Grey's Anatomy Recap: Second Opinion.

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

A homeless man is treated, Christina returns to work, and Bailey lures Arizona back.

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At the hospital, Meredith and Alex bicker over repairs he wants done on the house. An intern who previously argued with Alex joins the other interns and they bash him. A few of the females admit they had sex with him. They go deal with some traumas. One homeless man describes how he keeps having bouts of vomiting. The intern treating him confers with Owen, who tells her he's looking for drugs, and to send him on his way. The intern feels terrible.

April and Jackson finish having sex in the on-call room and April marvels about her inability to stop - likening it to a car crash. Jackson exits. He runs into Richard and tells him to get his 'Averys' straight - he got an email from him intended for his mother last night. Awkwardness ensues.

In the boardroom, Owen makes Christina a salary offer and she accepts it. He tells her there's a plane crash meeting later, but he won't be her proxy anymore. Christina meets up with Meredith at the nurses' station and they compare notes on being mean to interns and discuss Owen. Karev and Jackson appear. Jackson ducks away when April appears. Down the hall, two interns dish about Karev. Christina goes to meet Jeff Russelle of Cardiology, who tells her to go run his service and not kill his patients. She's pleased. When she meets her interns she names them after dwarves. The interns think she's worse than Meredith, aka, Medusa.

At home, Arizona takes a call from Bailey who wants advice about a peds patient. Arizona tries to put her off, but agrees to look at the chart if she sends it over. Later, after talking on the phone again to Bailey, who is purposely withholding the file, Arizona tries to walk. She falls and breaks a dish, but keeps walking. At the door, she can't bring herself to go out.

The plane crash meeting gets underway. The lawyers want statements about the effects of the crash on the doctors' lives and talk about going for a sizable amount of money. Christina walks out when she hears Jerry the pilot may be sued. The lawyer warns the others not to think of Jerry as one of them. The lawyers ask about Derek's hand, and Callie says the surgery was successful. The lawyer gets her to admit that he probably won't operate again, and Derek asks for a break. He and Callie adjourn to another room and argue about the settlement and the surgery - she didn't want to do it! Derek says he believed she could do it - it's on him.

Meredith and Alex diagnose a young man who's been using anabolic steroids and has cancer. His parents are shocked. Alex and Meredith operate on the young man and bicker about the repairs Alex wants done to Mer's old house before buying it. Meanwhile, Christina barks at her interns, but lets them scrub in when a patient goes into crisis. After her surgery, Meredith tells the young man's parents they got all the cancer.


April catches up with Jackson, who admits he feels bad about how she compares sex with him to a car crash. She says it's not him, and uses a more flattering analogy about how she can't resist him. She ruins it by expressing regret again and he leaves. Jackson finds Richard again and tells him his mother replied rather graphically to his email. He begs them to get their email addresses straight. Later, Richard calls Jackson out on making sure they get each other's emails instead of deleting them - he thinks Jackson's glad his mother's happy. Jackson finds April and tells her to stop acting like he doesn't have feelings - he does have feelings; for her. She apologizes - she thought it was just sex. He says, "So did I."

Owen deals with the intern who was treating the homeless man - she's kept him there, cleaned him up, and ordered a CT scan. Owen sighs and goes along with it. The homeless man tells the intern he's getting migraines as well. He vomits on her again. Alex spots her and grumps at her to clean herself up. She hollers back at him. He tells her to come with him now. They diagnose the man with Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome and give him what he needs to help him. Alex and Meredith then meet up in the staff room. She tells him why it's hard to change things in the house - and advises him not to change himself either. He says they've got a deal and they hug.

Christina is taken aback after her surgery when Owen yells at her for doing an operation without her superior's permission on her first day back. They go to the boardroom, where Christina tells Owen if he doesn't want her back, he should say so. Dr. Russelle comes in and compliments Christina on a surgery well done - he tells Owen he now knows why he pushed so hard for her.

Callie and Bailey are amazed to see Arizona making her way up to the nurses' station. Callie takes off and Arizona complains to Bailey that she never got the file. She launches into a diagnosis just like she used to do.


Derek and Callie meet with the lawyer again and Callie tells them all the things she could still try for his hand. Another group meeting convenes and they discuss the pilot again. The lawyer explains that they have to investigate him, but won't go after him. Instead, they'll go after Seattle Grace - the hospital that put them on the plane.

Christina goes back to the place she lived in with Owen, but then goes to Meredith's old house. Alex comes home. She startles him, but says Mer gave her a key and she wants to rent from him. Alex is amused by her asking him for help and tells her which room is hers.

Candi's Comments:

It was back to busy tonight! Lots happening to everyone. Learning that the lawyers will be going after Seattle Grace was a pretty sobering twist. Jackson having his issues with both Richard and April was cute. Alex and Mer bickering was entertaining as always, Arizona's return was great, and I especially liked the intern helping the homeless man. Can't wait to see Christina and Alex as roomies - too funny! Oh, and there's hope for Derek's hand - good stuff.

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- Candace Young

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