Grey's Anatomy Recap: The End Is The Beginning Is The End.

Thursday, January 17th, 2013

The lawsuit is decided, Richard suffers guilt, and Meredith shares her news.

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At home, Derek wonders if Meredith's going to tell Christina about her pregnancy - her first trimester is over. Meredith mentions the lawsuit. Derek thinks it'll take months.

Owen stops by to see Christina and grabs Jo from behind thinking she's Christina. Owen and Christina laugh about it after. Jo complains to Alex.

At the hospital, Avery tells Richard his mother's been worried about him. Richard says to tell her he's fine. In the elevator, Derek tells Owen a quick lawsuit judgement will go against the hospital. Owen realizes Derek blames him. Avery joins Alex, who is telling Christina that Jo isn't his girlfriend, and says his mother thinks the Chief is depressed. Avery finds Jo telling the interns about Owen grabbing her. Stephanie and Avery whisper about keeping their hook-up a secret.

In a room, Callie tells Derek he'll play ping-pong for 8 hours as hand therapy. Shane appears - he'll be playing with him. Arizona interrupts the game to say the lawyers called.

At the nurses station, April fishes to find out from Christina if Jackson's seeing anyone. Meredith appears and asks about her and Owen. She's cagey.

Callie arrives at the courtroom. Derek, Arizona, Meredith, and Christina say the hospital was found negligent because the airline had a history of mechanical problems - they're each getting $50 million dollars. They prepare to return to the hospital. Callie suggests a celebration dinner later.

April assists Bailey taking care of an elderly couple who suffered injuries related to the wife trying to execute a 'Sexy Lexy' on her new stripper pole. The man is mortified. Bailey and Callie discover the elderly woman also bedazzled her vagina. During surgery, Bailey goes on about it and teases April. After, the woman talks about keeping her marriage fired up and cries that her husband was embarrassed for her. Bailey and Callie step aside. Bailey tells Callie she got an infection on her honeymoon after Ben wanted sex on the beach - she's not a fan of poles or beach sand. Callie laughs.

Back at the hospital, Jackson works with one of Sloan's former patients, a young man with a deformed face. Jackson has a different plan than Mark's but learns Arizona's against it.

Derek, Meredith, and Christina re-enter the hospital. Meredith complains that Callie's celebration dinner idea is weird. She walks off and Christina tells Derek she figured out that Meredith's pregnant. Meredith, meanwhile, deals with a teen girl with an overbearing mother. Meredith finds Richard in his room of horrors. She asks him to scrub in because she's worried he's withdrawing. After, Catherine arrives to take Richard to lunch - she's concerned. He tells her she's not his wife and he doesn't want her there. Richard joins Meredith in the teen girl's surgery - she has a giant hairball! After, Richard confides to Meredith he feels bad about all the times he chose work over Adele. She says he's suffered enough.

Derek returns to the ping-pong room. Avery asks his advice about the deformed young man. Derek advises him to stick to Sloan's plan. Avery tells Arizona. Down the hall, Owen apologizes to Jo before meeting Christina to make-out. She invites him to the survivor's dinner. Owen thinks Derek blames him so declines. They have sex.


Later, Callie, Jo, and Alex watch Shane and Derek playing ping-pong in the room. Callie goes in to check Derek's wrist - they're trash-talking. Christina arrives and tells Derek he has to forgive Owen. He says it's not that easy. She wants him to do it anyway. Later, the ping-pong match has become a huge draw. Alex loses $1000 bucks to Jo betting on Derek.

Avery returns to the deformed young man's room, and learns he he has a hot girlfriend - courtesy of Sloan's advice. In surgery, he tells Arizona he wants to help the young man look more normal. After, Jackson is pleased to tell the guy he'll be just another pretty face. Stephanie watches Avery and another intern realizes she slept with him. Avery finds April and tells her about Stephanie. April says she misses him - she just wants to kiss him. Fired-up, April goes and tells the elderly man his bedazzled wife is horny. Elsewhere, hairball girl stands up to her overbearing mother.

At the dinner, Callie works to keep up the conversation. Christina sexts with Owen. Callie jokes and notes they're all trying to move on. She cries over Mark and Lexie, but toasts to them all being there still. Meredith shares that she's pregnant. Happy chatter ensues.

Richard meets Catherine at a restaurant and shares about his guilt feelings. He lets her hold his hand.

Alex and Jo go home, where she's put in a new couch with the money she won. They drink beer.

At the hospital, Owen gets a call from Derek to join them at dinner. Owen says another time and rejoins a group in the boardroom - he learns the insurance company found a loophole. The hospital has to pay the survivors - it will go bankrupt and close its doors.

Spoiler for Next Week:

Meredith has to fly to Portland.

Candi's Comments:

I pretty much loved tonight's episode. Classic comedy with Bailey getting the woman with the bedazzled vagina. Hilarious! Some drama thrown in there with the resolution of the lawsuit and tension between Owen and Derek. April and Jackson needed to kiss - chemistry! I felt so bad for Richard, and the ending was a stunner. I bet they'll all give their settlements to keep the hospital open.

What did you think of tonight's episode? Let know below.

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- Candace Young

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