Grey's Recap: Face Of Change.

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

Callie and Richard go snooping, Jackson leads the staff to take a huge chance, and Alex has a realization.

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At Seattle Grace, Cahill is subjecting Alex to a photo session. He doesn't want to be the 'mascot' of the hospital. She says it's an 'ambassador'. He leaves.

At home, Alex is with Jo - they see Jackson making out with Stephanie on the sofa and hear Owen and Christina having sex upstairs. They start making loud jungle noises. Jackson and Stephanie come to see what's going on. Jo and Alex laugh.

In the changeroom, Christina tells Alex to have sex with Jo. April appears and asks what happened to old-fashioned romance. They all stare at her as she rambles on. April leaves and joins the hot paramedic, Matthew, in his ambulance. He says she seems 'off'. April tells him the night shift was endless with no traumas. He gets a call and asks her to come along.

At the nurses station, the photographer is following Alex and Stephanie as they work. Alex gets fed up. He enters a room to find Jackson being photographed with a patient - for the same ambassador thing. Once the transgender patient's surgery is explained, Alex makes the photographers leave. Alex, Jackson, Stephanie, and Jo meet Meredith and Christina by the nurses station. Mer complains that the new tablet Cahill's making her use is deleting patient's names. Cahill goes by with her tour group.

In the boardroom, Callie, Derek, Richard, and Bailey are warned by Owen not to jeopardize the sale to Pegasus. He leaves and Bailey goes on about the great dental plan they'd have. Callie and Richard agree they will ruin the place. Arizona enters and tells Callie to cool her heels.

The transgender patient's father attacks Alex in the corridor and the photographer snaps pictures. Dad apologizes after - he just heard about the surgery in an email. Alex takes the father to talk it out with his son, who orders him out in frustration.

Callie and Richard go to a hospital owned by Pegasus and pose as a married couple. Richard pretends to have chest pains. When the doctor comes, they deliberately mess with him. After, they carry coffees and tells staff members they're with Pegasus. One of the doctors recognizes Callie. He asks if her position is open at Seattle Grace. Outside later, Richard tells Callie he won't fight this - he'll take his early retirement package.


Jackson is in the classroom teaching when he gets a call from April. She's with Matthew at a trauma involving a kid. He'll die if they take him to the nearest trauma center instead of Seattle Grace, which is much closer. Jackson goes to ask Owen, but Cahill overhears and nixes the idea. Owen backs her up. Jackson asks Jo and Stephanie, "Can I trust you?"

Jackson and Jo prepare a room in the closed ER. Meredith arrives to help. Christina and the other interns join them. The child is wheeled up to the doors, which they have to pry open. Alex has also arrived. They start working on the boy. Shane shouts, "Incoming!" but it's a near miss. Stephanie goes to keep the photographers busy. As they work, Jackson realizes April was on a 'date' with Matthew, but is distracted by the fact that they don't have access to drugs. Derek appears. "Now you do." Derek diverts Cahill and her tour group to give Jo time to warn the others she's coming. They try to move the boy, but he codes. They stabilize him and move by the time Cahill arrives. She spots fresh blood on the floor and leaves Derek with her group.


Cahill finds Jackson and Alex performing surgery and asks who they're operating on. Jackson says it's the transgender patient. Owen follows her as she goes to the next OR. Meredith says the boy is her patient and she'll get his name from her tablet - but the tablet deleted it!

Later, Cahill and Owen grill each of the interns one-by-one to see who will break. Alex busts in and says they kept a child alive. Jackson backs him up. Owen refuses to discipline them. Cahill brings Derek in and chastises him for helping them. She tells Derek to get on board or the next doors to close will be his.

The transgender patient's father shows up to see how the surgery went. The girlfriend, also transgender, says she sent him the email. "He just wants you to love him." The father gives her rent money, but won't stay. Jackson and Alex watch. Jo takes Alex for a surprise - she has stolen donuts in the supply room. He stares at her and realizes the ground beneath him has shifted.

April leaves the hospital. Matthew is waiting. She tells him the kid made it through with flying colors. He tells her how amazing she is - he really likes her. She's kissing him when Jackson emerges with Stephanie.

Owen and Christina make love in the on-call room. Christina's phone rings but she ignores it.

On the roof, Callie says she wanted to wait for Christina, but tells Derek, Meredith, and Arizona she's proposing that they buy the hospital themselves.

Candi's Comments

Wow! Another awesome episode. It was very intense when they brought the kid in to save him! I was really hoping that Alex would fall for Jo, and that the doctors would decide to save Seattle Grace themselves - so it was all good tonight. Plus, I think Jackson's jealous of April and Matthew. Hmm!

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- Candace Young

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