Going, Going, Gone.

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

Cristina struggles at her new job, the new interns are scared of Meredith, and the staff say goodbye to another one of their own.

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A new intern, Wilson, gets off the elevator at the hospital. Lexie’s voice over says dying changes everything, but the world goes on without you. The interns are scared of Meredith and Bailey is impressed. She asks Meredith how Christina likes Minnesota and she tells her she loves it.

In Minnesota, Christina is obviously miserable as she is stuck listening to a chatty colleague. Later she tries to get out of him accompanying on her surgery.

In a hospital room Derek prepares for a surgery tonight. It his first surgery after having his own hand surgery, but he feels he is ready. Later, he tells Meredith in the hallway that he is determined to do it today. They kiss.

In Mark’s hospital room Callie and Derek talk about Mark’s specific directive to take him off life support after exactly 30 days. They are just honoring his wish. Callie tries to get Mark to wake up by whispering in his ear, but no dice.


The interns make the rounds with Bailey until Ben arrives. They sneak off and try to get intimate, but the room is already occupied by Alex and an intern. Later they try and get some in the on-call room, but are interrupted by giggling interns outside.

By the nurse’s station Grey learns the interns call her Medusa and fills Christina in about it during a Skype session. Christina tells her that her surgery got pushed back and she might not make it by five. Owen overhears and doubts she will get on the plane. Later, Grey approaches the interns and tells Wilson she will be scrubbing in and attending her surgery.

Callie looks at Derek’s hand before the surgery and asks if there are any after effects. Owen arrives with the new pediatrics doctor, who tells Callie he's sorry about her wife. Later, Callie is crying in a storage room when Alex comes in with another intern to make out. She asks them to leave and the intern does, but Alex stays and listens to Callie cry. There is a flashback to 1994 and Mark is giving Derek a hard time about getting married.

In Minnesota, Christina watches a surgery with colleagues while she Skypes with Meredith about how bad it is. She won’t be making it back by 5 PM and is not making any friends at her new job.

By the nurse’s station, Alex gets bad news that his special pediatrics program has been cut. He approaches Callie for help but she snaps at him.


Derek is applauded when he comes into the operating room. He says out loud that it is a beautiful day to save lives. Derek has problems with his hand and he locks eyes with Callie. He can’t go on. Later he tells her his hand went numb. Dr. Webber arrives and tells them it is almost 5 PM.

The interns watch Meredith’s surgery and don’t realize their speaker is on. They poke fun at Meredith. Wilson causes the patient to bleed and she freezes. Meredith has to step in. Later, Wilson asks Owen if Meredith is mean because of the plane crash. She heard they were stranded in the woods for a week and people died. He tells her that Meredith is not mean, she is strong. It would be a disservice to be easy on her, so cry somewhere else.

In Minnesota Christina will not let the older surgeon operate on her patient. Later, her chief of staff tells her she does not seem to be thriving. He suggests she take a few days to soften up those sharp Seattle edges – doctor’s orders. In fact, it is mandatory, starting now.


Jackson tears up in Mark’s room and tells him he can handle the caseload from here. He leaves the room and Callie and Derek go in with Dr. Webber. He tells them that Mark’s final request was that only comfort care be given in his final moments. Webber turns off the ventilator. They sedate him with morphine and remove his breathing tube. Callie begins to cry. Webber leaves her and Derek alone with Mark. Outside, Meredith mentions their time in the woods after the crash, then leaves to go to the airport. She has to get out of there and see Christina. Later, Bailey comes by and demands to know from Webber what her nickname is. He refuses to tell her, but Alex will since he is leaving for good anyway. Her name is BCB - Booty Call Bailey.

At the airport Meredith grabs Alex when she sees him. She can’t believe he is leaving without saying goodbye. She is upset – everyone is leaving and dying. He tells her Hopkins won’t wait forever. Owen rushes past and gets on an airplane as well. Later on her plane, Meredith starts to freak out and has to get off. They try to stop her but she demands it. Later in the bar she is Skyping with Christina. They have to get past their fear of flying. Alex shows up and apologizes. He is staying after all. He says he saw Owen and wonders if he is visiting Christina.

Owen visits April on her farm and tells her that Mark died. He wants her to come back to the hospital. He should have never taken her job from her. She does not belong on a farm, she belongs in Seattle saving lives. He wants her to come home.

In Mark’s room Callie and Derek hold vigil. Suddenly his numbers go down and within minutes he is gone. Callie and Derk start bawling and hold onto him. There is another flashback, this time of him holding Sophia.


Callie opens a bedroom door and tells Arizona to snap the hell out of it. Arizona pulls back the bed clothes - how can she expect her to get over Callie cutting off her leg? There is one last flashback of Mark with Callie and Arizona and the baby.

Spoilers for Next Week:

The entire story of the crash will be told.

Hollie’s thoughts:

The biggest nail biter among many nail biters going into tonight’s episode was the survival of Calzona. And they had us going the entire episode thinking that Arizona had died. It wasn’t until the end when we got the shock that she was alive, but missing a leg, and Callie may have been the one who performed the surgery! Saddest of all was Mark’s death, which left us hoping until the end he just might pull through. The plane crash continues to devastate, even for the survivors like Meredith and Cristina who can’t even get on a plane to see each other. Next week we get to find out what happened and it is sure to shine some light on more devastating details.

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- Hollie Deese

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