Grey's Anatomy Recap: Beautiful Doom.

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

Meredith fights to save a trapped girl, and Christina fights to save her older colleague's career.

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Meredith is toilet-training Zola at home. In Minnesota, Christina wakes up with her sex-friend supervisor. Meredith and Christina talk on the phone as Christina heads out for work and Meredith gets Zola's breakfast. After hanging up, Meredith hands Zola over to Derek and leaves for the hospital.

Christina's car is buried under snow outside her building, so the old guy picks her up. She's thrilled when he asks her to scrub in on an aneurysm. They arrive at the clinic and meet with the patient. After, she gets back on the phone with Meredith who is driving to work.

Meredith spots an accident while driving and lets Christina go. She finds a girl trapped beneath a car's front wheel and hollers at the bystanders to help her move the car. They get her out, and Meredith is relieved she's still alive.

Yang's sex-friend/supervisor offers her an interesting surgery at the clinic but she tells him she's busy and joins the old guy to consult about the aneurysm. The supervisor pulls Christina away and they argue. He follows them into the aneurysm surgery after, and says he's scrubbing in. They ignore him and save the woman's life. The old guy and the supervisor clash afterward. Christina listens as the supervisor tells the older doctor he'll have to sign off on everything he does from now on. She joins the old guy to check on the recovering patient and they discuss the supervisor's bullying ways.

Meredith arrives with the trauma girl at the hospital and rushes her into surgery. Callie scrubs in. During the surgery, Richard challenges Meredith about how much the girl's body can take in one surgery. A determined Meredith ignores him. Richard orders, "Hands off the patient now!" Later, Richard tells Meredith he's concerned her emotions might be clouding her judgment since the patient and circumstances are so similar to Lexie. Meredith denies it.

Meredith and Christina talk on the phone again as they're each leaving work. Meredith decides to stay and monitor her patient, so drops Zola over to Callie's house. She returns to the hospital and gets back on the phone with Christina, who has also returned to work to monitor her aneurysm patient. Neither of them can sleep, but they're too tired to do a thirty-second dance party.

In the morning, Christina and Meredith are each discovered sleeping by their colleagues and pray their patients are still alive.


Meredith checks on her patient and tells her interns they have to keep her alive. Callie appears with Zola, who has a fever and can't be accepted at daycare. Meredith passes Zo to an intern and returns to her patient. Bailey confronts her. Alex comes to take Zola. Meredith continues obsessing over the patient. She decides to operate on her again, Richard appears. She tells him not to say it's like Lexie. He wishes her good luck. On the way to surgery, Meredith Zola has gone through a chain of caregivers. In surgery, there is a bleed and the pressure drops. Meredith finally finds the bleed and clamps it. She makes the interns do a thirty-second dance party. After, she finds Zola with Owen, but is called into the recovery room because Melissa, the patient, is awake and wants to meet her. Bailey shares her babysitter list.

Christina and the old guy check their patient and debate doing another surgery. Christina's worried what the supervisor will say. The old guy calls her out for sleeping with him. Christina consults with the patient, who is up for another surgery. Christina confronts her supervisor and asks him to take the old guy off probation. He refuses. Christina finds the old guy and they discuss the situation. He tells her she loves him more than anyone has in a very long time - he'll go down fighting by doing the surgery against orders. They go inside and scrub in. They banter while they operate. The old guy builds Christina up, saying she'll be a great surgeon of her generation. Suddenly, he stops working and falls to the floor. Stunned, Christina struggles to deal with the aneurysm patient while others try to revive her colleague. The patient does well, but the old guy doesn't survive. She brushes off the supervisor's gesture of concern. Christina recalls the old man's words of wisdom as she leaves the clinic.

That night at home, Meredith opens her door to find Christina standing there. They embrace. Christina's giggly from whatever she took to endure the plane ride. Meredith says, "Lexie's dead." They embrace again.

Next Week on Grey's Anatomy:

There are more meetings about the plane crash.

Callie and Derek argue over his hand surgery.

Candi's Comments:

This episode ended up being very moving what with Christina losing the old guy and then finding the courage to fly back to Seattle, but it also played out in a very understated way, which bordered on dull in spots. That said, I love the Christina/Meredith friendship.

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- Candace Young

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