Grey's Anatomy: Let The Bad Times Roll.

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

The residents struggle through their boards, Arizona's close friend comes for treatment, and Lexie tells Mark the truth.

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Outside the boards venue, Christina, Meredith, April, and Jackson complain about how they did. Meredith mutters that the next tests are in June. None of them know how Alex did, or if he made it. Inside, Catherine tells Richard that one of his interns didn't pass their boards - but she doesn't know which one. They exit, and agree they don't regret last night, but it's bad timing. They make plans to meet up at the next convention.


Earlier that day...

In session one of the boards, Christina is confident and cocky in her test, but then falters. Meredith answers questions but fights not to vomit, April stammers and Karev's proctor is waiting for him to show. Alex jumps out of a cab and rushes into the building as session one ends. His proctors tell him he's failed the first session and will need perfect scores on the next two parts. In the hall on break, Jackson confronts his mother about sleeping with the Chief. In session two, April becomes completely unglued, and Alex impresses. Jackson can't concentrate because he can hear his mother laughing in the next suite. Christina butts heads with her proctor. On break, Meredith and Christina meet up in the washroom. April begs to come in. She eventually uses the men's room, where Jackson finds her. They both vent and get into a loud argument about having had sex. He admits he's worried what his mom will say if he fails. April reassures him. She then admits that sex felt good. Jackson locks the door and they have sex again. Meredith phones Derek and says she may be dying. He talks her into not giving up. In session three, April blurts to her proctors that she just had sex in the men's room, and then continues answering questions. Jackson also answers questions competently. Meredith vomits in front of her proctors, who want to stop, but she keeps going. Christina returns to butting heads with her proctor over procedure. He questions her overt hostility and packs up and leaves. Alex misses a trick question and starts yelling at them. He asks if he passed and ends up in the hall throwing his briefcase and holding his head.


At home in Seattle, Julia tells Mark he's a natural father and blurts that they should have a baby. She rambles at him not to freak out as she leaves. He's in stunned silence.


At the hospital, Callie tells Arizona that Mark texted that Julia wants a baby with him. Arizona is distracted - her brother's best friend, Nick, is coming for treatment. They find him and Callie meets him. Once they get Nick admitted and into a gown, he jokes about having married Arizona once in a treehouse. Callie walks out, and Nick and Arizona hug.


Mark and Derek walk up the hall discussing Julia wanting a baby. Lexie appears and they clam up. She takes them to see a patient with part of his skull missing. They formulate a plan to screw in a new portion made of titanium. Later, Derek warns Lexie that Julia wants to have a baby with Mark. She flips out a little, so he leaves.


Owen and Bailey walk up to the nurses' station. He asks her to woo newcomers in case they lose doctors after the boards. She agrees. Teddy appears and she and Owen have a friendly exchange. Bailey takes the newcomers around, and bites her tongue repeatedly when they asks questions such as, "Would I have to share an office?" Bailey confers with Derek at the nurses' station. She says she keeps giving the hopefuls metaphors.


Callie and Bailey are operating on Nick as Arizona looks on, telling stories. Callie sends Arizona to the daycare. Bailey realizes Callie got rid of Arizona because something is wrong in the operation. They find Arizona and, with Teddy, tell her his tumors have spread - there's very little they can do. Arizona goes to Nick's room and rants at him for not calling her sooner - he's dying! She says she could have helped him and storms out.


In the skull surgery, Derek instructs Lexie and Mark repeatedly interrupts. After, the patient is in great shape. Lexie listens to him talk to his wife and smiles. She catches up with Mark outside and blurts that she loves him. She says he's in her, like a disease! Mark stares. Suddenly, Julia appears.


Back at Seattle Grace, just after midnight, Jackson, Meredith, Alex and Christina all learn that they passed the boards. April appears, horror stricken. She failed.

Spoilers for Next Week:

The residents celebrate passing the boards.

Derek wants to go to Boston, but Meredith wants to stay.

Christina kisses Owen.

Candi's Comments

Excellent episode of Grey's! Loved the tension leading up to everyone finding out if they passed or not, loved April and Jackson getting it on again, loved Richard and Catherine, and loved Lexie blurting her feelings out to Mark. I've never been a big fan of the pairing, but she made me 'feel' her tonight. I was also moved by the bit with Arizona's buddy - so sad! Can't wait until next week! What did you think of tonight's episode? Let me know below.

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- Candace Young

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