Grey's Anatomy Recap: Love Turns You Upside Down.

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

Alex learns the truth about Jo, Christina's interns nearly kill a patient and Derek's sister arrives.

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At Seattle Grace, Christina and Meredith watch the 'pathetic' interns and can't believe they used to be one of them. Christina takes her interns to see two babies who have heart issues. Intern Jo joins Alex in pediatrics. He wants her to dig crayons out of a kid's behind. April tells her intern it's removing lumps and bumps day - a hillbilly with a pocketknife could do it. Meredith catches her intern daydreaming as two men run in saying they may have killed bigfoot. Everyone heads outside to the back of their pick-up where a fur-covered man screams.

Alex's intern, Jo, is in a delivery room where a blood-covered preemie is handed to her. She panics. The nurses remind her she's the surgeon. She snaps into action and has Karev paged. He comes and they take the baby to surgery. Down the hall, bigfoot is revealed to be a man in a suit designed for hunting. While working, Meredith orders her intern to track down Derek's sisters and find one for his hand nerve transplant. Meanwhile, April reads Intern Ross the riot act when he gawps, "Whoa!" during a lump removal.

Meredith's intern reports to her in the OR that Derek's sister, Lizzie, is likely a go for the nerve transplant. Derek appears and complains. He tells the intern to undo what she did. Meredith says not to undo a thing.

The interns meet up outside after dealing with their various patients. Jo complains that Karev calls her princess. They all agree she's a priss. Meredith's intern gets paged inside, but is dismayed it's only to take calls from Derek's sisters. While answering Mer's phone, there's a call about an ultrasound. Callie raises her eyebrows. Meanwhile, Christina's intern takes a call that a heart is available for a baby. She has to tell two single parents who have been supporting one another that one baby will get the heart and not the other. Christina lets her scrub in on the transplant. Intern Jo rejoins Alex, and they discover the teen mother of the baby they saved isn't interested in seeing him. Jo is upset. She and Alex get into it when he calls her princess again. Later, she proves she's no princess when the teen and her mother walk out on the baby and she throws the mother up against the wall in fury. Alex tells her to let them go.

At the nurses' station, Meredith swears her intern to secrecy about her pregnancy. The intern joins the others to vent and drink coffee. A man hollers - he's holding his wife, a patient, upside-down by her ankles - when he puts her down she passes out. Christina is paged and they put her inclined on a bed.

Callie and Jackson hold an intern meeting. They're holding a contest to see who gets to scrub in on Derek's hand surgery. Ross treats Derek like a patient, so he wins. Intern Ross finds April and credits her for showing him how to be a good doctor. Christina's two interns rush to the inclined heart patient, competing to prep her. As a result the oxygen gets hooked into her IV and they nearly kill her. Christina kicks them off her service. Owen appears and bans them from OR until further notice.

Karev finds Jo outside, where she tells him she was abandoned by her mother at two weeks old and grew up in the foster system. She worked her ass off to go to good schools. Karev, who had assumed she was a rich princess is subdued.


In the corridor, Derek and Meredith exasperate the intern who's been talking to his sisters. The intern snaps and goes off on them. Derek's sister, Lizzie, appears. She hopes Meredith has baby pictures - she didn't take the red-eye just so her brother could hack her nerves out.

The interns dress and are heading out of the hospital, tired. They marvel at the traumas coming in as they go.

Candi's Comments:

It was finally time to get to know the interns better! Loved this. The patient storylines were understated tonight, but still moving. The most compelling story was Alex finding out the truth about Jo. Could a romance develop next? Derek's sister, Lizzie seems like an outspoken dynamo - can't wait to see more of her!

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- Candace Young

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