Grey's Anatomy Recap: I Saw Her Standing There.

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

Meredith avoids talking to Derek about her surgery, Christina switches loyalties, and Arizona begins to come around.

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Meredith and Derek have sex in bed at home, while in Minnesota, Christina has sex with her supervisor in his office.

At Seattle Grace, April and Jackson have just had sex in the on-call room. They vow it will never happen again.

Richard greets Owen and then Bailey in the corridor. Bailey teases him about wearing a tie. The reason soon presents itself - Dr. Catherine Avery appears. They go to check on a patient that he wanted her to consult on. The young man has basketball-size testicles. His girlfriend gripes that he's put off treatment to avoid their high school reunion. Catherine and Richard go to x-ray and discuss whether she should bring Jackson in on the surgery. Bailey appears. Richard suggests April scrub in. Bailey can't understand him wanting her for a giant scrotum. Catherine meets with April, who says Jackson didn't mention she was coming. Catherine says he didn't know, and advises April that she's too uptight. Meanwhile, Jackson stops Richard and asks why his name is on his surgery. Richard admits it's his mother, but they'd like him to consult. When Jackson meets April for sex later, they discuss his mother. April's surprised when he tells her his mother is sleeping with Richard.

A frustrated Alex asks Callie when Robbins is coming back to the hospital. Callie admits that she's there getting fitted for a prosthetic, but she promised not to tell anyone.

Arizona meets with David, her physical therapist, in the therapy room. He tells her her stump has healed well. She's very cool toward him. When David leaves the room, he runs into Alex, who asks how Arizona's doing. When David returns, he witnesses Arizona yelling at Callie.

Meredith arrives at the hospital and gets on the phone with Christina. She urges her to stop sleeping with her supervisor, but Christina says he's just a sex friend. They hang up and Christina visits a patient with the old guy. She teases him about being so old. After, her supervisor tells her to enjoy rounds with the old guy while it lasts.

Meredith and her resident visit their patient, who is a big bodyguard. He's crying about having a tumor. Meredith tells him she's got his back. Bailey meets Meredith and her resident to discuss the tumor. Bailey offers to take it off her hands. Meredith says she called her for an opinion, not to steal her surgery.

In the boardroom, Derek instructs interns. One asks a complicated question, but later makes a mistake practicing injecting a needle. Derek is very patient.

At home, Meredith phones Christina and tells her she's not talking to Derek about her surgeries because it feels like rubbing it in that he can't operate. Derek comes in so she hangs up. He asks about her patient, but she brushes him off.

Callie and Owen both end up at the bar for a drink. They share a laugh over his tie.

Christina visits her supervisor at home and asks about the old guy. He admits they're going to force him to retire. Christina tells him he should have told her. He didn't think she'd have a problem with it.


The next day at the hospital, Jackson, Alex, and Meredith gape while looking into the room of the man with the giant scrotum. April comes out and teases about what she'll do with the scalpel. Meredith says Catherine and Richard look cute together. Jackson tells her to shut up. Meredith then has to contend with Bailey making another pitch for her surgery. She's amazed to see her intern pass by chasing her tumor patient. She talks him back into the hospital. When Meredith goes to scrub in, Derek arrives and finds out that she's operating on the tumor. Derek joins Owen in the observation area as Meredith begins. Owen says Meredith didn't talk to him about the surgery because she's scared of he'll freak and take off to the trailer. He says he has his own version of it, and admits he doesn't think Christina's coming back. Later, Derek find Meredith and assures her she can talk about surgeries - he won't freak out.

Christina begins her day in Minnesota by challenging the old guy to prove he can thread a catheter. The supervisor arrives and tells her when he craps out, it will be a good reason to dismiss him. Christina joins the old guy and talks him through the catheter procedure. The supervisor catches up with Christina afterward and tries to get together. She blows him off. She meets the old guy for a drink. He tells her he knows they're trying to force him out, and notes that she cares. They get drinks.

Alex catches up with Callie in the corridor and tries to talk to her about Arizona. Callie informs him he shouldn't feel bad - she's the one who made the call to cut her leg off. In the therapy room, David struggles with a hostile Arizona. He leaves her alone when she's rude. Arizona tries to walk on her own and starts to fall. Alex appears and catches her. She asks about her department. He tells her they need her back. She says she's trying. He tells her Callie is trying too. Arizona is standing alone later when David returns. She smiles.

The scrotum surgery gets underway with Bailey in April's spot. Bailey makes jokes that only get her dirty looks. "Tough room." Afterward, Catherine tells her patient it went well. They leave him alone with his girl. Jackson appears and asks his mother to let him talk to Richard man-to-man. He tells Richard he understand how people can be drawn together even when it's wrong. He says, "You hurt my mom, and I hurt you." Richard says he won't hurt her and warns he'll have to deal with it - he doesn't want a piece of this. Bailey tells Richard that took pretty big balls. When Richard and Catherine leave, Avery and Jackson go to have sex again.

At home, Callie tells Arizona that Sofia's down and she's going to Mark's place. Arizona invites her to watch a TV show with her.

Owen goes to Derek's old trailer by himself. He smiles as he looks up at the stars.

Candi's Comments

I thought it was really interesting how Christina came to see 'old guy' through different eyes when she was the one who wanted him gone before. The Catherine/Richard pairing is amazing, and the Jackson/April stuff is fun, although April saying it can't happen again and running off to pray is going to get old soon. Love that Arizona made some progress toward acceptance this week, reconnected with Alex, and extended an olive branch to Callie! It's also great how Derek is handling not being able to operate, but I hope his hand gets fixed soon.

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- Candace Young

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