Grey's Anatomy: One Step Too Far

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

Christine's suspicions about Owen grow, Derek convinces Meredith to come back to neuro and Morgan's feelings for Alex continue to grow.

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Cristina tries to connect with Owen at home, then lays there as he gets ready to go to work. He doesn't come home. She hunts him down at the hospital, then leaves, suspicious of nurse Emily, who she thinks may be cheating with Owen.

Derek sweet talks Meredith into coming back to neuro. He assigns her a cyst patient with him and Lexie. The patient, Laurie, has been getting dizzy spells, and by draining the cyst it will help, but he doesn’t want to remove it now to prevent seizures.

Alex and Morgan share a sandwich and discuss the health of her baby. The pager goes off and they both jump up and go. Teddy explains the baby needs heart surgery today, despite his brain bleed. Torres walks in with scones for Arizona, and Alex offers them to Morgan. Teddy and Torres catch something between the two. After Alex and Morgan leave, Torres, Arizona and Teddy discuss if they are together.

At the hospital Richard is woken up by Bailey, Jackson’s mother Dr. Avery, and a pretty urology student. She cuddles up to Richard on the way out and he splashes water on his face. He tells Bailey he stayed up with Adele and she asks when he sleeps. He barks that he is fine and stomps out.


Jackson is instructing Mark to not let his mother find him when she walks in. She introduces her student, Mara. Lots of eye contact all around, and Jackson’s mom finagles it so Jackson will show Mara around for a few hours. They watch some of Dr. Avery’s surgery as Mara grills him about his love life. He leaves. She finds him and he tells her he is not. She says she was ordered to find out everything she could about his life for his mother. They eat snacks and have some chemistry. Later, they have sex.

Cristina helps a man, Sam, taking his husband off life support. He changes his mind once they turned the machine off and they turn it back on. Outside the room, Owen tells her to stay with him until she gets his consent. He encourages her to take nurse Emily’s help. Cristina tries to explain to the patient that his husband is not really alive. Emily steps in to comfort him and Cristina leaves. She comes back later and Sam tells her to stop circling like a vulture. Outside the room, she goes off on Emily.


Dr. Avery flirts with Richard throughout the bladder surgery, then asks him to come with her to an event instead of Jackson. He starts to decline, then changes his mind. Bailey looks shocked. She calls him on the flirting and he gets offended and says he loves his wife. She understands and tells him he needs a break and there is flirting for fun. Richard tells Dr. Avery about his wife and how good it felt to flirt with her. She tells him what a good man he is. He goes to see Adele.

In the operating room, Meredith and Derek work on the brain cyst, then Torres comes in to tell them there is a motorcycle patient. Derek leaves with Torres and leaves the cyst patient with Laurie and Lexie. While he is gone, there is some bleeding and Meredith needs to open her up more to find the source. Lexie is nervous. But it is fine, and the tumor is right there. They discuss removing it but decide to wait for Derek.

The baby’s operation is almost over when his pressure drops. He need brain surgery and Alex runs off to get Derek. When he is working on the baby, Meredith comes in to tell him she and Lexie finished up, including removing the tumor. He freaks. "Why would you do that?" he yells. He says she should have paged him and she said she did, twice. He told her she should have known better and they won’t know how she is until she wakes up.

Emily is talking with Sam when Cristina barges in. She explains how his husband died in slow motion. It starts to sink in for Sam. He asks for the papers. They remove everything and wait. Sam tells his husband how scared he was of this moment. Cristina leaves the room and Emily follows. Christine tells her to stop screwing her husband. Emily starts to deny it, but then she says she does flirt with him. She tells Cristina she would never though, she has a boyfriend.

Derek waits with the cyst patient when her parents arrive. She comes out of the surgery, smiles, but quickly realizes she can’t talk anymore. She is devastated. Outside the room Derek explains that with therapy she may regain some functions. They are upset and he takes responsibility. They threaten to sue him. They walk back in the room and Meredith demands to take the fall. She asks not to tell Lexie, that she is not strong enough. He disagrees and walks off as Lexie walks up, excited to see if she had woken up. Meredith explains to Lexie what happened. She is devastated.

Torres explains to Alex that Morgan is smitten with him. He doesn’t believe it. Morgan asks Torres to take their picture and she insists Alex get in there. They look at the picture later and Morgan has her head on Alex’s shoulder.


At home Meredith asks Derek if he is OK. Then she tells him this is why she can’t go back to Neuro. They hold hands.


Owen comes home and Cristina asks if he still loves her and he tells her it hurts to love her. He tells her he cheated on her.

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