Grey's Anatomy: Put Me In, Coach.

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

Bailey confronts Meredith, Derek does a surgery that's never been tried before, and Lexie gets jealous of Mark's new girlfriend.

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Meredith and Christina lay on the grass at the staff baseball game and complain about Bailey and Teddy respectively. Alex asks Meredith about Zola. She says they're waiting for another appointment. Mark kisses his new girlfriend. The coach from the competing hospital's team teases Owen, who was behind the idea as a team-building exercise. Derek gets paged and everyone heads to the hospital.


At the hospital, Christina is disappointed with the simple case Teddy gives her. Owen, Callie, and April tend to a man who's been run over. Alex learns from Arizona that Zola's caseworker is trying to have her transferred to another hospital. Derek tends to a teenage girl having a seizure. The mother is hoping he can get some of her tumor. Derek suggests a technique that's never been done before. The mother says no, so Derek refuses to operate. Owen questions him afterward. Derek explains that he's sick of half measures. He decides to prove his way will work.


In a room, Bailey explains to Teddy and Henry that they are trying to figure out how to fix the device implanted in him. Teddy and Henry come upon Owen, who needs a pitcher tomorrow. Teddy offers, but he fake hires Henry so he can pitch. Arizona finds Meredith working on Bailey's trial. Meredith lies that she and Bailey are good. Christina is operating on her heart patient with clogged arteries in an OR. Meredith pops in to complain that their social worker is on vacation. She says Zola's probably forgotten them. Meredith spots Teddy, who tells her Christina is doing simple surgery because you have to go back to the beginning to understand the end. Meredith smiles and asks Richard for the original hypothesis from the trial.


Callie visits the guy who was run over to say he may lose two fingers. He pulls a tool from his bag and she panics. He explains he's a woodcarver in his spare time. She marvels over his works of art, and seems determined to save his fingers. Derek and Lexie are practicing his untried surgical technique.


Alex visits child services trying to get information about what is happening with Zola. He offers to remove a woman's mole for free if she coughs up the information. She tells him the judge's name, and that he's getting treated for prostate cancer. Alex finds the judge at the hospital and explains Zola's circumstances. He begs him to look at her file.


At baseball practice on the roof, Lexie tells Derek that Mark is in love. As she tells him to move his head when batting, he realizes that's what's wrong with his surgical approach. Derek goes to talk to the mother and convinces her about the surgery.


In the board room, Owen puts his baseball team together. Callie informs him she will try to rebuild the woodworker's hand. Jackson tells Lexie that Mark's been in such a good mood he's even let him run the burn center. In the hall, Bailey sees Meredith with the notes from the trial. Meredith says it's her mother's journal. Bailey follows her to the trial room. Meredith has proved her mother's hypothesis wrong. Bailey is speechless.


In the OR, Callie operates and tells April to stop doing paperwork and do more surgeries. Something goes wrong and they page cardio. Christina comes and opens him up. Teddy arrives and after, questions Christina about letting April do the surgery. She tells Christina to make a list of every surgery she's dreamed of performing - it's her graduation present.


In the other OR, Derek and Lexie are doing the untried surgery on the teenager. Derek gets some of the tumor and tries to get the rest. Later, they tell the joyful mother they got it all. In another room, Callie tells the woodworker she successfully rebuilt his hand.


At the baseball game, Seattle Grace is down 8-0. Christina and Meredith drink from a flask in the outfield. Arizona and Callie kiss. Bailey catches a fly ball and then faces-off with drunk Meredith. Richard intervenes and yells at them both. Mark and his girlfriend kiss. Lexie acts jealous. Jackson notices. Soon, it's 12-0. They pull Teddy and Owen gives a pep talk. Lexie pitches and throws the ball at Mark's girlfriend's boob. They all drink in the bleachers later. Jackson is angry with Lexie. Bailey tells Meredith to be in the lab early - she drives home drunk April. Alex tells Meredith and Derek they're getting a hearing.

Candi's Comments:

I actually enjoyed tonight's episode because there was so much interaction between the staff members we know and love so well - both in and out of the hospital. I felt bad for Jackson though - Lexie's immaturity and selfishness always irks me - it's why I don't like her with Mark. Alex's risk-taking on behalf of Meredith and Derek helps to make amends - love this. There were some tense moments in the OR, and some giggles tonight at the baseball game. Good stuff! Be sure to let me know what you thought of the episode using the comment section below.

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- Candace Young

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