Grey's Anatomy Recap: Hard Bargain.

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

Alex and Jo save a baby, Derek hatches a plan, and April worries about Matthew.

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At Meredith and Derek's house, Callie tells them and Arizona about how horrible the Pegasus hospital was - she insists they have to buy Seattle Grace. Arizona wonders, "What if we don't want to." Derek talks about how hard it is to run the hospital and thinks they should stay the course. Heated arguing ensues among the four. Callie has some money to put in and wonders about using Mark's and Lexie's. Arizona argues that Mark's is Sofia's. They complain that Christina won't answer texts. Arizona accuses Callie of wanting to invest millions into maintaining a good vibe. Derek backs Callie. Arizona thinks he feels guilty and now wants to be a hero. Callie says they should go. Meredith agrees.

Owen is having sex with Christina at home when he gets a text from Cahill who is dealing with nurses threatening to walk. Owen tells Christina if anything interferes with the sale, the hospital closes. Owen is happy there with her. Christina kisses him.

At Seattle Grace, Arizona apologizes to Derek. Everyone begins to notice huge posters of Derek all over the place. Meredith says it's kind of gross. Shane appears, gushing about them. Derek goes to find Cahill and complains he only agreed to a brochure. Owen listens as she tells him three focus groups can't be wrong. After, Owen thanks Derek. Later, Derek is going to pose for photos and invites Shane along. He declines to go learn something real.

In the ambulance, Matthew stops kissing April and tells her he doesn't want to do this anymore - he wants to take her on a date. He wants to see her in clothes...not in scrubs, though she looks great in scrubs. April grins.

Jo and Alex work on a baby in pediatrics. They go tell the parents they need to do emergency surgery and get no response. It turns out the couple work together and got pregnant accidentally during a one-night stand - they despise each other. Alex and Jo discuss the situation during the surgery. Jo points out Alex has slept with co-workers - it's more trouble than it's worth. The baby goes into crisis. Alex consults with the parents who have to make a decision. They end up making it together. The baby begins to thrive and Alex asks Jo to go for a beer, but she has plans with another guy.

Bailey and Arizona team up on the case of a young boy in another room and get consent to go ahead with their genome mapping treatment plan. Bailey is excited, however Owen tells her the proposal was turned down by the board.

Out in the rain, Christina laughs uproariously when Meredith tells her about their plan to buy Seattle Grace. She thinks they need to have Owen's back. Christina goes inside for a heart surgery. The interns admit to her they're thinking about leaving the hospital. Christina thinks they're disloyal, but Stephanie points out she wanted to be an excellent intern too.

Jackson is in surgery when April enters. She says she can't talk to him about what's going on with her. Jackson makes her laugh and opens up about his mom driving him nuts. April tells him her concerns about telling the paramedic she's revirginized. Jackson urges her to tell Matthew exactly what she told him. Later, he catches up with her before she leaves and advises her if Matthew doesn't get it then she deserves better.


Owen deals with a mob of disgruntled staff in a meeting room. Bailey's in Owen's face about her treatment plan. He admits he didn't even bring it up to the board because they wouldn't approve it. Derek listens and gets on the phone with someone about a 'crazy idea'. Cahill takes Owen aside and tells him he's the only one who can convince these people what is difficult in the short run will benefit them in the long run. Owen returns to the staff and makes a speech about Pegasus being the best thing for all of them. He manages to sway them.

Derek has Callie meet him outside in a vehicle. She's startled by his financial adviser in the back. The adviser tells them they can't own the hospital in which they work, but can form a foundation to run it like a board. Christina and Meredith meet with the financial adviser afterward.

Christina grills Owen in an empty room about Pegasus. He admits he doesn't think it's what's best, but it's the only choice. Owen gets a call and it seems like good news.

Arizona and Bailey are forced to tell their patient that the genome mapping treatment wasn't approved. Bailey shocks Arizona by telling the boy's father to take him to another hospital. They argue about it as Bailey leaves later. Bailey admits she doesn't want to work there anymore.

Arizona calls Callie, Derek, and Meredith together out in the rain. She tells them Bailey is quitting; they have to buy the hospital now - she's in. Christina appears and warns that Pegasus wants to close the deal tonight. They wonder what they can do.

Owen and Cahill greet the Pegasus officials in the board room. Derek appears and tenders his resignation. Callie, Arizona, Meredith, and Christina follow suit. They retreat to another room, whispering about buying time and the next move. Richard enters and knows something's going on. They put him off. Christina's upset about Owen's reaction. Mer reassures her, but Christina's still concerned.

April and Matthew are making out at his place when he puts the brakes on to say he's saving himself for marriage. April gasps. She says she is too.

Owen and Cahill learn in the boardroom that Pegasus withdrew their offer. Owen tells Cahill she has to get Pegasus back for him.

Owen hammers on Christina's door looking for her.

Christina, Derek, Callie, Meredith, and Arizona are at the dream house with the financial adviser putting together plans to buy the hospital.

Spoilers for Next week...

Christina, Derek, Meredith, Callie, and Arizona struggle to keep their secret.

Candi's Comments

This was a really interesting episode. I like how they continued with the Alex/Jo vibe and he discovered he couldn't just have her because he'd realized he had feelings for her. Bam! Keeping April and Jackson in each other's orbit, while April seems to have found the perfect guy for her is intriguing. I bet she'll end up wanting to have sex with Matthew and see how it is on the 'other side'! Of course, throughout the episode, the bigger issue of Pegasus and the downslide of the hospital loomed. I'm so excited about the doctors potentially buying the hospital, and I am glad they're not making it seem like an easy thing to do. Good stuff!

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- Candace Young

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