Grey's Anatomy Recap: Things We Said Today.

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

Bailey continues working on Adele, Arizona and Callie get a room, and Owen has divorce papers.

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At the hospital, Derek recovers from hand surgery, Owen and Christina have sex, and Bailey works on Adele. She finally tells an intern who prompts her, to call Ben.

At the church, Ben wonders if Bailey has stood him up. He gets a message and announces that Bailey's in emergency surgery. Meredith goes to see if she can relieve her, while Callie worries that made Bailey do a runner. Arizona tells Callie she got them a room. Jo and Stephanie sit at the bar. Stephanie admires Jackson's eyes as he sits with Shane, Alex, and April. They all get paged except Jo and Alex. Jo is astounded to hear that Alex was also in foster homes. They compare stories to see who had it worse. Later, Jo shows him her instant crying trick that will get her out of anything. They go and cry at the hotel desk and get a room key. When the room's true occupant arrives they throw stuff at him and laugh.

Owen and Christina are paged to where traumas are coming in - a group of bikers crashed. Owen is forced to get tough with a biker mama who acts hostile. A guy who is a biker hanger-on has suffered serious arm injuries. Jackson takes him upstairs leaving April with Shane. Their patient tells Shane that April's into him. Shane's convinced after she gets close showing him a stitch. Christina tells biker mama she has fluid on her heart. She refuses an operation until she sees Stewart, the hanger-on.

Meredith arrives at the hospital as Richard is yelling at the man from the nursing home. Meredith separates them and goes to find Bailey. Meredith assures Bailey the wedding wasn't called off. They take Adele into surgery. Richard watches in the gallery. He tells an intern that Adele's condition could have been caught sooner - he feels guilty. Richard makes a suggestion that works. After, Bailey tells Richard his help saved Adele. He and Meredith urge Bailey to go. Adele awakens and recognizes Richard.

Arizona and Callie arrive at their hotel room and nervousness ensues. Arizona asks Callie not to watch her remove the leg. Callie goes into the washroom and calls a groggy Derek to ask about his vitals. He tells her to call the nurse. She confides that she's about to have sex for the first time in 7 months. He says he's hanging up. Callie leaves the bathroom to find Arizona still in her dress - she's not ready. Callie orders champagne. Later, Arizona asks Callie not to run. Callie promises. They kiss.


Stephanie is in surgery with Jackson. She tells him his technique is kind of beautiful. Owen checks in. He and Stephanie leave. Jackson tells himself, "You have got to stop. You are not gross, you are not Karev." Owen realizes biker mama is missing - he thinks she's gone after hanger-on Stewart who caused the crash. They call security and then find the bikers by the elevator. Biker mama collapses. They take her to drain the fluid from her heart. Her sidekick explains that she wanted to make Stewart a full-fledged member of the club.

Meredith checks on Derek. She makes him promise to take care of her if she gets Alzheimer's. He promises.

Ben arrives at the hospital and Bailey rushes up to him explaining that it was Adele Webber. She admits she forgot about the wedding briefly. She worries her ambition will kill their marriage. Ben reminds her he won't be sitting at home with a roast in the oven. She does want to spend the rest of her life with him.

Bailey and Ben return to the church and get married. Everyone applauds and they kiss. Callie and Arizona slip in. Bailey calls Callie a terrible maid-of-honor. Everyone grins. April tells Shane they should get drunk and dance. He stiffly tells her he can't sleep with his mentor. April is stunned. They awkwardly set the record straight. Richard appears. He greets Bailey and she goes for her first dance. Meredith approaches him. He lets her know Adele is gone - the surgery was too much for her heart. Richard remembers dancing with Adele at their wedding.

Stewart the biker wannabe is wheeled into biker mama's hospital room and is welcomed into the club as 'Road Rash'. Owen and Christina go to the boardroom. He has divorce papers. He says they never should have got married - if they sign they'll be done hurting each other. They both sign and cry. After, they kiss.

Jackson and Stephanie are headed back to the wedding when they learn they've missed it. They agree they wouldn't sleep together and start making out immediately.

Candi's Comments:

Pretty great episode. Loved all of the emotion at the end - such a tearjerker! I'd hoped Christina and Owen wouldn't divorce, but there's obviously more to their story, so that's good. Love Alex and Jo - crazy pair! Bailey and Ben got married - yay! I was worried for a bit. The biker story was original. Laughed out loud at April's reaction to Shane telling her he felt sexually harassed. Good stuff! Stephanie being with Jackson (who can blame her) makes me want him with April more. Arizona and Callie's story was touching tonight.

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- Candace Young

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