Grey's Anatomy Recap: I Was Made For Lovin' You.

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Arizona returns to work, April thinks she's pregnant, and Meredith surprises Derek.

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At a hospital meeting, Owen tells the doctors it's Arizona's first day back today. Cassie warns them not to make a big deal of it. Owen mentions that a group of doctors is suing the hospital, but it won't affect the care they give the patients - they'll let the lawyers take care of it. Once alone, Christina asks Owen what he wants to do about the firehouse. He shrugs that it's her house - she can do what she wants with it.

Down in peds, Callie is giving Alex a rundown on how to act around Arizona, who appears. As Arizona and Alex go down the hall, a nervous intern follows them with a wheelchair. At the nurses' station Bailey tells Ben she's wearing red panties on the phone. She hangs up and Richard and April are grinning at her. She stammers that Ben wants a Christmas wedding.

In the corridor, Christina is complaining to Meredith about Owen's attitude when April asks if they've seen Jackson. They tease her about her urgency. Meanwhile, Callie gives Derek a presentation on options for restoring the use of his hand. He tells her to keep working on it.

A liver transplant patient and his boyfriend arrive by ambulance for Bailey. Meanwhile, Meredith and her intern deal with a male patient who keeps grabbing their asses. April spots Jackson and drags him into a room. "I'm late." Jackson realizes what she means and stammers, "Oh." He reassures her that she's not pregnant as she rants about Jesus not being okay with pre-marital sex. They decide to do a blood test. In the hall, Callie recruits Jackson to help with the plan for Derek's hand. He's unable to get out of it.

Richard gives Owen a little advice in the corridor before he meets with the lawyers. They brief Owen, making a point that his wife Christina is a complainant. When Owen emerges, Christina confronts him about why he brought her there. He tells her she's good for the hospital, but they don't work - nothing's changed. Owen returns to the meeting and as the lawyers pepper him with questions, it comes out that he approved the change to the charter company without checking their safety record - there had been other incidents. A board member, Roberta, tells Owen they don't want him to resign - he has their full support. Owen confers with Richard later about why the board would back him. Richard reminds him he's married to someone on the other side. Owen finds the board member and confronts them about hoping the lawsuit will be thrown out because he's married to Christina.

Derek and Meredith take time alone in a room. They kiss and he tells her there are only half-fixes for his hand. She reassures him. After, Meredith discovers that the ass-grabbing patient actually may have a medical condition that's causing him to impulsively grasp things.

Bailey reassures her liver transplant patient and his boyfriend about his surgery. Controversy ensues when Christina considers letting her intern do the procedure. Bailey sets her straight. Down the way, Arizona tells Alex to go see a patient without her. She then confronts the intern with the wheelchair, who takes off. April assists Alex with the teen patient, who was dragged by a horse. April is upset by Alex trying to wait for Arizona.

April waits for Jackson in the supply closet, but Meredith enters first. She breaks down and says she thinks she might be pregnant. Meredith reassures her. Jackson arrives. They draw a vile of her blood to test. Alex comes for April. Jackson rejoins Callie on the Derek case, but takes off on her again.

In surgery, Christina and Bailey bicker about weddings. Soon there's a crisis - the liver patient is rejecting the transplant. In the other OR, April is frustrated, and the intern wheels a chair up behind Arizona, who snaps at her. After the surgery, Arizona falls to the ground. Alex orders everyone out, and is stunned to see Arizona's laughing. Meanwhile, Meredith's intern reports that the 'dirty old man' has a tumor, but it's too established to operate. Meredith takes it to Derek, who says it's not inoperable. She urges him to get his hand fixed. He meets up with Callie and tells her they'll figure out what to do with his hand together - tomorrow.

In the supply closet, Jackson tells April he's all in - they'll be amazing parents. "Something that feels this good cannot be bad." They talk about getting married and buying a house with a yard and then kiss. Later they find out she's not pregnant. April is super relieved and happy. Jackson is subdued and seems upset by her reaction. He thinks maybe this was a sign they should stop - it's for the best.


Christina and Bailey tell the liver patient and his boyfriend he only has a week. The intern cries. The man tells him he had a good life and found people to love. Christina seems moved by his words. Later, Bailey calls Christina out for caring - she changed up in the frozen tundra. Christina meets Meredith outside and talks to her about Owen. She wants him back. Meredith agrees she's changed, and says it's good. Bailey catches up with Richard and wryly tells him he'll be getting an invitation - it will probably have elves on it.

Alex arrives at the bar and joins Jackson. He asks if April's knocked up. Jackson says no, and tells Alex not to call her weird. Alex says she is. Jackson grins. "I know. You're just not allowed to say it."

Callie arrives home and smiles to hear Arizona inside laughing with Sophia. Arizona tells her she fell today, but got up.

Derek arrives home to find Meredith's bought a 'Big Sister' t-shirt for Zola - she's pregnant!

Owen meets Christina and she wants to talk. He says they should get a divorce.

Candi's Comments

I thought the show was great tonight. Plenty going on with all of the characters, and some of Bailey's special brand of humor. Tons of feel good moments too! I feel badly about Christina and Owen, however, and was intrigued by Jackson's reaction to, well, April's reaction about their negative pregnancy test.

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- Candace Young

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