Grey's Anatomy Recap: Run Baby Run.

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

Bailey has wedding jitters, Callie confronts Arizona, and Owen and Christina hash it out.

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At the hospital a stressed pre-wedding Bailey tells April she wants her to watch all of her patients herself. Callie appears, humming the Wedding March. Bailey asks for her and Arizona to be bridesmaids by saying, "Stand up front tomorrow."

Alex and Jo are preparing a boy for surgery. She asks if he's letting her scrub in because of what she told him. Alex scoffs that he's not sorry for her because she was a dumpster diving orphan. In another room, Owen tells Christina he wants to move ahead with the divorce quickly.

Jackson, Meredith, Derek, and Lizzie meets about the nerve tissue transplant surgery. Lizzie winds Derek up. Meredith exits and Bailey asks her to stand at the front tomorrow. Meredith heads to her ultrasound. When the baby comes on the screen, Mer turns away - she's afraid she'll miscarry.

Callie stops into Bailey's office to tell her she and Arizona got red dresses. Bailey rants about not wanting 'supercute' and having the jitters. Callie surprises her by saying she could always run. Bailey next sees April who is reluctant to attend the wedding. Bailey knows it's because of Jackson and tells her to suck it up! April finds Jackson and they decide to take dates to the wedding as protection. She hooks him up with Stephanie the intern. Jackson tells Alex that April's insisting they bring dates so they don't hook-up. Alex agrees to be set up with an intern too.


Meredith and Derek meet up about the nerve transplant surgery again. He refuses to hack up Lizzie's legs and demands another donor be found. Meredith goes to warn Lizzie. Lizzie calls her out on having nothing to do with Derek's family. Meredith say family isn't the same for her. Lizzie asks about Lexie. Meredith rushes off. Lizzie finds Derek and accuses him of trying to find excuses to back out due to fear.

In surgery, Jo has a problem and Alex tells her to move over. She begins to shake and can't assist. He orders her out.

At home, Arizona tells Callie she'd rather not go to the wedding. Callie reminds her she's a bridesmaid and tries to make her feel better.

Meredith asks Derek, in bed, if he's still mad. He ends up telling her that Owen is divorcing Christina because she's a complainant in the plane crash lawsuit.

The morning of the wedding, Richard and April are stunned to see Bailey checking on patients. Ben arrives and admits he suggested she do a surgery to calm down. He says he'll see her at the altar. In the OR, Christina agrees to operate with Owen. Christina spots Meredith who asks why she didn't tell her the divorce was because of the lawsuit. Christina says she didn't know. Richard gives Bailey a pep talk - she's having cold feet.

On the roof, Jo tells Stephanie about her meltdown in surgery. Stephanie asks her to be Jackson's buddy's date to the wedding. Jo goes inside and tells Arizona that Alex had her do a move she wasn't ready for in surgery. Arizona confronts Alex. He says he was trying to be like her. Arizona says if his students fail, he fails. Alex finds Jo and goes off on her.

Derek is prepped for surgery in the OR. Callie puts him under. In another OR, Jackson prepares Lizzie. Meredith rattles him. He orders her out of the gallery. Down the hall, Christina snaps at Owen in surgery. After, she confronts him about divorcing her over the lawsuit. They argue. Owen breaks down and hollers that he chose the cheaper airline. She tells him he's not responsible, but he's wracked with guilt.

Everyone dresses for the wedding at the hospital. April and Jackson eye each other up. Meredith visits recovering Derek to say everything went well. Meredith checks on Lizzie, who apologizes for being pushy. Meredith shares their ultrasound photo. Jackson goes to get Stephanie and she looks good. Alex is dismayed to see Jo is his date. Christina finds Owen and tells him she wanted to try again. They kiss passionately.

At home, Arizona complains about her leg and wants to miss the wedding. Callie snaps. She rants that she's over 'the leg', and says everyone will be looking at Bailey! Arizona puts on her shoe.


Bailey is being herded toward a car by her relatives when Richard arrives in a limo. On the way, Richard gets a call that Adele's in the ER. They turn the car around. When they arrive, Bailey is forced to step in and handle Adele's crisis.

At the wedding, everyone wonders if things shouldn't be underway. Callie whispers to Arizona that Bailey was nervous. Ben appears. "How nervous?"

Candi's Comments

Ah! I'm so upset for Ben! Why wouldn't Richard and Bailey have called someone at the wedding on their way to the hospital. Grr! Anyway, great episode. Love the conflict with Alex and Jo - so obvious they're going to be a couple (and I can't wait)! Lizzie is intense; I hope they keep her around permanently. Jackson and April need to just quit playing games and get it together. I'm always surprised by how hot they are! Amazing Arizona and Callie scenes tonight too. Christina and Owen - love it! Raves all the way around.

What did you think of tonight's winter finale? Let me know by posting comments below.

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- Candace Young

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