Grey's Anatomy: Have You Seen Me Lately?

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

Derek's sister comes to Seattle Grace, Owen and Christina have therapy, and Meredith bonds with Callie.

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Christina and Owen are in couples therapy. They argue about their past problems with PTSD and then move on to the abortion issue. Christina argues that she always maintained she didn't want kids. Owen says she didn't reveal that until after they married. Christina claims there is no deep reason she doesn't want a child. Owen thinks she'll change her mind, but she disagrees. Christina tells the therapist and says Owen has to stop holding a grudge. He counters that maybe what he needs is worthy of some consideration. Christina wants him to be her person. Owen wants her to be his person. By the end of the session they are further apart than ever.


In the x-ray room, Derek argues with his sister, Amelia, about a tumor that he's deemed inoperable. She argues that she came all the way from L.A. for his help, and that the lady in question has a young son with her friend, Cooper. Derek says he's sorry. Later, Amelia tells Lexie she thinks it can be done - she wants her to ask Derek. Lexie does it. Derek sticks to his guns. Lexie returns to Amelia, who is frustrated. She entices her to take a break.


Meredith comes upon Jackson and April studying for boards together in the hall. Alex also has an intern helping him study. Meredith mutters that she doesn't need help. Richard listens to them, then joins Callie, who's scrubbing, and tries to convince her to use Meredith for something. Bailey joins Jackson and Sloan at the desk and argues with them about a patient she doesn't want them to operate on. Bailey goes to convince the patient not to get surgery. The woman tells Bailey she saved her life, but she wants to be able to use her arm. Bailey returns to Jackson and Sloan and reluctantly gives the go ahead.


Arizona joins Alex to check on a boy who needs an operation. In surgery, Alex gets the intern to continue testing him. Suddenly she passes out. It turns out she's pregnant. Alex realizes she was quizzing him on her symptoms and she had a heart attack. Arizona appears as the woman is being taken into surgery. Seeing Arizona panics her that something's wrong with the baby. Arizona tells Alex to call the intern's boyfriend and glares when he gets her name wrong.


Meredith catches up with Callie, who tells her Richard wants her to share her studying method - but it has to be earned. Meredith thinks she has what it takes. Callie tells her it will be a grind - as in a man with his hand stuck in a meat grinder! Meredith asks Callie if it's an amputation. Callie tells Meredith her decisions are between the patient and a hook for a hand. Meredith orders the man's brothers to open the grinder and see what's left. She tells them they have fifteen minutes. When they get his arm out, the hand is missing several fingers. The brothers vomit and faint. Meredith fishes out the other fingers and muses, "Can these be saved?"


Meredith and Callie take meat grinder man into surgery. Alex and Jackson watch and Lexie comes in with Amelia. Alex learns he is the only one who didn't know his intern's name, that she was pregnant, or that her boyfriend works in the clinic. In surgery, Meredith argues to put the big toe on as a replacement thumb. Callie says the second toe will work better, but they need consent. Later, the man and his brothers debate the idea with Meredith. She gets approval and Richard tells Callie he was right about her. Back in surgery, Callie pays Meredith a number of compliments and says she'll help her - every day, five days a week, and they'll study hard.


Bailey questions Mark and Jackson as they operate on her female patient. Just as she's driving Mark nuts, Jackson interrupts to tell her it will be fine - but it's not. Bailey stresses as they try to patch things up. Mark lets Jackson know he has to kick Bailey out. He does with Mark's back-up. Later, Bailey finds Mark and says Jackson was right - she's going to be able to use her arms.


Lexie catches up with Derek and accuses him of being so bent on not helping his sister he's not focusing on what he could do for her patient. Derek finds Amelia and argues that she can't stop and start blood flow in ninety seconds. They bicker about whether she's fragile because she had a drug problem. He agrees to watch what she's trying to do. Lexie finds them working together - they get blood flow in eighty-six seconds.


Alex's intern has trouble in surgery and the baby has to be taken out of her. Alex calls for help from out of town and scrubs in with Arizona. As they look after the baby, Alex lets Arizona know how bad he feels about not paying attention to his intern. Arizona says he reminds her of herself - pediatricians are hardcore. Alex is there when his intern awakens to reassure her.

Spoiler for Next Week on Grey's Anatomy:

Alex's intern's baby is at risk.

Candi's Comments:

A very strong episode tonight! Christina and Owen's therapy session was very tense and realistic. I can't believe these two are together, really, they seem to want different kinds of lives despite loving each other. Mark and Jackson kicking Bailey out of surgery got my attention - love twists like that! The meat grinder stuff was super gross, but the bonding between Callie and Meredith was cool. As always, I love to see Alex react to situations and grow. Derek and Amelia have a very true dynamic as siblings - good crossover. Let me know what you thought of the episode below.

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- Candace Young

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