Grey's Anatomy Recap: Remember The Time.

Thursday, October 4th, 2012

Mark struggles to stay alive, Derek has hand surgery, and Christina tells Owen about the horrors after the crash.

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Meredith watches the rescue helicopter's light overhead at the crash site. Later, in a hospital, she has crash and rescue flashbacks. Richard and Bailey arrive with Zola and eyeball each other at the sight of her. Meredith tells Christina that they will all be sedated to fly back.

At home, Meredith argues with Derek about leaving Seattle when Mark is in the condition he's in. She reminds him of their dream home - that was the plan before the plane crash.

At the hospital, April listens to Alex and Meredith discuss Arizona and her infection. Alex says he can't talk to her - she took his seat on the plane and it crashed. Jackson says he's been updating Sloan on cases. Meredith says they'll all be fine. They look at Christina, who is laying in a hospital bed, unresponsive. Later, Meredith begs Christina to say something after hearing they want to take her 'upstairs'. Mer warns Christina she'll never be herself again.

In the boardroom, Derek and Meredith watch Callie do a presentation about the nerve damage in Derek's hand. A male surgeon says he can get him back to 80% function. Later, Derek consults with the neurosurgeon standing in for him. He joins the interns observing, but winds up in the OR when she does something wrong. After, he visits Mark to vent. Derek meets Callie in the therapy room and she has a different, riskier, idea for Derek's hand. Derek wants her to do the surgery on him.


Owen is shown hugging and rocking a violent and traumatized Christina in a rescue flashback. In Seattle, the interns look in at Christina and giggle over her staring. She grabs a vase and throws it at the window. They scream and run off.

At home, Owen bathes Christina, who tells him she can't get out of the tub. She murmurs that she stayed awake for four days and remembers every minute of them. She recalls keeping the bugs out of Arizona's leg and how Mark kept trying to die on her. She thinks she might have drank the fuel from the plane or her pee after Arizona got the last of the water. She heard animals and thought they would kill her, but realized they were fighting over Lexie's body. Christina says she couldn't get out to keep them away from her. "I can't get out. I'll never get out."

Meredith stands with Christina by her car and asks if she's sure about going to Minnesota - she might just be running away. Christina suggests she also get away from Seattle. They argue. Meredith tells Christina she's not her person, and Owen's not her person - she's her own person and always has been.


Mark is shown telling his girlfriend he loves Lexie after the rescue in a flashback. He lies unconscious and Callie and Derek sit beside him. Callie's scared that they're losing him. Derek reassures her. She goes home and gets called back when Mark wakes up and seems fine. Derek and Richard discuss whether it's 'the surge' terminally ill patients get before they die. Jackson enters. Mark gives him energetic advice about how to talk to April and asks him to sneak Sofia in. Richard enters and tells Mark there's no way of knowing if this is the surge. On the way to the nursery, Jackson learns Aprils' leaving town. He asks her to wait at the bar. In Mark's room, he talks to Richard about how great Derek and Callie are as surgeons. He thinks it's the surge. Richard reassures him. They write up a plan of action if Mark ends up on life support. Mark deteriorates and crashes as Jackson returns with Sofia.


In a flashback, a doctor recommends to Owen that Arizona's leg be amputated. Arizona demands to be taken back to Seattle to Callie. In Seattle, Callie checks on Arizona and Alex stops in to talk about pediatrics patients. He says he wishes it had been him on the plane. Arizona tells him she's only in this position because he's a selfish, horrible person. She orders him out. Arizona sobs to Callie about what is going to happen to her. She gets Callie to promise they won't take her leg. Callie goes and argues with Owen, saying she'll never get Arizona back if they take the leg. Owen says he'll never get Christina back and agrees to let Callie try to save the leg. Alex returns to Arizona's room to say goodbye - he's going to Hopkins - and he's sorry she hates him. Arizona begins to crash.

Callie is operating on Derek's hand and everything is going perfect. Alex enters and tells her there's a problem with Arizona - she's in septic shock and is crashing. "She's dying!" Callie says it's the leg and tells him, "Cut it off." He goes. Meredith enters. Callie assures her she's fine to continue.

Before leaving the hospital for the night, Meredith leaves a message for Christina telling her she was right about everything.

Jackson arrives at the bar, but April is already gone on the plane home.

Meredith wakes up at home next to Zola, Derek wakes up in the hospital, and looks at the cast on his hand, Jackson sits by Mark, who is on life support, and Christina listens to Meredith's message in Minnesota and calls to tell her she's her person.

Candi's Comments:

The most intense part of the show was Christina telling Owen about what it was like for her at the crash site in the four days before they were rescued - insane. Otherwise, though it was good to have the 'blanks' filled in, it seemed anticlimactic given that we already knew the outcomes from episode one. Let me know what you thought about tonight's episode by commenting below.

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- Candace Young

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