Grey's Anatomy: Flight

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

Someone dies after the plane crash, Richard plans a dinner, and Owen and Teddy butt heads.

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Meredith awakens on the forest floor. Christina is telling her to get up. Mark is wandering about. Christina yells that the plane crashed and Derek was sucked out the side - the back of the plane came off. Meredith says Lexie was in the back! Arizona, who's been screaming, is told to shut up. They hear a tapping noise and find Lexie trapped under the wreckage. Arizona realizes her bone is protruding from her leg. Mark has to pop Christina's separated shoulder back in. Meredith searches for Derek, who is awakens and realizes his hand is trapped in a sheet of metal. He picks up a rock and bashes it.


At Seattle Grace, Owen orders his calls sent to voicemail - he has victims of a building collapse coming in. Richard says he's taking some residents out to dinner. In the locker room, April, Alex, and Jackson complain about the others being away. April thinks they'll be back before the dinner.


Outside, Ben and Bailey bicker about his internship as Callie listens. Ben says it won't be the first long-distance marriage. He walks off and Callie tells Bailey that absence makes the sex grow hotter. Callie goes inside where Alex complains to her about Arizona pulling him off his pediatrics cases. She says Arizona will come around. Bailey has gone into surgery and listens to Owen complain about Teddy not taking a huge opportunity she's been offered overseas. Teddy tells Owen she won't leave him.


At the wreckage site, Mark and Christina are unable to lift the metal off Lexie. Mark orders Christina to go get supplies and she stares. Lexie says it won't do any good. Christina goes back to the cockpit area, where Arizona is tying off her leg. Meredith appears - she hasn't found Derek yet. Meanwhile, Mark tries to convince Lexie that she's fine. He tries unsuccessfully to lift the metal off her again. Mark tells Lexie he loves her - it's why she has to stay alive; they'll get married and have children. He cries that they are meant to be. She repeats, "Meant to be," and takes her last breath. Mark sobs. Christina and Meredith return. Meredith cries for her sister.


Later, in the woods, Christina and Meredith look for Derek. Meredith begins to get hysterical. Christina yells at her to keep it together. Suddenly, Derek appears holding his bloody hand. He faints. Christina goes for supplies. Arizona is coughing up blood. Christina returns to Derek, where Meredith has told him about Lexie. He instructs Meredith what to do to his hand, warning that he'll scream and may pass out. They try to get Mark to help start a fire, but he's still with Lexie, not responding. Christina is pissed and confronts him before realizing he's unconscious. Christina diagnoses a heart issue they must drain. They devise surgical tools and do it. After, they drag him back to where Arizona is waiting, and tell her Lexie's dead. They hear a chopper. Meredith grabs the flare gun but it won't work.


Back at Seattle Grace, Richard asks the residents if they're jazzed about dinner. They all nod and smile. When he can't hear, they laugh about dreading it. At the nurses' station, Owen tries unsuccessfully to talk Teddy into taking her offer. Down the hall, Jackson, April, and Alex complain to Callie that they don't want to go for dinner with Richard. Callie tells them to suck it up and celebrate surviving residency; it only happens once.


In the evening, Jackson, dressed for dinner, tells April he is sick at the idea of leaving her there. April says she liked having sex with him, but she's sad she's no longer a virgin. For tonight she's going to be happy. Alex, meanwhile, leaves a conciliatory message on Arizona's voicemail. He has to go to Hopkins to see if he can be something without her. In Owen's office, he tells Teddy she's fired. Teddy protests, but he says it's a done deal. She calls him a son of a bitch and slams out, only to return. They embrace. She tells him to fight for Christina. He tells her to go and be great. In the post-op room, Bailey finds Ben and rants that he doesn't make decisions on his own anymore - he's not a free agent. He asks if this means they're still getting married. She keeps rambling until he kisses her. She says she'll marry him just to spite him. He says it will be wonderful.


In his office, Owen listens to his voicemails, realizing that the interns never made it to Baltimore. At home, Callie waits for Arizona to return in lingerie. At the dinner, Richard, Alex, Jackson, and April decide to wait for the others before ordering.


Night's fallen at the crash site. The pilot thinks the transmitter must be broken - they could be there for days. Christina thinks Owen will figure it out and send help. Mark tells Arizona he should have told Lexie sooner. Arizona says Lexie knew he loved her and tells him to hold on. He says Lexie is waiting for him, but she shouts no - Sophia and Callie are waiting for him - she's waiting for him. He says okay. Christina works to keep everyone conscious. Meredith lights their last match and it goes out.

Candi's Comments

This was such a powerful episode. Shonda Rhimes worked her magic again. I was never a really huge Lexie fan, but her unexpected death, with Mark professing love, marriage and babies, seemed devastating. I cried big time! The dynamics back at the hospital seemed unimportant compared to what was happening at the crash site, but I loved Bailey and Ben working it out, as well as the Owen/Teddy stuff. For a minute I was fit to be tied when I thought McSteamy was going to expire, and I'm worried sick about Derek's hand - he's a surgeon! In any case, it was the perfect cliffhanger for next season. I. Can't. Wait.

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- Candace Young

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