sniffs that she's the heart of this damn hospital!

During surgery, Shane reveals to Owen that Cahill said Pegasus will liquidate Seattle Grace. April realizes Owen didn't know. Later, she tells Shane this must be happening for a reason and cries.

At the nurses station, Stephanie whines about not sleeping with Jackson anymore if he goes to Boston. Later, Jackson tells her he won't go to Boston, and says maybe they'll end up somewhere close to each other.

Meredith tells Richard their plan in a hospital supply room and asks for his expertise (he agrees), while Christina tells Owen in another room. He decides to go to the board to try and buy them time. Christina thinks it's a risk. He asks her to trust him.


After the tumor surgery, Jo admires Alex as he interacts with the young patient. She steps away to cry and tells Alex there will never be another teacher like him. She doesn't want to never see him again.

Cahill is leading an inventory meeting with the board when Owen storms in. He says he has another buyer. Owen makes his case while Cahill argues against it. Owen wants one day.

Derek, the girls, and Richard arrive at Cress' building. He's leaving but agrees to hear Derek and Richard out on his helicopter. The girls drive to meet them at the airfield.

Christina meets Owen at the bar. He tells her the board agreed to wait one day. She says Cress passed - he wasn't feeling it.

At home, Callie and Arizona talk about future plans. Callie mentions selling Mark's place - they agree not to move yet.

Owen and Christina are confronted by an angry Alex at home. She tells him they were trying to buy the hospital. Alex pours scotch and tells them to talk to him.


In the dream house, Meredith and Derek cuddle Zola and work on letters of recommendation for the interns.

Richard tells Catherine, in bed, that he might come to Boston. She likes the idea. He's not ready to retire and muses he never thought Seattle Grace would be gone before him. She asks, "How much money did they need?"

The next day, Richard and Catherine tell Derek, Meredith, Callie, Arizona, Owen, Christina, and Jackson that the Harper-Avery Foundation will partner with them to buy Seattle Grace. Celebrating ensues. Catherine tells Jackson he'll be their representative on the board. "Give momma a kiss, Jackson; she just bought you a hospital."

Candi's Comments

I was pretty much on the edge of my seat with the clock winding down on the bid to buy the hospital, and loved the outcome! Alex and Jo - so cute - I wanted him to kiss her, but was then oddly happy to wait as well.

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- Candace Young

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