Grey's Anatomy Recap: Love The One You're With.

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

The survivors are offered a settlement, Christina learns something in Minnesota, and April deals with seeing Jackson again.

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Owen, who is at home in bed, calls Christina in Minnesota about the huge monetary settlement being offered to the survivors. She says she'll call when she's decided.

At home, Derek and Meredith talk about whether they should settle or not. Across town, Callie tells a surly looking Arizona that the money would change their lives...and Sophia's life.

Later, at Seattle Grace, Meredith calls Alex out on sleeping with interns in her empty house. April appears and becomes stuttery when Jackson changes his shirt. Richard greets Bailey, who says she can't get used to 'them' being in the attending lounge. He teases he's not used to her being in there.

In Minnesota, Christina assures her superior that she is going to be a team player. He gives her an assignment and says he'll believe it when he sees it. Soon, Christina's bickering about a surgery with the older doctor she dislikes. He won't take her advice. When she speaks to her superior again, he admits that everyone has to take a shift with the old man. He says he'll let her assist him on something good soon, and insists she smile.

Outside, while waiting for a trauma case, Alex flirts with his intern. Callie appears and tells him to stop sleeping with the interns. Inside, the awkwardness continues between Jackson and April when they consult on a patient who is waiting to have sex with her fiance until after her surgery. Meanwhile, Alex and Callie have brought in the trauma case - a girl in a sailing accident severed her foot, and it's moving by itself! Later, Callie gets consent to operate on the foot and the intern flirts with her because she wants to assist.

In the evening, Meredith and Derek discuss the settlement again while tidying up toys in the dream house. Meredith has a brief conversation by hone with Christina about being a team player and the settlement.

Still at Seattle Grace, Jackson asks April where she's staying while they discuss the patient's surgery. She blurts that she has re-virginized herself. He accuses her of wanting to pretend they weren't together and slams out. Bailey, who was napping in the room unseen, overhears. After ranting to Richard, Bailey starts putting yellow post-its on all of the messes in the attending lounge. Meredith heads into surgery with April and Jackson where she realizes they had sex. After, Meredith hisses at Jackson that April was a virgin. He insists it was a decision they made together and now she's trying to pray it away. Jackson tells Meredith that the Chief banged his mom. She says he banged hers too!


Derek finds Richard in the scrub-in room and discusses the settlement with him. Meanwhile, Owen takes a call from Christina in Minnesota, who says she'll go along with whatever everyone decides about the settlement and jokes around with him. He smiles. Later, in the board room, Callie and Meredith support taking the settlement, but Derek wants another day to decide.

Christina's in surgery with the old guy, who stuns her by showing her something she didn't think it was possible to do. He asks what her signature move is, and explains that had he done the surgery her way, the patient would have died. After surgery, Christina calls Meredith to dish about it. Mer tells her about April and Jackson.

At home, Callie tells Arizona she should be going to the meetings about the settlement - she shouldn't be making the decision for her. Arizona lashes out at her for making the decision to hack her leg off.

April and Jackson watch their patient happily reunite with her fiance and April rushes out. Meanwhile, Alex makes his intern cry. He agrees to let her scrub in the next day. Later, Jackson finds April and tells her he won't pretend they weren't together. They agree to stay away from each other for a while and then start kissing passionately. In the attending room, Richard finds Bailey violently scrubbing the microwave. He asks what's really wrong with her. She talks about Tuck starting school, Tuck's dad remarrying, and Ben enjoying his new job. Richard says even though Tuck and Ben let go, they still love her and she's free to do more.

Owen calls Christina about the settlement again from the darkened boardroom. She tells him they can't keep talking and hangs up. Later, the old guy joins Christina tells her he's a plane crash survivor as well.

Callie arrives home to find Arizona sitting on the washroom floor in her own urine. They scream at each other as Callie forces her into the shower. They sob together.

Derek visits an airline hanger where the plane wreck and all of the debris is laid out and being stored. He asks what happens to all this if they settle. The next day at the meeting he tells the others he saw the plane and the evidence - he wants to make sure this never happens again. They unanimously decide not to take the money.

Spoilers for Next Week on Grey's Anatomy:

Arizona struggles to learn to walk with a prosthetic leg.

Candi's Comments

I knew April would cave and get with Jackson again! This pairing continues to be so oddly interesting. Christina's journey back to the land of the living is great to watch, and the whole issue of the settlement provided a compelling dilemma. Alex seems a bit lost, and Arizona's anger at Callie is uncomfortable to see. What did you think of tonight's episode? Comment below.

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- Candace Young

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