Grey's Anatomy Recap: Bad Blood.

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

Meredith worries about her pregnancy, Christina's intern wrestles with policy, and Derek and April hatch a plan.

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At Seattle Grace, Christina and Meredith contemplate the new security cameras. Dr. Cahill explains to the staff that the cameras are there, not to spy, but to help them. Arizona comes in late and bickers with Callie about day care. Dr. Cahill finishes explaining the new cost-cutting OR procedures. Everyone's bitter. Meredith assures them all that Derek has a plan to save the hospital. Bailey tells the others she's getting on board so she doesn't lose her job. A doctor is brought in to teach them streamlined surgeries. Richard argues. They compete on simulated hernia surgeries to see who's most efficient. Bailey finishes first, but the teacher points to Meredith's as ideal. Meredith suddenly rushes out and Bailey follows. Mer holds her tummy and says something's wrong - there's a flutter. Bailey tells her the baby's kicking. Bailey returns to class where Richard has done his own method and is arguing with the teacher again. The man slips and says the patients don't matter. Later, Bailey and Richard give him the cold shoulder in the elevator.

In the boardroom, Derek and April brainstorm cost-cutting measures to save the hospital. They've been at it all night. Derek gets paged and tells April she'll have to start the presentations without him. April finds Dr. Russell and tries to speak to him, but he cuts her off.

Callie, Arizona, and Alex look in at a thirteen year-old girl who Alex and Arizona say is mean. Callie scoffs - she just had a double hip replacement. Alex goes in and argues with the girl, who needs to get up. The girl tells him how she was a gymnast next in line for the Olympics - her life is over. Alex reconvenes with Arizona and Callie, who bicker. Callie goes in and tries ordering the girl to stand up. The girl shocks her with her dire outlook.

Owen argues with Dr. Cahill in the elevator about the ER. When a bloody trauma comes in she seems squeamish, but then leaps in to help. She ends up scrubbing in. Owen asks why she gave up operating. Derek enters to consult, followed by Jackson, who complains about the new approach in front of Dr. Cahill. He leaves. Cahill tells Owen it's fine - it's better when there's a bad guy. She maintains that without her they'll lose the hospital. Owen tells her she can close and then let the family know she saved the patient. Cahill is embraced by the happy family.

Christina's intern comes to her complaining that the doctor in the security camera is upsetting patients. Christina gets in an argument with 'Bob' in the camera. She and her intern then get an emergency case - a young man with cardiac trauma. They are about to give him blood when they discover he's a Jehovah's Witness - they can't. In surgery, Christina tries to minimize blood loss. The young man's friend tells the intern he doesn't think he's a Jehovah Witness like his family members. The intern tries to make a case to Christina to give him blood. Christina says they don't get to have an opinion, but they can talk to the family. Christina makes a sobering case to the family, but they elect to stick to prayer. Christina spots Meredith and complains about her intern, who is sour over not getting her way. Meredith shares that her baby kicked. The intern watches them, and when she has the chance, replaces the Jehovah Witness boy's saline with blood. The guy in the camera tells her to stop. Christina enters and kicks her off her service. Christina asks the camera guy if he'll get her fired. He says she didn't do anything. They agree the kid is 'circling the drain'. The young man codes and dies.

In the hallway, April tells Derek how she's struck out with their presentation with three doctors. Derek chastises her for talking statistics. One of the surgeons appears. Derek chats him up and he listens. Derek hits up Russell next. He wants Derek's parking space. Derek counters that he saved his sister.

The interns meet to vent on the roof. They talk about being the future of the hospital. Callie appears and laughs at them. "It's completely out of your control."

Arizona tries her luck with the teen gymnast. She shows her her prosthetic leg. The girl calls her a cripple. Arizona gets fed up and gets the girl out of bed while she lectures her on not being a monster. The girls takes steps with a walker.


Derek and April rush up to Cahill and Owen and tell them they can save the ER. She admits cuts won't save them - she's staging the hospital to get it ready to sell. The ER has to go.

Owen turns out the lights and sighs over the closed sign on the ER doors. Christina waits outside. They decide to go drinking.

At home, Derek places his hand on Meredith's tummy and feels the baby kick. They laugh.

Candi's Comments:

Loved the flutter! I also loved Arizona helping the girl. The closing of the ER was unsettling, as was the death of the Jehovah Witness boy. It's amazing that Christina has come so far from her own crusading days, and is now able to advise interns and be there to support Owen. I hope Derek and the others from the lawsuit save the hospital.

Let know your thoughts below.

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- Candace Young

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