Grey's Anatomy: Dark Was The Night.

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

Teddy must fix Callie and Jackson's grave mistake, Christina unknowingly operates on Henry, and Alex and Meredith find themselves in a perilous situation.

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In the emergency ward, Teddy struggles to stay calm as Henry continues to cough up blood. Bailey helps, and Owen reassures her. Teddy argues about the course of action. Richard tells her to come for the CT scan. Down the hall, Callie is conferring with a young mother who is checking out, but still seems in pain. On her way out, she goes into crisis. Owen and April tend to her and call for Callie, who arrives to find her patient's chest is being cracked - she's dying.

At the bar, Meredith and Christina laugh at Alex when he gets shot down by a chick. Meredith gets a call from the social worker. She and Christina leave Alex to pay.


Christina catches up with Meredith in the hospital. Meredith tells Christina that they're not getting Zola back - the hearing date was cancelled and Janet advised them to start moving on. Christina, astounded, hugs her. Christina finds Derek, and tells him Janet called. Arizona and Alex walk by Meredith discussing a newborn case. Arizona wants Meredith's help, but she needs to talk to Derek first. Meredith and Derek walk to the ambulance. He talks about suing and finding another way. Meredith tells him if Zola's gone she doesn't want another baby. She leaves in the ambulance with Alex. Derek goes back inside and talks to Mark.

In the CT room, Teddy tells Henry she's sorry for arguing about him going to medical school. He teases that he started spitting up blood so he could win. Richard begins the CT and sends Teddy on a consult.


Teddy consults on Callie's patient. As they're taking her into surgery, Richard catches Teddy and tells her Henry has a carcinoid tumor. Richard doesn't know how to do the laser surgery. Teddy asks for another surgeon - Christina. Everyone argues that it's too much pressure. Teddy suggests they hide Henry's face. Owen agrees. Henry and Teddy talk by phone before he's prepped. Later, Teddy calls Callie into her surgery and tells her the patient had a screw puncturing her heart. Callie finds Jackson, who put the screws in the spine, and they have to tell the husband. After, Callie wishes she'd paid closer attention to Avery during surgery.


Alex and Meredith arrive at another hospital to pick up the newborn in crisis. There's no neo-natal equipment so Alex calls Arizona for instructions. The young mother is frantic to accompany them, but she can't. Meredith promises to get the baby to Seattle Grace safely. They head out into a thunder storm. The ambulance breaks down. The driver suggests they get out while he goes back for help - they're on a hill on a curve and if they get hit the oxygen tanks will blow. Since they can't leave the baby or take her into the rain, they stay put. They phone Derek and Mark, who are in a surgery at Seattle Grace. As Alex and Meredith argue about which one of them should get out, the ambulance is hit.


As Lexie preps Henry for surgery, down the hall, Christina argues with Owen about having to do Henry's procedure, having no idea it's him. On her way to the OR, Derek opens up to her. Christina reassures him. She begins Henry's surgery. He starts bleeding, things get bad, and Richard tries to save Henry. After twenty minutes, Christina stops Richard - the patient is gone. Christina asks if there's a family and notices the stunned silence. Owen tells her it was Henry - she goes crazy.


Owen walks into Teddy's surgery. She goes on about the torn heart and Owen offers to take over. She laughs that he's not qualified, and talks about Henry. She asks Owen to check on him. Owen steps out and argues with Richard about keeping the truth from Teddy while she operates. Owen is approached by Derek who tells him about the ambulance situation. Owen goes back in and lies to Teddy that Henry is fine.


In the ambulance, Alex and Meredith stagger awake. They work together to get the baby out. On the road, the car that hit them is on it's side on fire, and there are three bodies on the pavement.

Candi's Comments:

Incredible episode of "Grey's Anatomy" tonight! There were several heart-stopping dramatic moments. I can't believe the situation poor Christina is in, and Owen having to lie to Teddy so she can finish the heart surgery. I wonder if Teddy will be able to continue at Seattle Grace after this, or will it be too hard for everyone? The Callie/Jackson muffed surgery is interesting too - wonder what will come of that? I feel bad for Derek and Meredith about Zola, but also feel somewhat like the storyline doesn't make sense - why wouldn't they get her back? The ambulance scenario was great for illustrating the strength of both Meredith and Alex. The bodies on the road made for a stunning ending. All in all a fantastic cliffhanger episode for the beginning of the holiday hiatus. See you back here in January! Let me know what you thought of tonight's episode using the comment section below.

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- Candace Young

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